Speech by H.E.Mr.I.Mustafaev Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the BeNeLux countries at the reception in Fontys University of Applied Sciences


Ladies and gentlemen,

It gives me a great pleasure on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, to welcome you at the opening ceremony of the exhibition devoted to Samarqand, Margilan, Tashkent.

Taking this opportunity, I would like especially express gratitude to the administration of Fontys University and Foundation Caravan Cultura for their cooperation in organizing our event in this wonderful hall.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Allow me to say a few words about Uzbekistan, its culture and history, modern development of the country.

The Republic of Uzbekistan is a young country, which gained independence 16 years ago. At the same time, our country has ancient history and rich culture. During many thousands of years the territory of Uzbekistan served as bridge linking East with West through the Great Silk Road. From ancient times this land was famous as important hub on this road.

Uzbekistan also is well known to the whole world as a motherland of great scientists. Today, many people in the world know about them, including astronomer Mirzo Ulugbek, philosopher Alisher Navoi, Al-Khorezmi, great scientist Beruni, world-known Ibn Sino, known in Europe as Avicenna, astronomer Al-Fargoni and many others.

During the short period of time the Republic of Uzbekistan occupied its deserved place in world community. Starting from 1992 our country is a member of the UN and many other international organizations. Uzbekistan established diplomatic relations with more than 120 countries.

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

Photo Exhibition, which is presented to your attention today is made up in Samarkand, Margilan and Tashkent.

The image of Samarkand, which marks its 2750th anniversary is a key to understanding the whole country and all Uzbek people.

Margilan, which celebrates its 2000th anniversary is called the “capital of silk”. The history of the city – is the history of beautiful valley, the pearl of Central Asia – Ferghana Valley.

Tashkent is the Capital of Uzbekistan, named as the Gate to the East. It is declared as the capital of Islamic culture in 2007.

Through the prism of photoart, a dynamic image of Uzbekistan is presented on the photo exhibition, which includes works of different generations showing ancient history and modern life of Uzbekistan.

Today besides the photos for better understanding of our culture and traditions we want to present for your attention the concert with national dances of the Uzbek artists and reception with Uzbek national cuisine.

In conclusion I would like to thank you for accepting invitation for our reception.

Thank you for attention.