April 26, 2010

President meets Member of China’s State Council
Meeting in Oqsaroy residence
Uzbekistan provides humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan
Uzbek, Chinese ministries sign cooperation protocol
New plant launched in Navoi
Assisting Farmers
Locally Processed Jet Fuel for Top Liners
Healthcare Reforms Backed by New Laws
UZ UNESCO iPhone application launches
Teams of Gifted Young People



President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov met with Meng Jianzhu, Member of State Council, Minister of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China, in Oqsaroy on 23 April.

According to the President’s press service, the head of our state noted that priority aspects of Uzbek-Chinese cooperation include deepening the political dialogue, further reinvigoration of joint efforts in bolstering the regional security, including within frameworks of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), boosting the trade and investment cooperation for mutual benefit.

As the guest stated, efforts by Uzbekistan’s leadership to revitalize the SCO activity in many areas of regional cooperation, especially during our nation’s presidency in the Organization, have enjoyed broad international support.

President of Uzbekistan stressed that this country, located like China in close proximity to hotbeds of armed conflict, attaches a strategic importance to maintaining regional stability and security.

In efforts to improve the effectiveness of partnership within SCO, prospects for raising the effectiveness of decision-making mechanisms to shore up the standing of the Organization and its structural units, have been discussed.

Member of PRC State Council Meng Jianzhu expressed sincere gratitude to head of our republic for the warm welcome, as well as confidence in the fact that activities planned within SCO frameworks under the chairmanship of Uzbekistan, including the state visit of PRC President Hu Jintao to the republic, will be at the highest level. (Source: National News Agency UzA)


Islam Karimov, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, met with secretaries of security councils of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states, SCO Secretary General Muratbek Imanaliyev, and Director of SCO RATS Executive Committee Dzhenisbek Dzhumanbekov, in Oqsaroy on 23 April, the President’s press service said.

The head of state expressed satisfaction with the high level of interaction achieved in such areas of SCO activity as elaboration and implementation of complex multilateral actions to provide for regional security. The role of national security councils of this reputable international organization’s member countries is invaluable in joint coordination of those measures.

While articulating on the burgeoning credibility and significance of SCO efforts in the current circumstances, President Islam Karimov stressed its growing position in addressing regional and global security issues, combating international terrorism, separatism and extremism, drug trafficking and other challenges and threats in the strategically important Central Asian region.

Initiated by the leadership of our republic back in 2004, the institution of meetings by secretaries of SCO participating nations’ security councils has become a vital mechanism in working out concerted measures and efforts to ensure peace and stability in the regional context.

As part of activities in connection with the forthcoming SCO summit scheduled for the first half of this June in Tashkent, prospects for raising the effectiveness of decision-making mechanisms by various divisions of the Organization have been discussed. Participants of the event acknowledged the particular significance of a constructive exchange of views on improving cooperation among the member states on many essential areas of regional development, especially in the context of interaction with the relevant UN anti-terrorism unit on the basis of Joint Declaration on Cooperation between SCO and UN Secretariats signed 5 April 2010 in Tashkent.

During the meeting in Oqsaroy, the guests expressed sincere gratitude to the head of our state for the warm welcome, noting in particular the special significance of the efforts by our nation’s leadership to revitalize the SCO activity in various spheres of regional cooperation in the course of Uzbekistan’s presidency in the Organization.

At the talk, procedures in preparation to the meeting by the Council of Heads of SCO Member States and other topics of region-wide implication have been discussed. (Source: Jahon Information Agency)


The government of Uzbekistan on the initiative of President Islam Karimov provided humanitarian aid to the Kyrgyz Republic.

The aid to the neighboring country was sent on 24 April from the Savay railway station in Kurgantepa district of Andijan region.

The humanitarian cargo includes 30 tons of flour, 200 tons of mineral fertilizers, 150 tons of cement, construction materials, clothes, medicaments and many other items.

People of Uzbekistan supported provision of humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan.

“Our ancestors lived side by side, working in the adjacent lands,” chairman of Kurgantepa department of Nuroniy fund Mamasoli Siddiqov said. “This is why provision of humanitarian aid is absolutely natural and we support this decision.”

Provision of humanitarian aid by the government of Uzbekistan to Kyrgyzstan is a demonstration of the strong friendship of the two neighboring people.

“Our people have since ancient times been linked with friendly relations,” vice emergency minister of Kyrgyzstan Muhammed Kasymaliyev said. “Uzbekistan was among the first to lend its helping hand to Kyrgyzstan, and we are very grateful to the President and the government of your country.” (Source: National News Agency UzA)


Meng Jianzhu, Member of State Council, Minister of Public Security of China, held a meeting with Bakhodir Matlyubov, Minister of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, on 24 April in Tashkent.

The sides discussed issues of expansion of bilateral cooperation in counteracting terrorism, separatism and extremism, drug traffic and other transnational organized crimes, as well as strengthening regional security and stability.

They emphasized that relations between Uzbekistan and China in the field of security were developing steadily, like in all other directions.

At the end of the meeting, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Public Security of China signed a Protocol on further development of cooperation for 2010-2011.



A new plant producing polyethylene pipes was launched in Navoi free industrial-economic zone, Uzbekneftegaz (national oil and gas holding) press service said.

Shurtan Gaz Kimyo Qurilish, daughter company of Shurtan Gaz Chemical Plant, completed the installation of the equipment and the technological line, according to the press service.

In the future, the company plans increasing the plant capacity and expanding the assortment of production, which is oriented for both internal and foreign markets.

Navoi free industrial-economic zone has been created in Navoi region in accordance with the decree of the President for the development of the country’s economic potential.

The modern highly technological enterprises, currently being built here, will produce competitive goods, which are in demand on world markets. (Source: National News Agency UzA)


New hydraulic dredges to appear in water wells of the country

To increase the fertility of soil, a complex of measures is taken to replenish the technical fleet of the country with hydraulic dredges of latest generation. Buzrukhon Jumabayev, deputy director of department at the Ministry of Water Resources and Agriculture, has shared the details with Uzbekistan Today newspaper reporter.

Altogether, there are 83 hydraulic dredges in Uzbekistan engaged in cleaning bottom of large and deep sedimentation basins. Presently, the Ministry of Water Resources and Agriculture purchased technical vessels of 30 hydraulic dredges, the largest lot since 2005.

The new vessels will help farmers of Karakalpakstan, Bukhoro, Jizzakh, Sirdaryo, Surkhondaryo, Qashqadaryo and Khorazm regions in timely and proper irrigation of fields in strict accordance with the agronomic rules. Eventually, this will contribute to the achievement of objectives set to increase the agricultural production by 30% and 20% reduction in cost price.

We are sure the new technologies will justify our expectations. For example, 6 hydraulic dredges were purchased in 2005 for 135,000 hectares of fields in the irrigation system of Karakalpakstan and Khorazm region. They made a great contribution to the amelioration of these lands and allowed farmers to gather more harvest than last years. Two hydraulic dredges favored the amelioration of water supply at 100,000 hectares of fields in Surkhondaryo region purchased last year for ensuring a proper maintenance of Amuzang pumping plant.

Such high results were achieved due to the foremost hydraulic dredges we bought. They are highly efficient and can run both on electric and diesel drive. These vessels are completely automated that facilitates the maintenance.

UT reference:

Hydraulic dredges employed in Uzbekistan are equipped with technologies enabling to clean the bottom of water facilities from laid down sand, gravel and sludge. The regular cleaning of water bodies and canals allows to maintain their capacities up to standard and ensure a proper supply of water to fields in required quantity for irrigating the soil. (Uzbekistan Today newspaper)


Uzbekistan Airways launches the use of Jet A-1 fuel produced at Bukhoro oil refinery. The company says it will ensure a complete transition to this fuel on Western-built planes A-320, Boeing-767 as well as Tashkent-produced Il-114-100 aircraft.

In the first stage it is decided to use the new jet fuel at three airports in Tashkent, Samarqand and Navoi. The airports in the cities have installed reservoirs, pipeline communications and equipped quality control laboratories. The new storehouse meeting all international standards is being constructed in Navoi. The production volume of the Jet A-1 fuel at Bukhoro petroleum refinery is to be increased nine-fold and an oil refinery plant in Farg’ona is already installing such lines. (Uzbekistan Today newspaper)



Committee on Labor and Social Issues of the lower house of parliament held an academic seminar entitled “Improving Legislation to Raise the Effectiveness of Healthcare Reforms”.

The further perfection of legal foundation in all spheres of public life, including healthcare is an important task in conditions of ongoing democratization and renovation of society, modernization of the state.

Currently, the healthcare system of the country is governed by 13 laws, 42 resolutions and directions by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and 116 government resolutions. According to the seminar participants, issues of the further upgrade and strengthening of the legislative framework for medical services are assigned a special part within the national program of the Year of Comprehensively Advanced Generation.

Topical issues of the current legislation improvement as well as development and adoption of new laws meeting the requirements of the time were discussed in the course of seminar.

Upon the seminar legislators worked out certain recommendations on the further upgrade of the legislative base related to the national healthcare. The seminar participants approved the expert group of the Committee on Labor and Social Issues that comprised specialists from various medical areas, experienced lawyers and economists, financial and other experts. (Uzbekistan Today newspaper)


The Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan to UNESCO is launching the first iPhone application with the objective of raising awareness of the international community on rich historical and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan.

Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, Uzbek Ambassador to UNESCO, is launching the UZ UNESCO I-Phone application with the objective of raising awareness of the international community on Uzbekistan, according to PRNewswire.

The application UZ UNESCO is the first in the world to be produced by Uzbek Delegation to UNESCO. This unique application, which is produced in English, is available as a free download from the Apple Store.

UZ UNESCO opens with a home page. In just one click, the user can read the information about the Delegation (News), then click freely to discover the latest news on the country (Uzbekistan), on UNESCO activities underway (UNESCO Deleg., or arts and Culture (Art & Culture).

At the bottom of the screen, the user may choose from five icons to either return to the home page (Home), find out contact information for the Delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Uzbek Embassy in France (Contact), as well as a guide for travellers to Uzbekistan (Travel Gallery) and finally a link to the UNESCO web site (UNESCO).

Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, Uzbek Ambassador to UNESCO, stated: "With the UZ UNESCO I-Phone application, we are using the most modern information communication technology to showcase one of the ancient cultures of the world. The Silk Road, the architectural beauty of Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, the most stunning views of our country throughout the four seasons and everything which combines to form our cultural heritage will be universally on show and propelled into the 21st Century". (Uzreport Information Portal)


“We are a Team”, a youth social action, has been one of the wide-scale projects by Kelajak Ovozi (Voice of the Future) Center, organized within the Year of Comprehensively Advanced Generation in cooperation with Fund Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan and Mehr Nuri Foundation.

As it has been reported earlier, the action, held for the fourth time, has expanded its agenda as its scale grew. It has proved exceptionally event-packed this time around as it includes dealings as diverse as: business trainings combined with admission of new participants to a young school of young entrepreneurs; trainings on how to organize language clubs; job fair for university and college graduates and employers; presentation of Kelajak Ovozi-2010 contest; youth forum Kelajak Ovozi with participation of all partners and founders. In addition to this, Mehr Nuri Foundation has organized charity actions during the trips. During their exciting and tremendously practical journey, young people have been stimulated to new ideas, make lots of friends, and find like-minded people. This precipitated a considerable enlargement of the team with talented, initiative-prone and energetic young people.

They spent the last phase of their route in the Farghona valley, the most picturesque land of the republic that gave birth to plead of great scholars and thinkers. During the week the artistic youth had an opportunity to grasp the secrets of high-class journalism, get introduced to the experience of professionals, share their ideas, attend a job fair and other events organized first in Namangan, and then in Andijon and Farghona.

Youth of this region takes a high interest in all events within the action. The media forum was especially interesting. Having become one of the most attractive events within the project “We are a Team”, it gathered representatives of state and public organizations including the Republican Spirituality Center, Public Fund for Support and Development of Independent Press and News Agencies of Uzbekistan, National Association of Electronic Mass Media, Creative Union of Journalists, and others.

Gifted youths, holders of Fund Forum grants and scholarships were especially active. Thanks to their excellent knowledge they rank adequately in the society.

The creative youth of the Farg’ona valley had an opportunity of learning secrets of the journalism mastery, acquainting with the experience of professionals, sharing their ideas during three days. More that 100 young journalists took part in the media forum in Namangan alone. More of them participated in the forum in Andijon and Farg’ona. The events were held to the single busy schedule. Besides the media forum, their were provided with the visit to the regional TV stations and participated in many other events within the National Program Year of Comprehensively Advanced Generation

We will remind that young studios equipped with the latest facilities opened in all regions of the republic in 2008. The project was developed in cooperation with the Kelajak Ovozi center to provide boys and girls with opportunities for revealing their creative capabilities.

Young journalists and students exchanged opinions on covering the aspects of the youth life in mass media of the country. As it was noted, active involvement of young journalists is very important in terms of prevention of the influence of different alien ideas and views on thinking and mind of the present young generation. The participants of the action got acquainted with the activity of the youth TV studios and press centers Kelajak Press under the regional branches of the Youths’ Initiatives Centers Kelajak Ovozi.

“Over 30 young journalists are currently working in our press center,” said Zarnigor Omonullaeva, head of the Farg’ona youth press center Kelajak Press. “We are closely cooperating with many press editions. We constantly work on advancing our proficiency aiming at raising the production quality. So this media forum has become an important and useful event for creative people boosting their further activity in this sphere.”

Abdulaziz Abdullaev, director of the Public Fund for Support and Development of Independent Press and Information Agencies of Uzbekistan, in his speech stressed the necessity of advancing the young journalists’ proficiency and quality of their products as well as close cooperation with press editions. The media forum spotlighted the importance of rendering the comprehensive assistance to youths in their professional search and growth and raising quality of thematic and creative content of the production. The board chairman of the Kelajak Ovozi center Kamoliddin Beknazarov proposed the development of media projects with involvement of as many youths as possible.

“All ways are open today for young people who wish to work in journalism,” noted Umida Yusupova, editor of the Yoshlar youth TV studio from Namangan. “The events like this are very important for us since we get much useful experience here and feel a great support. Such projects comprehensively assist young people in opening their talents, developing their abilities and taking their niche in the society.” (Uzbekistan Today newspaper)