Photo Exhibition "Samarkand-Marghilan-Tashkent: Light impenetrating through centuries"
(Brussels, October 31, 2007)

On October 31, 2007 at the Central hall of Francophone community “Wallone-Brussels” the opening ceremony of the exhibition, devoted to the 2750th anniversary of Samarkand, the 2000th anniversary of Marghilan, as well as the announcement of Tashkent city as the capital of Islamic culture in 2007 took place. Exhibition is entitled «Samarkand-Marghilan-Tashkent: Light impenetrating through centuries».

The exhibition which represents rich history, culture, art and heritage of Uzbekistan attracts attention of representatives of official, business, public, expert and cultural circles of the country, as well as the Belgian mass-media.

Event was organized by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the Belgium jointly with the General commissariat of international relations of Francophone community “Wallone-Brussels”.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the General Commissioner of international relations of Francophone community “Wallone-Brussels” Phillip Suinen made a speech. He emphasized that Uzbekistan has the ancient history, rich and original culture, unique and beautiful architectural monuments.
Ph.Suinen also paid attention to the close cooperation which is carried out between the Francophone community “Wallone-Brussles” and Uzbekistan.

Participants of the event have been informed about the history of Uzbekistan which from ancient times was considered as the crossroads of civilizations and cultures, as well as rich cultural and architectural heritage. Ambassador of Uzbekistan underlined the role of cities of Samarkand, Marghilan and Tashkent in development of culture, science in the region and invaluable riches of these cities as keepers of monuments of history of thousand-year prescription.

Within the framework of opening ceremony of the exhibition «Samarkand-Marghilan-Tashkent: Light, impenetrating through centuries» performance of the Netherlands dancing group which shown the Uzbek national dances took place. The concert program has been warmly met by visitors of the exhibition.

Information materials: Tashkent, Samarkand and Marghilan.