(July 14-21, 2006)

Uzbekistan at the International festival

of folklore dances “Marcinelle”

The 17th edition of the International Festival of Folklore Dances “Marcinelle” took place in the city of Charleroi from 14 to 21 July, 2006.

For the first time representatives from Uzbekistan participated in the Festival “Marcinelle”. They are ensemble “Uzbegim Yoshlari” (“Youth of Uzbekistan”) from the capital of Uzbekistan - Tashkent. The other groups represent Bulgaria, Spain, Peru, Belarus, Cyprus, Ireland and Belgium.

The ensemble “Uzbegim yoshlari” was established in 2004 under the patronage of High Customs Institute of the State Custom Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Ensemble consists of young talented 25 participants, among whom there are musicians, dancers and singers.

Within the short period of time the group became one of the best known and popular Uzbek groups. The members of the group inherited the best traditions of Uzbek national dance and represent in their repertoire all styles of Uzbek dances.

On Thursday, 20 July the Presentation of Uzbekistan was organized within the framework of the International Festival of Folklore Dances “Marcinelle”. The event was attended by the representatives of the City administration of Charleroi, diplomatic missions, accredited in Belgium, business and cultural circles, journalists.

Speaking at the opening ceremony Mr. Bernard Van Dyck, Deputy-Burgomaster of the city of Charleroi noted that the participation of the young talented ensemble from Uzbekistan with repertoire, consisting of Uzbek national and folk music, songs and dances, enriched the festival in Charleroi and contributed a lot for dialogue of different cultures and civilizations.

The participants of the ceremony were informed about rich cultural heritage, recent economic and social development of Uzbekistan, achievements of the country during 15 years of the Independence. It was also noted that the bilateral relations between the Republic of Uzbekistan and Belgium are successfully developing in different fields, including economy, trade, education, culture and tourism.

The participants of the presentation watched the documentary entitled “Sunny country with great future” about the rich history, modern development and perspectives of Uzbekistan, with great interest.

The concert of the “Uzbegim Yoshlari” ensemble as well as reception with Uzbek national cuisine was organized during the presentation.