Statement by the Ministry of Foreifn Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan


The community and people of Uzbekistan express deep anxiety and concern about events occurring in these days in the city of Osh, the south of Kyrgyzstan.

Unpunished facts of killings, violence, pogroms, arsons and lootings of peaceful citizens, committed by bandit groups in streets and homes of Osh, are stirring up resentment of the international community.

Especially, the sense of intolerance and serious alarm are aroused by the fact that all these mass killings, lootings and arsons of homes are carried out with regard to the Uzbek Diaspora, residing in the city of Osh and Osh province.

There are all grounds to draw a conclusion that such actions have an organized, manipulated and provocative nature, carrying a long-term aim to instigate the interethnic clash, create unbearable conditions for representatives of ethnic minorities who live in the south of Kyrgyzstan.

We have no doubts that all this is carried out with instigation of forces, whose interests are absolutely alien to the interests of the Kyrgyz people.

All that is taking place today in the city of Osh does not, by no means, correspond to traditional century-long and historically tested relations of friendship and cooperation among representatives of all nationalities and nations in Kyrgyzstan

We are confident that the people of Kyrgyzstan who experienced a lot of trials, and its sound minds have sufficient wisdom and life experience to halt the rampage of crime and havoc for stabilizing the situation in the country and ensuring a peaceful and prosperous future of the multiethnic people of Kyrgyzstan.

Tashkent, June 12, 2010