Briefing on the results of Presidential elections of Uzbekistan
(Brussels, 18 of January 2008)

Briefing dedicated on the results of Presidential elections of Uzbekistan took place at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Brussels on January 18, 2008.

Representatives of the Belgian political circles, experts, EU and Euro Parliament and media participated at the event.

During the briefing its participants have been informed on carrying out of pre-election campaign of Presidential elections that election campaign was on alternative and competitive basis. Along with the candidates from political parties, which occupy an ever firm place on the political arena of the country, the candidate nominated from the initiative group of voters has also for the first time participated in the elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Following the briefing, noted that the elections became the important factor of yet more consolidation of all forces and layers of society in their strife to continue the social, economic, public and political reforms, the democratic processes of renewal and modernization being carried out in Uzbekistan since it has gained independence, and directed at providing for peace, stability, prosperity of the country, the well being of the people. The participation of local and foreign observers in the elections was an important manifestation of realization of democratic principles in holding the elections.

During the briefing the president of the European institute of the international relations, Professor Mr. I.Seminatore who participated on the Presidential elections in Uzbekistan as the international observer shared with participants on the results of his trip to Uzbekistan.