Photo Exhibition "Samarkand-Marghilan-Tashkent: Light impenetrating through centuries"
(Luxembourg, October 11, 2007)

On October 11, 2007 at the Cultural center of Luxembourg «Abbaye Neumunster» the opening ceremony of the exhibition, devoted to the 2750th anniversary of Samarkand, the 2000th anniversary of Marghilan, as well as the announcement of Tashkent city as the capital of Islamic culture in 2007 took place. Exhibition is entitled «Samarkand-Marghilan-Tashkent: Light impenetrating through centuries».

Event was organized by Embassy of Uzbekistan in Luxembourg with cooperation with the Ministry of culture and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Great Duchy of Luxembourg.

The exhibition which represents rich history, culture, art and heritage of Uzbekistan, attracts big attention of representatives of official, business, public, expert and cultural circles of the country, the diplomatic representatives accredited in Luxembourg, as well as Luxembourg mass-media.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, director of the Cultural center «Abbaye Neumunster» of the Ministry of culture of Luxembourg K.Frizoni has noted, that this is a honour to accept in Luxembourg an exhibition allowing more deeply familiarize with culture and modern life of Uzbekistan.

According to him, the ancient rich history and original culture of Uzbek people are good and positive opening for Luxembourg society. K.Frizoni has emphasized, that the organized exhibition, undoubtedly, will allow to approach more with culture of Uzbekistan, it is better to understand it, to receive impressions about history of the country.

The representative of European Investment Bank Graham Cheshire in the interview for Information Agency «Jahon» has told, that he was several times in Uzbekistan, and the photo-exhibition organized in Luxembourg allow him again to find himself in the beautiful country, rich with historical architectural monuments.

G.Cheshire has expressed confidence, that photo-exhibition where all beauty of such Uzbek cities as Samarkand, Tashkent and Marghilan are presented, will promote growth of interest from the European tourists to Uzbekistan. He has emphasized, that Uzbek people is one of the most open nations in the world and he always visits the country with great pleasure.

Within the framework of opening ceremony of the exhibition «Samarkand-Marghilan-Òàshkent: Light, impenetrating through centuries» performance of Uzbek artists the concert program of which has been warmly met by visitors of the exhibition.

Information materials: Tashkent, Samarkand and Marghilan.