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Uzbek folklore group “Uzbegim Youshlari”
takes part at the Belgian National Day Festivities in Brussels,
July 21, 2006

As it was reported earlier, Uzbek folklore group “Uzbegim yoshlari” of High Customs Institute of the State Custom Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan participated at the International Festival of Folklore Dances “Marcinelle” in the city of Charleroi from 14 to 21 July, 2006.

The group “Uzbegim yoshlari” was invited also to take part at the National Day Festivities in Brussels on 21 July, 2006, which are dedicated to 175th birthday of the Belgian Monarchy and the Constitution.

According to the program of festivities, the ensemble “Uzbegim Yoshlari” performed with program entitled “Uzbekistan – pearl of the Great Silk Road”, consisted with Uzbek national and folklore songs and dances, on the stage at Place Poelart in front of “Palais des Justice” in Brussels.

Then the thousands of the participants of the National Day Festivities had a possibility to watch the colorful performance of the group “Uzbegim yoshlari” during the parade at Rue de la Regence. Also the participants of the festivities had a chance to purchase the souvenirs from Uzbekistan like handicrafts, traditional ceramics, miniatures on leather and wood from the craftsmen from Uzbekistan.

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