(Brussels, February 29, 2008)

The Briefing dedicated to the announcement 2008 – Year of Youth in Uzbekistan was organised at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Brussels on February 29, 2008.

Representatives of the Belgian political circles, experts, EU, European Parliament and media participated at the event.

During briefing its participants have been informed on carrying out in Uzbekistan purposeful politics in the field of maintenance of protection of youth, as well as on the state program to support of young generation.

Also, at the briefing paid a special attention to ensure the interests of the young generation in 2008 mainly due to the fact that it has been announced as the Year of Youth in Uzbekistan. Since providing for the interests of the young men and women in the country is an integral part of a strong social policy, comprehensive coverage of processes related to their education and mastering professions.

The Briefing and information materials presented during this event attracted big interest among participants.

The film entitled “Towards the future” has been demonstrated at the event.