Photo Exhibition "Samarkand-Marghilan-Tashkent: Light impenetrating through centuries"
(Netherlands, October 18, 2007)

On October 18, 2007 at the Central hall of the Netherlands Fontys University of Applied Sciences which is located in the city of Eindhoven, the opening ceremony of the exhibition, devoted to the 2750th anniversary of Samarkand, the 2000th anniversary of Marghilan, as well as the announcement of Tashkent city as the capital of Islamic culture in 2007 took place. Exhibition is entitled «Samarkand-Marghilan-Tashkent: Light impenetrating through centuries».

The exhibition which represents rich history, culture, art and heritage of Uzbekistan attracts attention of representatives of official, business, public, expert and cultural circles of the country, as well as the Dutch mass-media.

Fontys University was founded in 1949 and is one of the biggest educational institution of the Netherlands, which offers higher professional education. The structure of Fontys University includes more than 30 educational centers, faculties, institutes. About 3000 teachers educate more than 30,000 student for different specialization, including applied technologies, international transport, economy, finance, banking and insurance, healthcare, art, psychology.

Event was organized by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the Netherlands jointly with Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Caravan Cultura Foundation.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Rector of Fontys University of Applied Sciences N.Verbraak, Ambassador of Uzbekistan I.Mustafaev and the representative of Caravan Cultura Foundation R. Van Imerzel made speeches.

Participants of the event have been informed on the history of Uzbekistan which from ancient times was considered as the crossroads of civilizations and cultures, as well as rich cultural and architectural heritage. The speakers underlined the role of cities of Samarkand, Marghilan and Tashkent in development of culture, science in the region and invaluable riches of these cities as keepers of monuments of history of thousand-year prescription.

President of Fund for development with foreign educational institutions of Fontys University Cees Ladage in the interview for Information Agency «Jahon» has told that he visited Uzbekistan several times and had the meetings with representatives of higher education institutions, as well as familiarized with the education system of Uzbekistan. He said that reforms carried out in the republic in the sphere of education will yield positive results, as the educational level of the population plays the important role in becoming the state.

Speaking about the history and culture of Uzbekistan, C.Ladage has noted, that Uzbek people has unique historical cities which involve the big interest from all over the world, one of them is Samarkand. He has estimated Samarkand as the pearl of Uzbekistan.

The representative of the company «Akzo Nobel», Ph. D. Theo van Lotringen in interview for Information Agency «Jahon» has noted, that his company participated in projects on manufacture of soda in Kungrad city of Uzbekistan. He has especially noted, that the presented photos, ceramic products and number of other things showing marvelous of culture and antiquity of history of Uzbek people.

Within the framework of opening ceremony of the exhibition «Samarkand-Marghilan-Tashkent: Light, impenetrating through centuries» performance of Uzbek artists with the concert program has been warmly met by visitors of the exhibition.

Information materials: Tashkent, Samarkand and Marghilan.