Briefing on the «Human Rights Situation in Uzbekistan and Measures taken by the Government in this field»

Briefing dedicated on the Human Rights situation in Uzbekistan and measures undertaken in this field by the Government took place at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Brussels on October 9, 2007.

Representatives of the Belgian political and business circles, experts, journalists and diplomatic corps accredited in Belgium participated at the event.

During the briefing its participants have been acquainted with the steps carried out in the Republic of Uzbekistan on maintaining observance and protection of human rights. In particular, participants have been informed on all international obligations fulfilled by Uzbekistan in the field of human rights, about legislative acts and norms that have been created and being consistently introduced, as well as about system of protection of human rights functioning in the country, about the measures undertaken in this field of education.

Following the briefing, participants have been informed on political system of Uzbekistan, local bodies of self-government and their role in sphere of protection of human rights, development of institutions of civil society, measures on ensuring religious freedom and the role of mass-media in this field.

The Briefing and information materials presented during this event caused wide interest among participants.

Information and materials on Human Rights in Uzbekistan is available here.1,2,3,4,5,6,7.