«The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan - the main basis of prosperity and progress»
(Brussels, November 30, 2007)

The Briefing dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan was organised at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Brussels on November 30, 2007.

Representatives of the Belgian political and business circles, EU, NATO and media participated at the event.

During the briefing its participants have been informed with measures undertaken by Uzbekistan on implementation of substantive provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the achievements of Uzbekistan in the sphere of the legislation and realization of construction of a lawful state. At the same time, the information on efforts of Uzbekistan is presented to the participants on action in the sphere of creation of a democratic society, protection of interests, the rights and freedom of people which are indissolubly connected with requirements and the norms indicated in the Basic law of the country.

Also it has been noted, that during the years of independence the special attention was given to the strengthening of a role of political parties in the life of the country. In particular, the Constitutional Law adopted in 2007 “On strengthening the role of political parties in updating and democratization of the government and modernization of the country” pursues such purpose.

The Briefing and information materials presented during this event attracted big interest among participants.

In particular, Ludger Piret in the interview for Information Agency «Jahon» has noted, that seeing development of Uzbekistan, he is surprised how the state for in the short period of time achieved such successes which demonstrates the level as in the leading democratic nations.

«The constitution of Uzbekistan is a document on which it is necessary to pay special attention. I also would like to give special attention to what people of Uzbekistan has achieved from the date of gaining independence to become that nation which now is, and it is improbable.

And, in this regard, I would like to congratulate people and Government of Uzbekistan, in particular the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A.Karimov with the 15th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic», - said L.Piret.