Presentation of Social and Economical development, Culture and Tourism potential of Uzbekistan in Oostrozebeke (province of Weat-Flanders)
(May 19, 2007)

Presentation of social and economical development, cultural and tourism potential of Uzbekistan was held in Oostrozebeke (province of Weat-Flanders). Mr. Jean-Marie Bonte, the Burgomaster of Oostrozebeke city, authorities of city, as well as Belgian experts, businessmen, art critics and journalists attended the presentation.

Mr. Jean-Marie Bonte said at the presentation that the event was a great opportunity for his compatriots to get acquainted with Uzbek history, economy and culture.

Speaking at the presentation, Mr. Isan Mustafoev, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Belgium, noted about the historical and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan, invaluable and unique wealth of Uzbek people, which was descended during many generations.

Photo exhibition, describing all spheres of life of Uzbekistan was also organized during the presentation in Oostrezebeke, which was welcomed by the participants of the event with great success.

Within the framework of the presentation Uzbek folklore dance group “Lyazgi” performed Uzbek national dances and songs. Presentation was followed with the reception of Uzbek cuisine.