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December 18, 2013


Politics&Foreign Policy:

Meeting at the Oqsaroy

Bulgarian parliamentary delegation visits Uzbekistan

Minister Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan held talks in Washington


NGMK to increase production of phosphorite

Uzmetkombinat modernizes its capacities


New version of Uzbek national legislation database contains about 28,000 legal acts

Uzbekistan Our Common Home

Gymnastics for Everyone






President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the Oqsaroy on December 12 received the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Peoples Republic of China Zhang Xiao who is completing his diplomatic mission in our country.


The head of our state conveyed his high appraisal of the ambassadors activities and the latters personal input into the consolidation of Uzbek-Chinese cooperation that currently enjoys a qualitatively new level.


In 2012 and 2013, during meetings and talks at the highest level, the head of two states signed the Joint Declaration on the Establishment of Relations of Strategic Partnership, the Treaty on Friendship and Cooperation, the Joint Declaration on the Intensification and Enhancement of Bilateral Relations of Strategic Partnership. Around 80 trade-economic, investment and financial agreements for more than 20 billion US dollars have been concluded in Beijing and Tashkent within these visits.


Mutual trade has been growing dynamically in recent years. This years volume of bilateral turnover is projected to reach 4.5 billion dollars.


Currently, Chinese entrepreneurs are energetic in the implementation of joint, mutually advantageous projects in the Jizzakh Special Industrial Zone and the infrastructure linked to it, as well as in the Industrial Park of High Technologies.


The state of cultural and humanitarian ties has been afforded a high judgment during the meeting, especially those in such areas as higher education, science and technologies, healthcare, arts, tourism and a range of other fields.


In his turn, Zhang Xiao expressed profound gratefulness for a warm reception and the favorable conditions created for his diplomatic mission in Uzbekistan. Chinas outgoing ambassador noted that his stay in our country constitutes one of the brightest and most memorable pages in his life, and that he has witnessed with his own eyes the wide-ranging transformation taking place in Uzbekistan, the changes that have allowed the Uzbek people to feel their effects already today and look to the future with confidence.


(Source: UzA National News Agency)





Bulgarian parliamentary delegation visits Uzbekistan - Uzbekistan NewsOn December 17, Bulgarian parliamentary delegation on a visit in our country and led by Bulgaria-Uzbekistan friendship group chairman Penco Atanasov, held talks in Oliy Majlis Legislative Chamber.


It was emphasized that agreements reached during meetings of heads of the states provide the legal basis for the development of cooperation between Uzbekistan and Bulgaria in different areas, in particular, between parliaments.


The guests were informed on the activities of the Uzbekistans bicameral parliament, large-scale reforms in the parliamentary system. It was noted that Concept of further extending democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country, advanced by President Islam Karimov, is an important policy document in improving legislation, elaboration of new legislation in accordance with modern requirements and democratic principles.


Bilateral relations between Uzbekistan and Bulgaria are based on a large number of intergovernmental and interagency documents relating, in particular, the avoidance of double taxation, mutual stimulation and protection of investments, cooperation in tourism.


Inter-parliamentary ties play an important role in strengthening the legal framework of bilateral cooperation.


- Relations between the two countries have been developing on the principles of friendship and mutual interest - said Penco Atanasov. - Bulgaria is interested in developing cooperation with Uzbekistan in all spheres, in particular, parliamentary, trade, economy, industry, agriculture and water management.







Uzbek Foreign Minister held talks in Washington - Uzbekistan NewsDecember 9-11, the Uzbek delegation headed by Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov, within the next round of Uzbek-US political consultations, held talks with the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, Deputy Minister of Defense James Miller, Deputy National Security Adviser to President Anthony Blinken, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Nisha Desai Biswal.


The sides discussed the state and prospects of bilateral relations, international and regional issues, including the situation in Afghanistan, reports the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan.


During the meetings with the leader of the Democratic minority in the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Senators Jeffrey Flake, Mezi Hirono, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Europe and Eurasia of the House of Representatives Dana Rohrabacher, congressmen Amerish Bera, James Moran Jr., the sides exchanged views on priority areas of extending inter-parliamentary cooperation other issues of Uzbek - American agenda.


The delegation also met with Vice President of the International Centre for Non-for-Profit Law Natalia Bourjaily and other representatives of the state and public organizations in the USA.










Navoi Mining and Metallurgy Combine (NGMK) will increase production of raw phosphorite at Kyzylkum phosphorite complex up to 716,000 tonnes in the first half of 2014.


Investment project is expanding own resource base for chemical enterprise, which produce phosphorite fertilizers, reported.


The plant was created at Jeroy-Sardarinskiy phosphorite field in Central Kyzylkums. Its reserves rated at 303.6 million tonnes of ore and 57.7 million tonnes of raw phosphorite.


The first line of the mining and processing complex in Kyzylkum has been launched in 1998. In January 2007, Kyzylkum phosphorite complex launches a facility on washing chloride from phosphorite ores with the capacity of 400,000 tonnes of washed calcined and 200,000 tonnes of washed dried phosphorite concentrate. This helped to cut depreciation of equipment and communications on company-producers of phosphate fertilizers.


The report said that the product is highly demanded both internal and external markets.


According to almanac Uzbekistan2013, Uzbekistan produce 152,600 tonnes of depreciation of equipment and communications on company-producers of phosphate fertilizers, which rose by 14,200 tonnes compared to 2011 and 2,900 tonnes compared to 2010.


Within the implementation of investment projects Expanding existing production of enriched raw phosphate on the base of Kyzylkum phosphate complex, NGMK and Engineering Dobersek GmbH (Germany) signed a contract on designing technology, supply of equipment, spare parts, supervision and execution of commissioning works on turnkey totaling US$19.96 million.


The project with total cost of US$59.95 million is implemented due to resources of NGMK for US$24.92 million and loan of the State commercial Khalq Bank (Peoples Bank) of Uzbekistan in national currency for equivalent of US$35 million.


Peoples Bank issued 33 billion soums due to resources, issued to increase the charter capital bank, and resources of accumulative pension system. The loan was provided for seven years with two-year grace period, under interest rate of 10% APR.







Uzbek Metallurgy Combine (Uzmetkombinat) open joint stock company pays great attention to technical re-equipping its production capacities and introducing new technologies to increase the volume of production at decreasing prime cost and improve quality of the products.


In particular, Uzmetkombinat implements the project Reconstruction of continuous casting machine with the transition casting section 200x200 mm with the introduction of energy saving technologies.


The project will improve quality of steel due to introductionof modern system of automated management of technological process. The energy saving technologies will be installed at all wires of radial parts of the machine.


The project cost is US$9.48 million. Local and foreign equipment, delivered from Agbor Engineering LTD (Great Britain), are used at project implementation, Pravda Vostoka newspaper reported.


After completion of the project, the casting machine will increase its production capacity from 370,000 to 850,000 tonnes of steel. At the same time, the consumption of natural gas will decrease by 5 million cubic meters and the enterprise will save US$210,000.


The plant will also decrease electricity consumption by 10.5 million KWH a year or save US$460,000. Introduction of modern systems on modernization of technological process, the quality of the products will increase.


Replacement of the old equipment will increase production capacities at rolling plant by 60,000 tonnes of ready goods a year. The project will repay itself within 3-4 years.


The combine removed old equipment and received new equipment, which are assembled now. The company will launch equipment soon. The project will help to decrease expenses of the combine and launch production of new types of goods.









New version of Uzbek national legislation database contains about 28,000 legal acts - Uzbekistan NewsIssues of information and communication technologies in judicial sphere, as well as improvement of legal assistance to the population were discussed at a conference held on December 17 this year.


The conference was organized by the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan, together with the Senate Committee on Legislation and Legal Affairs and the State Committee for communication, information and telecommunication technologies.


Note that raising legal culture in terms of access to legal information is one of the important factors in the development of civil society.


During the event, First Deputy Minister of Justice Muzraf Ikramov provided detailed information on the work done on development of the national legislation database LexUz from its creation till now.


As noted at the conference, creation of the national legislation database, storage, ensuring its use in the prescribed manner corporations and individuals refers to a number of the main activities of the Ministry of Justice.


According to the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution dated December 31 "On measures to promote wider use of the national database of legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan", to ensure broad access of businesses and individuals to legal norms and to raise awareness of the public, starting from January 1, 2010 access to the system LexUz is free of charge.


Over the past years a lot has been done to improve the system and to facilitate its use. During the presentation were showcased the new design and capacities of LexUz, and was presented detailed information on radical changes in the system this year.


The participants emphasized that the system, both in Uzbek and Russian languages, ​​contains documents adopted from 1990 till present, in particular, the Constitution, laws, codes, ordinances, resolutions, orders, decisions of Oliy Majlis, legal and other acts of ministries, state committees and agencies, decisions of the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court and the Supreme Economic Court, Uzbekistans international agreements and other technical documents.


Speaking of systems innovation, new refine search system, new search format of documents of local authorities, international treaties, technical documents, as well as judicial acts.


In addition, the system allows to quickly find a document by type, year of adoption, and also includes a list of frequently used documents and a collection of acts.


Currently the site contains about 28,000 legal acts.


The conference also discussed the upcoming tasks and plans, there were proposals and recommendations on its use in educational institutions, the list of frequently used documents, further enriching the database based with experts comments.







Securing peace and harmony, an invaluable asset of our people, and preservation of civic and interethnic cohesion established in the society have been defined as a priority aspect of government policy in our country under the leadership of President Islam Karimov.


These postures have found confirmation at the 5th national festival of friendship and culture Uzbekistan Our Common Home organized at the Turkiston Palace by the Republican Interethnic Cultural Center in cooperation with a range of government agencies, public and artistic organizations.


Senators and members of the lower house of parliament, representatives of ministries and agencies, artistic and public organizations, ethnic cultural centers, international institutions and diplomatic corps in our country were invited to the event occasioned to the 21st anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


During the opening ceremony of the festival, director of the Republican Interethnic Cultural Center N.Muhammadiev and other speakers noted that the harmony established in the country under the leadership of President Islam Karimov among representatives of various ethnic groups and religious confessions, the atmosphere of friendship and compassion serve as an important factor in providing for human rights and interests, nurturing a comprehensively advanced younger generation in the spirit of respect for national and universal values and in uplifting our nations standing in the world community.


Representatives of more than a hundred ethnic and sub-ethnic groups and sixteen religious faiths have lived in our country as a united friendly family and effectively worked with an aim to advance the nation and cement its independence. The international community has given a high acknowledgement of the wise political course pursued in Uzbekistan directed at the consolidation of friendship, harmony and compassion among the representatives of diverse ethnic groups and religious confessions, at securing the peace and socio-political stability. These aspects were emphasized in particular at the academic and applied conference Civic and Interethnic Harmony as Important Factor in Ensuring the Wellbeing of the Country organized as part of the festival of friendship and culture by Uzbekistans Academy of Sciences, the Committee for Religion Affairs of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Tasviriy Oyina Artistic Association, the Republican Center for the Propaganda of Ethic Enlightenment, the Scientific and Applied Center for the National Idea an Ideology, the Womens Committee of Uzbekistan, the Kamolot Youth Social Movement and the Mahalla Charity Public Fund.


Instituted in 1992, the Republican Interethnic Cultural Center serves for the implementation of policy course aimed at securing the rights and freedoms of all citizens residing in our country, irrespective of the ethnic affiliation and religious faith, and at the reinforcement of harmony and cohesion among them. In excess of 140 ethnic cultural centers operate currently in Uzbekistan a bright manifestation of attention and care for the consolidation of interethnic relations and the stability of social atmosphere.


The Republican Interethnic Cultural Center has attached a special significance to the augmentation of interethnic relations, to providing assistance to ethnic cultural centers in the preservation and perpetuation of customs and traditions of each ethnic group, to support public initiatives designed to bolster the principles of tolerance. An important role in the activities of the Center is assigned to issues related to fostering a freely thinking youth inferior to no one in anything, to promoting a healthy lifestyle in the society, to boosting the interethnic concord and atmosphere of mutual respect. The announcement of the year 2014 as the one of the Health of the Child in our country by President Islam Karimov assigns a tremendous responsibility to many ministries and other government agencies, public organizations, including the Republican Interethnic Cultural Center.


These ends are served by the festivals of friendship, academic and applied seminars, creative projects, artistic and photo exhibitions organized by the Center. The festival of friendship and culture Uzbekistan Our Common Home that kick started in Navoi region in April 2013 was held in a festive spirit in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, all regions, towns and districts. The events organized as part of this festival, including a variety of musical shows, served as a platform to demonstrate that our Motherland is renowned across the world as a sacred land, where representatives of diverse ethnic and sub-ethnic groups have lived and worked in peace, while these aspects were assigned a new essence and meaning during the independence years.


I am pretty happy to have been born and raised in such a country as Uzbekistan, shares his thoughts Oleg Skuridin, chairman of the Svetlitza Polska Republican Polish Ethnic Cultural Center. Here I have attained education and profession. Here I have found my place in life. In Uzbekistan I have created a family and my children were born and brought up in this land. We are grateful to the President of our country Islam Karimov for the enormous attention and care in ensuring peace and harmony among the representatives of various ethnic groups, and for creating opportunities to all citizens to display their talents and abilities.


In our beloved Motherland, Uzbekistan, all the opportunities and conditions are created for representatives of all ethnic groups for a free and prosperous life, education and the realization of creative abilities and potential, says the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Zoya Tsoi. And this is a practical manifestation of norms and principles of humanism defined in the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


At the festival of friendship, artistic groups of ethnic cultural centers performed songs and melodies dedicated to the consolidation of peace, friendship and compassion, the preservation of the independence of our native land, the care for fostering a comprehensively advanced generation.


The festival events included an exhibition of visual and decorative-applied arts and photography entitled The Multiethnic and Multi-Confessional Uzbekistan.


The occasion was attended by deputy prime ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan E.Basitkhanova and A.Ikramov.


(Source: UzA National News Agency)





Uzbekistan open championship Gymnastics for Everyone has ended at the Uzbekiston Sports Complex.


Around 400 athletes from diverse regions of our country have taken part in the competitions organized jointly by the Womens Committee of Uzbekistan, the ministries for culture and sports, and public education, the Federation of Gymnastics, the Soghlom Avlod Uchun charity fund, and the Childrens Sports Development Fund.


As a result of the constant attention paid under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to uplifting the role of women in the society, securing their rights and interests, to promoting the creative, intellectual, spiritual and physical potential among the population, especially among women, the aspiration for the healthy lifestyle has been on the rise.


The popularization of physical training and sports among the growing generation serves to boost the health of children and the comprehensive development of girls. Young women in sports have been growing in number. Thus, 2,935 girls were in gymnastics back in 2004, while more than 81 thousand of them have been in this sport in the first nine months of 2013. Also rising are the indicators in such sports as synchronous swimming, kurash and tennis.


The girls regular in sports have been displaying remarkable achievements in international competitions. In particular, our athletes won 62 gold, 57 silver and 81 bronze medals 200 medals in total in international contests back in 2004, this year they have earned 715 medals, including 240 gold, 195 silver and 280 bronze medals.


The gymnastrada that combines the elements of artistic and sports gymnastics, aerobics, acrobatics, trampoline, the contemporary dance and fitness has been gaining popularity among the people, especially among women. These aspects have found their reflection also during the Uzbekistan Open Gymnastics for Everyone held at the Uzbekiston Sports Complex.



The participants of the competitions, along with sports girls regular in this filed, have included schoolchildren and students of colleges, housewives, workers of enterprises and organizations, indicating the mounting popularity of sports among all strata of the population.


During the two-day competitions, what was assessed is the mastery in the performance of dance and gymnastics elements prepared by young women of up to 14 years of age, mixed groups and women beyond 45.


The spectators and specialists gave a high appreciation to the performance of teams Fantasy from Namangan, Zarafshon from Navoi, Marvarid from Ferghana, Grace from Samarkand, Bahor from Kashkadarya, Bukhoro Marvaridi from Bukhara, Star from Jizzakh, Ezozli Ayollar from the city of Tashkent and a group from Karakalpakstan.


The principal prize of the competition the Cup of Uzbekistan Gymnastics Federation went to the team Chance from Tashkent region.


The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Chairwoman of the Womens Committee of Uzbekistan E.Basitkhanova delivered a speech at the event.


(Source: UzA National News Agency)