Briefing on “Uzbekistan: 16 Years of Independent Development”
(Brussels, September 7, 2007)

On September 7, 2007 the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Brussels organized a briefing entitled “Uzbekistan: 16 Years of Independent Development”.

The briefing has been organized to inform political and public circles of Belgium, representatives of EU and NATO with main provisions of the speech of the President of Republic Uzbekistan, as well as with progress of Uzbekistan in political, economic, humanitarian spheres gained during the years of independence.

The briefing was attended by the representatives of official, social and political, business circles of Belgium, as well as diplomatic missions accredited in Brussels and media.

During the briefing participants were informed about the provisions of the speech of the Head of Uzbekistan from August 30 2007 on realization by the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan of consecutive steps on incensement of standard of living of the population, development of industrial potential, introduction of high technologies and methods in leading branches of economy, liberalization of political and judicial-legal system of the country. The special attention also has been paid to the achievements gained in the years of independence in such spheres, as science, higher and secondary education, improvement of public health, strong social protection, preservation of an ancient and rich cultural heritage.

The film entitled “Sunny Uzbekistan” about the modern development of Uzbekistan during the years of Independence has been demonstrated at the event.

The briefing was positively responded and highly appraised by the representatives of official and expert circles of Belgium and EU, representatives of diplomatic missions of foreign countries.