15.08.2017 Role of Public to Increase

15.08.2017 Critical Analysis, Exchange of Views

14.08.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev sends condolences to President of Egypt

14.08.2017 Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan discuss demarcation of state border

13.08.2017 President of Uzbekistan expresses condolences to Chinese President

13.08.2017 Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan discuss border demarcation issues

12.08.2017 “Central Asia – the main priority of Uzbekistan’s foreign policy”

12.08.2017 The center of Almalyk will be radically transformed

12.08.2017 President of Uzbekistan got acquainted with the residential buildings being built in Almalyk

11.08.2017 Abdulaziz Kamilov meets with head of UNRCCA Petko Draganov

11.08.2017 A new mine in Almalyk

11.08.2017 President of Uzbekistan received the President of the World Taekwondo Federation

11.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Bangladesh

10.08.2017 Initiative, striving for high results, strict observance of discipline – important factor in execution of the assigned tasks

10.08.2017 Kyrgyz Ambassador: The Embassy Is Working in ‘Samarkand Spirit’

10.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of India

09.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of India

09.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Switzerland

09.08.2017 President of Uzbekistan received the President of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

08.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Oman

08.08.2017 Ambassador of Latvia Edgars Bondars completes his diplomatic mission in Uzbekistan

08.08.2017 Meeting with US Ambassador

07.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Afghanistan

07.08.2017 Foreign Ministry holds meeting with special representative of President of Serbia

05.08.2017 Ensuring sustainable development of the economy – an important factor of improving the well-being of the population

04.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Republic of Korea

04.08.2017 Development of literature, art and culture is an important factor in increasing the spirituality of our people

03.08.2017 Delegation of Uzbekistan to participate in inauguration of President of Iran

02.08.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Pakistan

02.08.2017 Meeting of OIC Executive committee

02.08.2017 Toward Regularity of Meetings

31.07.2017 Abdulaziz Kamilov: Our Policy Builds on the Situation at Hand

31.07.2017 Keeping Abreast with the Times

31.07.2017 Uzbekistan’s Ambassador to S.Korea Starts Mission

30.07.2017 Appointment

28.07.2017 Appointment

28.07.2017 Condolences to President of India

28.07.2017 UN Secretary-General sent message to President of Uzbekistan

28.07.2017 President of Uzbekistan congratulates President of India

27.07.2017 President of Uzbekistan received the Minister of National Defense of Turkey

26.07.2017 All Projects Get Inspected for Signs of Corruption and Other Abuses

26.07.2017 Territorial and Administrative Changes Take Place in Tashkent Region

26.07.2017 Condolences to President of Afghanistan

25.07.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Israel

25.07.2017 Uzbekistan set to implement project management system

25.07.2017 Meeting at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

25.07.2017 The transition to a modern system of agriculture is the imperative of time

25.07.2017 Currency Policy Under Spotlight

25.07.2017 Documents Enter into Force

25.07.2017 India’s SCO Coordinator Visits Uzbekistan

24.07.2017 Uzbekistan to open Consulate General in St. Petersburg

24.07.2017 Restructuring Tax Committee: IT Implementation Goes Faster

22.07.2017 President reviews projects of construction works in Tashkent region

21.07.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: “Localization of production of imported products is the most important task”

21.07.2017 Meeting with experts of European Investment Bank

20.07.2017 Legislature to Galvanize True Democracy, Initiate and Spearhead Reforms

19.07.2017 Meeting with the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

19.07.2017 Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium

18.07.2017 Meeting with National Coordinator of India on SCO issues

18.07.2017 On meeting of Cooperation Council “Uzbekistan-EU”

18.07.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Indonesia

17.07.2017 Financial Agreement Signed

17.07.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Malaysia

17.07.2017 Human interests should always be above all

17.07.2017 On upcoming visit of Afghan delegations to Uzbekistan

16.07.2017 Uzbek delegation participates in meeting of Cooperation Council “Uzbekistan-EU”

16.07.2017 A new system of ensuring peace and tranquility in our country

15.07.2017 Meeting with Head of Directorate General of EU Commission

14.07.2017 Uzbek Foreign Minister receives World Bank Regional Director

14.07.2017 Delegation of Uzbekistan participates in OIC Council of Foreign Ministers session

13.07.2017 Our parliament should become a school of true democracy, the initiator and main implementer of reforms

13.07.2017 Foreign ministers of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan hold negotiations in Tashkent

12.07.2017 President of Uzbekistan received deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers – minister of foreign affairs of Turkmenistan

11.07.2017 Meeting Followed by a Trip to the Countryside

11.07.2017 Chairman of the Senate of Poland: targeted to expansion of inter-parliamentary relations with Uzbekistan

11.07.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoev congratulates President-Elect of Mongolia

11.07.2017 Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan continue talks on state border

11.07.2017 President of Uzbekistan expresses condolences to Prime Minister of Japan

11.07.2017 Foreign Minister holds meeting on results of a direct dialogue with citizens

11.07.2017 Two crossing points set to open on Uzbek-Kazakh state border

23.06.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited “Nuroniylar maskani” complex in the city of Fergana

23.06.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: “There is a need to further strengthen interaction of science and practice”

23.06.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the city of Kokand

23.06.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: “All opportunities are created for small business and private entrepreneurship, it is necessary to use them effectively”

23.06.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: “School of young writers named after Erkin Vakhidov will be opened”

22.06.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Fergana region

22.06.2017 President approves agreements with Russia in the field of labor migration

22.06.2017 Foreign Minister visits German Embassy in Tashkent

20.06.2017 Delegation of Uzbekistan will take part in the meeting of the CIS economy

20.06.2017 Delegation of Uzbekistan headed by U. Rozukulov to visit Tajikistan

20.06.2017 Antiterrorist Forum

19.06.2017 Foreign Ministry holds meeting with Ambassador of China

19.06.2017 Uzbekistan was invited to conference on Afghanistan RECCA-VII

16.06.2017 President visited Uchtepa district

16.06.2017 Acting more cohesively and decisively on the way of the fate and future of Motherland is the imperative of time

15.06.2017 Deputy Foreign Minister about the results of Uzbekistan’s participation in the SCO Astana summit

15.06.2017 MFA holds meeting with Ambassador of Sweden

15.06.2017 Foreign Ministers of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan hold negotiations

15.06.2017 To His Excellency Mr. Abdul Hamid, President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

14.06.2017 Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan participates in Central Asia-UN Forum

14.06.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoev sends condolences to Russian President

14.06.2017 Ensuring rule of law and justice – the most important condition of achieving our noble goals

13.06.2017 Developing Uzbek-Polish interparliamentary cooperation

13.06.2017 Further increasing the effectiveness of reforms and strengthening the executive discipline in all spheres are the most important tasks

13.06.2017 Uzbekistan's delegation to attend "Central Asia – UN" Forum

13.06.2017 Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan discuss state border demarcation

13.06.2017 Foreign Ministry holds meeting with Poland's Ambassador

13.06.2017 UN Secretary-General visits Republic of Karakalpakstan



13.06.2017 About a telephone conversation between the Presidents of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

12.06.2017 Meetings of the UN Secretary General in Samarkand were interesting and saturated

12.06.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev: New centre will serve for Islamic culture development

12.06.2017 Attention to Every Appeal

12.06.2017 Senators discuss implementation of Law "On Education"

11.06.2017 Uzbekistan's President meets UN Secretary General

11.06.2017 Message to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Norway

18.05.2017 On upcoming visit of the President of Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan

17.05.2017 New company in hydro-energy sphere to be established in Uzbekistan

17.05.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoev inspected modern homes

17.05.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev considers promising projects in agricultural sphere

17.05.2017 President reviews new projects in Sirdarya region

17.05.2017 Meeting with the delegation of the Russian Federation

17.05.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Sirdaryo region

16.05.2017 OSCE PA Delegation Visits Uzbekistan

16.05.2017 Presidential Congratulations

15.05.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev spoke at the Belt and Road Forum

15.05.2017 Uzbekistan and OSCE discuss cooperation

15.05.2017 Uzbekistan and Turkey discuss prospects of economic relations

15.05.2017 Tashkent hosts Uzbek-German foreign ministry consultations

15.05.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev invited Chinese entrepreneurs to Uzbekistan

15.05.2017 Taken to Parliamentary Control

14.05.2017 Belt and Road Forum kicks off in Beijing

14.05.2017 President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan

13.05.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev visits the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation

13.05.2017 Productive meetings in China

13.05.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev laid wreath to the Monument of the People's heroes in Beijing

13.05.2017 President Mirziyoyev met with Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China

13.05.2017 Issues of mutually beneficial cooperation discussed

12.05.2017 A number of important documents signed between Uzbekistan and China

09.05.2017 UN High Commissioner to Visit Uzbekistan

09.05.2017 Improving the Legal Framework

09.05.2017 Swiss Ambassador Completing Mission

08.05.2017 Executing Reforms and Promising Projects

07.05.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: "Public healthcare is one of the priority directions of state policy"

07.05.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the «Artel» plant

07.05.2017 President Mirziyoyev was presented economic projects

07.05.2017 Modern boiler installations will serve to further raise the wellbeing of the population

04.05.2017 Parliament's deputies study constituency affairs

04.05.2017 Architecture and construction committee reorganised

03.05.2017 Uzbekbaliqsanoat established in Uzbekistan

03.05.2017 Uzstandard improvement measures approved

03.05.2017 Presentation of letters of credentials to the President of Uzbekistan

03.05.2017 Normative Acts Discussed at the MFA

03.05.2017 New Tasks for the New Embassy

02.05.2017 In Constructive Atmosphere

01.05.2017 Meeting of the Presidents of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

01.05.2017 Presidents of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan visited «Caspian Food» LLP in South Kazakhstan region

28.04.2017 A groundbreaking ceremony for a modern oil refinery complex held in Jizzakh region

28.04.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev: Centres for the provision of help to entrepreneurs should be their real helpers

28.04.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Jizzakh region

28.04.2017 Due to large-scale construction work Jizzakh town’s appearance is changing a great deal

27.04.2017 Uzbekistan's President received commander of the United States Central Command

27.04.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev received foreign minister of Turkey


26.04.2017 The Format Continues

26.04.2017 Plans for electronic parliament discussed in Tashkent

25.04.2017 On telephone conversation of the Presidents of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Kazakhstan

25.04.2017 Heads of Uzbekistan and Singapore exchange congratulatory messages

25.04.2017 Omani Diplomats in Tashkent

24.04.2017 Abdulaziz Kamilov: Key Goal Is to Ensure Security and Peaceful Life of the People

24.04.2017 Sincere Dialogue with the People

22.04.2017 Neighbourhoods turning into places of culture and enlightenment

22.04.2017 New industrial zone to be created in Olmazor district

19.04.2017 French Minister of Foreign Affairs: we are committed to the politics of respect for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uzbekistan

18.04.2017 Attention to Every Appeal

17.04.2017 Parliamentarians Meet with People

17.04.2017 Serving the People, Securing Their Interests Chief Criterion for Civil Servants

16.04.2017 Promising projects that will serve to further raise the prosperity of people

15.04.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visits Imam Bukhari shrine

15.04.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: "Every job is important for us"

15.04.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev: The main purpose of every project is the further raising of the prosperity of our people

15.04.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev started his tour of Samarkand with a visit to the last resting place of Islam Karimov

14.04.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has arrived in Samarkand region

13.04.2017 President of our country inspected prospective economic projects

13.04.2017 President Mirziyoyev visited industrial enterprises and social facilities in Chilonzor district

13.04.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev: Neighbourhoods should be a bridge between people and the state

11.04.2017 CIS Foreign Ministers to Meet in Tashkent

10.04.2017 Another Field Mission of Lawmakers

09.04.2017 A Historic Visit Opening New Horizons for Cooperation



07.04.2017 President of Uzbekistan received chairman of the Executive committee- Executive secretary of CIS






06.04.2017 Tashkent will host session of the CIS Council of foreign ministers

06.04.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Vladimir Putin considered the issues of further developing mutually beneficial cooperation

05.04.2017 Exhibits of state museum named after I.Savitsky displayed in Moscow


05.04.2017 More than 50 documents directed towards further developing cooperation between Uzbekistan and Russia signed

05.04.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev laid flowers to the Unknown soldier memorial in Moscow

05.04.2017 President Mirziyoyev meets with Russian Prime Minister Medvedev

05.04.2017 Uzbekistan's President Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrives in Moscow

01.04.2017 Senate Convenes for General Session

01.04.2017 Creative Potential of the People

01.04.2017 Securing Human Interests Our Principal Goal

30.03.2017 Uzbekistan’s President Receives Gazprom Chief Executive






29.03.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: increasing production of finished goods is a requirement of our times

29.03.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: Our main purpose is to support people, create all opportunities for the happy future of our children

29.03.2017 Head of State visits Navoiy Regional People’s Reception Office of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

28.03.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Navoiy region


27.03.2017 Realization of Uzbek nation’s creative potential


27.03.2017 President considers economic projects

27.03.2017 President Mirziyoyev went to a new community centre

27.03.2017 Modern overpasses are conveniences for population

27.03.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: modern bridges, good-quality roads serve the interests of people


26.03.2017 Meeting With the OSCE Delegation

25.03.2017 Senate to Convene for General Session

25.03.2017 Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan Kick Start New Chapter of Cooperation Built on Historical Friendship, Strategic Partnership

24.03.2017 Presidents of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan held talks

24.03.2017 Prospective documents signed following Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan talks

23.03.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev laid flowers at the Motherland defenders monument in Astana





12.03.2017 Construction projects to be implemented in Bukhara discussed


10.03.2017 Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan Cement Neighborly and Fraternal Ties

10.03.2017 President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Bukhara region

10.03.2017 Meeting with Ambassador of Saudi Arabia

09.03.2017 Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan: good neighborhood and fraternal relations are strengthening

07.03.2017 Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Presidents sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

07.03.2017 Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan sign several documents

06.03.2017 Uzbekistan and Germany celebrate 25 years of cooperation

06.03.2017 President of Uzbekistan arrived in Turkmenistan

06.03.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev departed for Turkmenistan with a state visit

04.03.2017 President of Uzbekistan to visit Turkmenistan next week

03.03.2017 To His Excellency Mr Shavkat Mirziyoyev President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

03.03.2017 To His Excellency Mr Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General

03.03.2017 President of Uzbekistan received UN Assistant Secretary-General

02.03.2017 President of Uzbekistan holds talks with Vice President of General Electric company

01.03.2017 President of Uzbekistan receives director of the Foreign intelligence service of Russia

01.03.2017 Dynamics of Uzbek-American Cooperation

01.03.2017 International Red Cross Appoints New Envoy to Central Asia

28.02.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: mahalla should embody the principles of justice in our society

28.02.2017 A monument to Abdulla Oripov will be erected in Karshi

28.02.2017 New projects to serve further industrialization of Kashkadarya region

27.02.2017 Ombudsman Hearings in the Lower House

23.02.2017 President of Uzbekistan received First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan



22.02.2017 Kuwait Talks

21.02.2017 Abdulrahman Al-Shaie: Saudi Arabia is interested in strengthening trade and investment cooperation with Uzbekistan

20.02.2017 In the Spirit of Critical Analysis

20.02.2017 Root Solution to Road Problems


17.02.2017 Deputies approve Ombudsman's 2016 report

16.02.2017 Uzbekistan’s President receives Russian Deputy Prime Minister


14.02.2017 Telephone conversation with the President of Turkmenistan

14.02.2017 At the New Stage of Advancement

13.02.2017 Many Issues Tackled on the Spot

11.02.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev paid a visit to a new residential neighbourhood in Sherobod district

11.02.2017 President went to Iso Termiziy place of worship

11.02.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visits Shodi bobo Hushboqov’s home

11.02.2017 Further increasing people’s well-being, strengthening their health is our main task

11.02.2017 President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev looks at silk joint venture project

11.02.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev was presented a cement plant project under construction in Sherobod district

11.02.2017 President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev looks at new projects in Surkhondaryo Region

10.02.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Surkhandarya region

10.02.2017 Protection of human rights and freedoms, peaceful and prosperous life is necessary ensure the human interests

08.02.2017 President chairs a meeting on healthcare issues

07.02.2017 Critical Appraisal, Personal Responsibility




04.02.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev inspected the work of the People’s reception of the President of Uzbekistan in Tashkent

04.02.2017 A new multipurpose sports and concert venue is to be built in Tashkentt

04.02.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev examined construction process of the Tashkent metallurgical plant

04.02.2017 Those interested in poetry will never be unhappy

04.02.2017 Towards further raising prosperity of people

04.02.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev inspected new metro line construction

04.02.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Yakkasaroy small industrial zone


03.02.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the construction site of a new overpass in Tashkent

02.02.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev received chairperson of American-Uzbekistan chamber of commerce


31.01.2017 To His Excellency Mr Shavkat Mirziyoyev, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

31.01.2017 To His Excellency Mr Hwang Kyo-ahn, Acting President of the Republic of Korea

30.01.2017 Critical Analysis, Concrete Proposals

28.01.2017 Prospective economic projects serve to further increase people’s welfare

28.01.2017 Presidents holds meeting with Defence Ministry executives

27.01.2017 President of Uzbekistan and Prime Minister of Japan exchanged congratulatory messages

27.01.2017 Legislative chamber sums up 2016 results

26.01.2017 Best Activist of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan

25.01.2017 Uzbekistan is a united multi-ethnic country

25.01.2017 Securing Human Interests





24.01.2017 Consistent reforms serve human interests


21.01.2017 Close dialogue with people is an important factor in ensuring human interests

20.01.2017 Meeting with EU Special Representative

20.01.2017 President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev received World Bank Vice President





18.01.2017 Egypt Assigns a New Ambassador to Uzbekistan

17.01.2017 Uzbekistan and Vietnam mark the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic relations establishment

17.01.2017 People's Democratic Party: To Use the Deputy Powers

17.01.2017 UzLiDeP: Open Dialogue of Young Activists

16.01.2017 Government sums up results for 2016 and determines yearly priorities at the extended session





08.01.2017 On upcoming Uzbek-Afghan political consultations

06.01.2017 Heads of Uzbekistan and Korea hold telephone conversation

06.01.2017 President of Uzbekistan signs Law "On counteraction to corruption"

03.01.2017 Consular Offices to Open in Uzbekistan’s Several Air Harbors

15.08.2017 Fish farming: wealth under water

15.08.2017 Uzbekistan – South Korea: cooperation in the sphere of ICT is developing

14.08.2017 Qashqadaryo Regional phase of the “Businesswoman – 2017” contest takes place

14.08.2017 Ways of achieving success

14.08.2017 RSE "Toshkent" sells 1.6 million shares during a week

13.08.2017 International business center “Tashkent city” to be created in Uzbek capital

13.08.2017 Uzbek-Korean FOSS forum to be held in Tashkent

11.08.2017 Senate discusses issues of enhancing country's export potential

11.08.2017 Small industrial zones set to be established in Tashkent region

11.08.2017 Supreme Audit and Financial Control Institution Gets Established in Uzbekistan

10.08.2017 Uzbekistan railways: new projects and modern services

10.08.2017 Tashkent and Shanghai districts establish partnership

09.08.2017 Open dialogue with young entrepreneurs

09.08.2017 “Orzu” small industrial zone to be opened in Namangan city

08.08.2017 High qualitative silk fiber by “Andijon hanoy ipagi”

08.08.2017 Uzbekistan uses investments for US$7.5bn in 1H

08.08.2017 Major Constructions

08.08.2017 Foire de Libramont 2017 is the largest agricultural exhibition in Europe, where Uzbek specialists have presented their products

08.08.2017 $7.2bn set to be utilised within Investment program for 2017

08.08.2017 In Qoraqalpoghiston, open dialogue held with young entrepreneurs and farmers

07.08.2017 Uzbekistan establishes Center for implementation of investment projects in water and agricultural sectors

07.08.2017 Modern trade center in Nukus

07.08.2017 Modern trade center in Nukus

07.08.2017 Delegation of Federal Treasury of Russian Federation visits Uzbekistan

07.08.2017 Uzbekistan set to export silkworm caterpillar

04.08.2017 IPC Sessions: Tax Policy and Social Issues

04.08.2017 Towards the Future with High-Tech Projects

04.08.2017 USAID helps link Uzbek farmers with the world

04.08.2017 Tashkent set to host International Insurance and Reinsurance Forum in October

03.08.2017 Decisive Factor, or How to Foster a Top Manager

03.08.2017 Experts in Agreement

02.08.2017 Andijan to Cement Investments

02.08.2017 Expert Platform

02.08.2017 IMF: Foreign Exchange Reserves “Ample”

01.08.2017 The Reform in the System of State and Corporate Procurements Begins

01.08.2017 Fruit and Vegetable Products from Uzbekistan to Go Recognizable Abroad

01.08.2017 Uzbekistan Procures New Machines for Laying and Repairing Railway Tracks

31.07.2017 Siemens Enters the Uzbek Market

28.07.2017 New Trading Chains

28.07.2017 Domestic Trucks Grow in Length

28.07.2017 Uzbekistan intends to improve its position in WB rating

28.07.2017 "Uzbekugol" and "Shargunkumir" transferred to JSC "Uzbekiston Temir Yullari"

27.07.2017 More Opportunities for Business

27.07.2017 New Mechanical Engineering Center Created

27.07.2017 Farmers to Equip With Smart Cards

27.07.2017 The National Day of Uzbekistan to Be Held within EXPO 2017 in Astana

26.07.2017 Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation launches seminar in Fergana city

26.07.2017 IMF: Reserves of Uzbekistan provide an opportunity to confidently implement currency reform

26.07.2017 Brussels Calling

25.07.2017 Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Implement 35 Projects in Various Sectors of the Economy

25.07.2017 Tax System Goes Efficient

25.07.2017 Open and Transparent Dialogue

24.07.2017 Parkent will turn into a modern city

24.07.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with modern logistics center and promising projects

22.07.2017 Prospects for further development of industry and large-scale of creative work

22.07.2017 Tashkent hosts business forum of entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan and China

22.07.2017 New Terms for Banking Sector

21.07.2017 Horse breeding and equestrian sport are developing

21.07.2017 China to Invest in Uzbek Sericulture

21.07.2017 Fruitful Partnership

20.07.2017 Toys R Them

20.07.2017 President approves measures to improve tax system

19.07.2017 39 projects worth $251.4mn set to be implemented in FEZ "Navoi"

19.07.2017 Ministry of economy collects proposals for business climate improvement

19.07.2017 Agreement on economic cooperation with Turkmenistan takes effect

18.07.2017 French Cars Made in Uzbekistan

18.07.2017 Financing Investment Projects

17.07.2017 Agreement on interregional cooperation with Kazakhstan enters into force

14.07.2017 Drilling operations start at Mingbulak deposit

14.07.2017 Tasks and main directions of CCI activities discussed in Tashkent

13.07.2017 Survey: 48.8% of citizens positively assess activities of state bodies

13.07.2017 "Samarkand city" tourist zone set to erect in Samarkand

13.07.2017 Chairperson of Swiss National Bank visits Uzbekistan

13.07.2017 Vitamins for Export

13.07.2017 Volume of deals at RSE "Toshkent" in June amounts to 8.1 billion soums

12.07.2017 Changing Priorities

12.07.2017 One Road, Many Partners

11.07.2017 In Support of Importers and Exporters

11.07.2017 Fund for stabilization of prices in domestic market established

11.07.2017 Exhibition of new hybrid varieties of vegetables opens in Tashkent region

11.07.2017 Weekly trading volume on stock exchange hits10.5 billion soums

11.07.2017 Enterprise’s work expanding

23.06.2017 UZEX holds round table for exchange members

23.06.2017 Businessmen of Uzbekistan visited Switzerland

22.06.2017 Domestic Cars to Be Tested on a New Base

22.06.2017 Innovative Heartland of Tashkent

21.06.2017 Export by New Rules

21.06.2017 State share in authorized capitals of banks set to increase by $500mn

20.06.2017 SAIPRO confirms IC "ALSKOM"'s rating at "UzA+"

20.06.2017 "Uzpromstroybank" conducts large-scale work to support entrepreneurial initiatives

19.06.2017 O'zbekinvest Hayot's rating affirmed at "UzA+"

19.06.2017 SAIPRO confirms JSC KAPITAL SUG'URTA's rating at "uzA+"

16.06.2017 Household deposits balance in "Asaka" JSCB makes up 904 billion soums

12.06.2017 Uzagrosugurta organizes competition "Experts in Insurance"

09.06.2017 SCO Interbank Association and Business Council hold Forum

09.06.2017 Gas Prospects

09.06.2017 Volume of deals at UZEX amounts 1.2trln soums in May

09.06.2017 Towards new ideas and promising economic projects

09.06.2017 Supervisory Board of "ALSKOM" IC sums up 2016

08.06.2017 Innovative Technopark set to rise in Yashnaabad district

08.06.2017 Technology Savvy Solutions

08.06.2017 Export Landmarks

08.06.2017 Big goals of a small enterprise

07.06.2017 Weekly trading turnover of "Toshkent" RSE makes up 443.2 million soums

07.06.2017 Provision of electronic services discussed in "Ipoteka-bank" JSCIB

07.06.2017 Houses and Walls to Help with Employment

06.06.2017 Latvia to Look into Uzbekistan’s Expertise

06.06.2017 Uzbekistan to channel $50mn for establishment of walnut plantations

06.06.2017 European Investment Bank plans to enter Uzbek market

06.06.2017 Central Bank expands microcredit opportunities

05.06.2017 UZEX discusses involvement of farmers on stock exchange

05.06.2017 Ipak Yuli bank issues 5 categories of Visa cards

05.06.2017 Tashkent hosts Uzbek-French business forum

02.06.2017 Deputies consider State budget execution

01.06.2017 Uzbekistan presented at the investment forum in Ukraine

01.06.2017 JSC Uztadbirkoreksport renamed into JSC Uztrade

01.06.2017 ALSKOM holds outreach seminars for insurance agents

01.06.2017 UzEx shareholders discuss results of the stock exchange's activities for 2016

01.06.2017 Technology-Driven Society

01.06.2017 Uzbekinvest provides services in credit insurance

31.05.2017 Machinery to Be Served in the Field

31.05.2017 Tashkent establishes small industrial zones

30.05.2017 GM Uzbekistan to sell cars for national currency

30.05.2017 Weekly trade turnover of RSE "Toshkent" amounts to 92.3 million soums

30.05.2017 Expert Platform

29.05.2017 Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan on problems in the investment sphere

29.05.2017 The results of the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 9 months: 320 trade contracts for $ 44 billion

29.05.2017 Effective Solution

29.05.2017 Tashabbus-2017: Small Business, High Class

29.05.2017 French Cars to Run on Uzbek Roads

18.05.2017 Volume of investments of insurance companies of Uzbekistan comprise 909,8 billion soums

18.05.2017 Rating of "Sug'urta O'z" insurance company confirmed at "uzA" level

18.05.2017 Payments of insurance companies reach 75.2 billion soums in IQ

18.05.2017 Protection of Entrepreneurs at a New Level

18.05.2017 Wealth of Nature

17.05.2017 SAIPRO assigns IC "Garant Insurance Group"'s rating at "uzA"

17.05.2017 Top-10 insurance companies occupy 76.2% of Uzbekistan's insurance market

17.05.2017 EU Ambassador: Investments Go Where You Can Make Profit

16.05.2017 Peugeot Citroen to launch production of commercial vehicles in Uzbekistan

16.05.2017 Aggregate capital of Uzbek banks surpass 9.9 trillion soums

15.05.2017 Total volume of deals at UZEX reaches 1.2 trillion soums

15.05.2017 GROSS INSURANCE opens Center for insurance payments

14.05.2017 Capitalizing on Stability

13.05.2017 When Plans Keep Pace with Actions

12.05.2017 Small Goes a Long Way

12.05.2017 There is need to activate economic relations within the framework of the SCO - Russian expert

12.05.2017 "Ipak Yuli" bank allocates loans to women entrepreneurs

11.05.2017 Export Capacity

11.05.2017 New Wheels

10.05.2017 High-Rise Buildings Await Being Put in Order

09.05.2017 30 Minutes for Registration

07.05.2017 Privatized Enterprises to Receive Support

05.05.2017 Live Vitamins

05.05.2017 Open dialogue with entrepreneurs

05.05.2017 Investing in Development

04.05.2017 Polypropylene sales surpass 15 thousand tons

04.05.2017 The Economy of the Progress

02.05.2017 FEZ Urgut: Thousands of New Jobs

01.05.2017 88.2 thousand cars sold in Uzbekistan in 2016

01.05.2017 Tashkent hosts Uzbek-Korean business forum

28.04.2017 Dried Fruits on International Standards

28.04.2017 New Cargo Bans

28.04.2017 Asian Economics on railway infrastructure of Uzbekistan

27.04.2017 New Portal, New Opportunities

27.04.2017 Prospects Come True

26.04.2017 Securing the Growth

26.04.2017 Uzbek Expo in Tajikistan

26.04.2017 Central Bank and Moody's rating agency hold a conference

25.04.2017 IE entitled to transfer plastic cards to others

24.04.2017 Localization and Export Issues Discussed

24.04.2017 Initiative Encouraged

23.04.2017 Finances as the Staff of Life

22.04.2017 Rich Catch

21.04.2017 Moving in the Right Direction

21.04.2017 Export Capacity

21.04.2017 Strong cooperation and access to external markets

20.04.2017 Investment potential presented in Singapore

20.04.2017 Uzbekistan - China business forum held in Tashkent

20.04.2017 Investments Flow to Uzbekistan

19.04.2017 Qualified personnel for the business sphere

19.04.2017 More of Good and Diverse Projects

19.04.2017 Strategic Solutions

15.04.2017 Uzbek Exports Spread to Afghanistan

14.04.2017 Oil and Gas Reserve

14.04.2017 Ahead with New Modifications

13.04.2017 Services sector developing

13.04.2017 Power of Mutual Cooperation

13.04.2017 To Boost Sericulture

12.04.2017 Focus on Local Production

12.04.2017 Investment Fairway

12.04.2017 Zones of Special Attraction

10.04.2017 Convenience for Entrepreneurs

07.04.2017 New innovative education laboratory

06.04.2017 Expanding Export Capacity

04.04.2017 New Approaches to Localization and Import Substitution

04.04.2017 Strengthening of cooperative relations

03.04.2017 A Way to Business

03.04.2017 On Unprecedented Terms

03.04.2017 Effectiveness of intensive technologies in fish farming

02.04.2017 Chances for Speedy Growth

02.04.2017 Investment Geography: Reaching Siberia

31.03.2017 Many economic agreements concluded

31.03.2017 Small business and innovative technologies

30.03.2017 Convenient platform for mutually advantageous agreements and the stepping up of partnership

30.03.2017 Banks Expand the Ranks

29.03.2017 In the Spotlight

29.03.2017 Foundation stone laid for hydrometallurgy plant

28.03.2017 Promoting Domestic Footwear Industry

28.03.2017 Local Solutions, Global Effect

27.03.2017 EBRD: A Worthwhile Return

23.03.2017 Modern sewing machines provided for girls graduating from college

23.03.2017 Digging Deeper

22.03.2017 Provincial Projects of National Scale

22.03.2017 Young entrepreneurs’ ranks growing

21.03.2017 Constructive Platform

17.03.2017 Businesswoman, Craftswoman, and Beauty

16.03.2017 Lemons of Local Varieties

13.03.2017 New Deals Bring in New Prospects

10.03.2017 The Economy of the Small

10.03.2017 Uzbekugol to realize projects for US$690.5m

03.03.2017 Tasty and Profitable

02.03.2017 Coal Mines

01.03.2017 Driving Like Flying

28.02.2017 Quality Determines Demand

26.02.2017 New Opportunities

25.02.2017 Benefits for Bank Cards

24.02.2017 Generating Technologies and Investments

24.02.2017 Intergovernmental commission’s session

23.02.2017 New Player on the Market

23.02.2017 Quality Products from Local Feedstock

23.02.2017 Smartphone Instead of Purse

22.02.2017 United by the Idea

21.02.2017 Agricultural Goods Presented in Germany

21.02.2017 Uzbek-Dutch Taxation Treaty Introduced Amendments

21.02.2017 Uzbekistan at Foodexpo 2017

18.02.2017 Projects Implemented

18.02.2017 Under the Brand ‘Made in Uzbekistan’

17.02.2017 Factors of Development

17.02.2017 Going the Extra Mile

16.02.2017 Quality medical-purpose products made out of local raw materials

16.02.2017 Uzbekistan – Russia intergovernmental commission’s scheduled session takes place in Tashkent

15.02.2017 A Credible Pillar

14.02.2017 Tourism and Small Business

13.02.2017 Actions Strategy Approved by the President

13.02.2017 Project Proposals for the Novel Free Economic Zone

13.02.2017 Mahalla: Capacity Building, Credibility Boosting, Perfection

13.02.2017 Capitalizing on Domestic Resources

11.02.2017 Promising Plans

10.02.2017 Uzbekistan and Netherlands signed a protocol to the convention for the avoidance of double taxation

10.02.2017 Russians are waiting Uzbek products on the table

10.02.2017 In Hi-Tech Style

09.02.2017 In Proactive Mode

09.02.2017 Financial Backbone

09.02.2017 Bankers Get a Refill

08.02.2017 ‘Fruit’ful Week

08.02.2017 Uzbekistan in Green Week Berlin

06.02.2017 American-Uzbek Trade Forum

03.02.2017 Representatives of chemical concern BASF visit FEZ Angren

03.02.2017 Ministry of economy: cotton fiber processing goes up 40%

02.02.2017 Tashkent hosts Uzbek-American business forum

02.02.2017 See and Be Seen

01.02.2017 Innovative Development Zones

01.02.2017 Loans to Be Delivered Home

01.02.2017 New Opportunities for Exporters

31.01.2017 Advantages of Interaction

31.01.2017 Roadmap Inked in Kabul

30.01.2017 Green Week-2017: Uzbekistan signs export contracts for US$151.2m

28.01.2017 World Bank Outlooks

27.01.2017 Green Week: Uzbek exporters contract for $55.6 million

27.01.2017 Action Strategy discussed at Banking and Finance Academy

23.01.2017 Uzbekistan produces more than 8.2 million tons of grain crops

22.01.2017 FEZ "Jizzakh" produces goods worth 255.2 billion soums

22.01.2017 Uzbekistan to simplify and intensify sale of state property

21.01.2017 Tax Committee sums up 2016 results

20.01.2017 Efficient Transport

19.01.2017 Exports Gain Momentum

19.01.2017 Informative Approach

18.01.2017 Moneys to Go Underground

18.01.2017 Pakistan Willing to Step up Relations

18.01.2017 Presentation in Johor Bahru

18.01.2017 Views Exchanged

18.01.2017 Catalyst for Investors

17.01.2017 Together Toward Hi-Tech Future

16.01.2017 Private Property Inviolable

16.01.2017 Assistant to Business Women

15.01.2017 Informative Approach

12.01.2017 New trade centre in Nukus town begins work

12.01.2017 New Investors, Novel Projects

12.01.2017 Strategic Planning

12.01.2017 The "Dreamliner" of Uzbekistan Airways landed in Riga

11.01.2017 Light v Darkness

11.01.2017 A Territory of Special Focus

11.01.2017 Light and Efficient

10.01.2017 They Set the Tone

10.01.2017 Uzbekistan, Germany Sign Technical Cooperation Agreement

11.01.2017 Light v Darkness

11.01.2017 A Territory of Special Focus

11.01.2017 Light and Efficient

10.01.2017 They Set the Tone

10.01.2017 Uzbekistan, Germany Sign Technical Cooperation Agreement

10.01.2017 Job fair conducted in Elliqala District

09.01.2017 From and Exporter into a Producer

09.01.2017 Trade, Energy on Bilateral Commission Agenda

06.01.2017 Construction of Sergeli metro line to cost $170.1 million

06.01.2017 Yunusabad metro line to draw $125 million

05.01.2017 “Qishloq Qurilish Bank” introduced mobile Mobile service “Depozit Banking”

04.01.2017 Passed to Right Hands

04.01.2017 Uzbek Automotive Industry to Package Russian Cars

04.01.2017 Peanuts for ‘Startfruit’

03.01.2017 Better Quality, Terms, and Price

03.01.2017 Uzbek-Italian Economic Negotiators to Meet February

01.01.2017 Government channels 2.1 trillion soums towards construction of affordable houses

15.08.2017 Human Interests the Highest Value

15.08.2017 Memorandum on Cooperation

15.08.2017 Bill Requires Improvement

15.08.2017 Athletes, Coaches Awarded by Presidential Resolution

14.08.2017 Contemporary Issues in Algebra Are to Be Discussed in 12 Plenary Sessions

14.08.2017 International tourism fair to be held in Tashkent in October

13.08.2017 Forum of young families and girls

13.08.2017 President approves measures to develop national cinematography

12.08.2017 Addditional electric train Afrosiyob starts to run between Tashkent and Samarkand

12.08.2017 Rostyn Griffiths joins Pakhtakor

12.08.2017 Holiday of workers of construction sphere

11.08.2017 President of World Taekwondo Federation awarded honorary title

11.08.2017 Careful Study of Draft Laws

11.08.2017 The most Exemplary "Primary"

10.08.2017 The Secret of Success: Love Life in Its Diversity

10.08.2017 In Cooperation with Production

10.08.2017 New Directions

10.08.2017 Projects for Yashnabad

10.08.2017 Migration and citizenship: what conveniences are created?

10.08.2017 President's Gift: Keys to New Homes

10.08.2017 Istedod to Provide Training Abroad for Specialists

10.08.2017 Trafficking in People: How to Deal with Evil?

09.08.2017 On upcoming International Conference in Tashkent

09.08.2017 Construction of New Guest Houses to Make Uzbekistan Mountains More Attractive for Tourists

09.08.2017 President approves measures for development of State Conservatory

09.08.2017 Projects on the Exit Sticker Abolishment and the Introduction of Foreign Passports Ready

09.08.2017 The XVI round of the Higher League of the National Football Championship

09.08.2017 An electric train started to run between Kokand and Andijan

08.08.2017 Bukhara Develops Pilgrimage Tourism

08.08.2017 Bukhara Hosted the Traditional Melon Festival

08.08.2017 Revival of the 12 Gates of Tashkent Is Projected


08.08.2017 TV5 Monde in Uzbekistan

08.08.2017 Uzbekistan set to organize 1300 school fairs

08.08.2017 Sergey Fomin wins International Tennis Tournament

08.08.2017 Winners to participate in international tournament

07.08.2017 Day of workers of railway transport

07.08.2017 Large companies to support creative organizations

07.08.2017 Reliable protection of motherhood and childhood

07.08.2017 Youth Union of Uzbekistan and Development Strategy Center agreed to cooperate

04.08.2017 On the Dream Wings

04.08.2017 Among the Global Best in Mathematics

03.08.2017 In Compliance with All Requirements and Standards

03.08.2017 Family Brake-ups Get Rarer

02.08.2017 Train Delivers Health to Regions

02.08.2017 View from the Window

01.08.2017 Discussion of the Bill on How Administrative Courts Consider Cases Begins

31.07.2017 Training Pilots First Off

31.07.2017 Youth Union created in Uzbekistan

31.07.2017 O'zbekiston 24: Live, without Templates and Preforms

31.07.2017 Amenities for Veterans

31.07.2017 Uzbekistan Airways conducts first non-stop Tashkent-New York-Tashkent flight

28.07.2017 Medicines to Become More Affordable

27.07.2017 To Become Closer to People

27.07.2017 Easier to Prevent Symptoms Than...

27.07.2017 New Emergency Medical Dispatch Services to Start Operating in 2019

26.07.2017 French Technologies to Support Ambulance

26.07.2017 Tashkent Celebrates the Birthday of Modigliani

24.07.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a dialogue with people

24.07.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a dialogue with people

22.07.2017 Spotlight on Citizens' Appeals

22.07.2017 10 seven-storey modern houses will be built in each district of Tashkent region

21.07.2017 Forthcoming Changes in Healthcare System

21.07.2017 In memory of a prominent personality

20.07.2017 Full of Courtesy, Full of Craft

20.07.2017 Tashkent to Host a Book Fair

20.07.2017 “Discover Shandong”

19.07.2017 Software Starts

19.07.2017 Diplomas Awarded

18.07.2017 II International fruit and vegetable fair

18.07.2017 Uzbekistan Post Service to Get New Breath

17.07.2017 For the First Time in Uzbekistan: Electronic Queue Introduced in the Family Polyclinic

17.07.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: “We must raise the youth worthy of our great ancestors, educated and enlightened individuals”

16.07.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: “Further improvement of medical service quality – the requirement of time”

16.07.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Tulaganovs’ family

15.07.2017 Uzbekistan institutes breast sign "Mahalla Iftikhori"

14.07.2017 Uzbekistan set to introduce electronic system for providing passport services

14.07.2017 Uzbekistan set to introduce foreign passport

13.07.2017 Young Geologists to Travel to Kemerovo

13.07.2017 New exemplary family clinic opens in Shayhantohur district

12.07.2017 New Approaches

12.07.2017 Effective mechanism for raising law awareness

12.07.2017 Advanced Training to Be Entrusted on Private Sector

11.07.2017 Seoul Mayor: Problems Copious in Our Work

11.07.2017 State Enterprise "UzNIM" and Hana Plant set to establish new JV

11.07.2017 State Tax Committee considers 359 appeals

10.07.2017 State Committee for Competition Development holds meeting with representatives of Thomson Reuters

10.07.2017 Summer Vacations with Meaning and Use

23.06.2017 Holiday when noble qualities are displayed

23.06.2017 Scale of housing construction expanding

23.06.2017 Young rescuers from Namangan Region win

23.06.2017 Country’s peace, Motherland’s development highest blessings

22.06.2017 Development of medical services to draw 373.5bn soums and $100mn

22.06.2017 Work to Be Continued

22.06.2017 An Effective Barrier

21.06.2017 IT Ministry receives more than 5.1 million appeals

21.06.2017 "Uzbekneftegaz" announces contest for new logo and slogan

20.06.2017 Gratitude to the Uzbek People

12.06.2017 Lawmakers’ Critical Analysis of the Report

09.06.2017 Ambulance to Work Without Delays

09.06.2017 Deputy Prime Minister Tanzila Narbayeva addresses ILC

08.06.2017 Uzbekistan establishes electronic database of citizens' medical records

08.06.2017 Uzbek delegation holds meetings within ILC session

08.06.2017 In Brief

08.06.2017 New apartment houses in “Yoshlik” neighbourhood

08.06.2017 Dancing on the Ice

07.06.2017 Delegation of Uzbekistan participates in International Labor Conference

07.06.2017 Hugging, Reading, Talking - Simple but Effective

07.06.2017 Just an Hour to Embrace Tashkent

06.06.2017 A Religion of Peace

06.06.2017 Social Partnership in Action

05.06.2017 Best Young Rescuers Named

02.06.2017 Modern homes for military servicemen

02.06.2017 Holiday event held at national library on International Children’s Day

02.06.2017 Migration registration terms reduced in four Russian cities

01.06.2017 Young rescuers’ competition

31.05.2017 Those with knowledge about rights

31.05.2017 Traditional forum of young scientists and students takes place in Samarqand

30.05.2017 Attracting investments and tourists is an important direction of the MFA activity

30.05.2017 Simplified procedure of issuing visa to foreign businessmen

30.05.2017 Towards moral development

30.05.2017 Place for harmonious development

30.05.2017 Care and attention to every child

30.05.2017 New Research Institute

30.05.2017 Apartment Buildings to Become Cozier

30.05.2017 National Media Board of Uzbekistan holds presentation

29.05.2017 Employment Matters

29.05.2017 Labor and employment delegation of Russia to visit Uzbekistan

29.05.2017 Aziz Abduxakimov appointed Minister of employment and labor relations

28.05.2017 Nature – City – People

26.05.2017 Uzbekistan to introduce "e-work book"

26.05.2017 Private organizations can provide employment services

25.05.2017 Each Wednesday to mark fire prevention day

25.05.2017 Ministry of employment and labour relations to implement KPI

25.05.2017 High-morality youth festival

24.05.2017 Uzbekistan to establish Committee for international and friendly relations with foreign countries

24.05.2017 "Inha Tashkent Math Challenge" winners announced

19.05.2017 Wedding and Gift

19.05.2017 We are children of great country

18.05.2017 Quotas to Grow

17.05.2017 Life to Get More Comfortable

17.05.2017 For Comfortable Travel

16.05.2017 Renate Winter: We Don’t Judge, We Recommend

16.05.2017 Postage stamps devoted to Bolshoi theatre named after A. Navoi put into circulation

16.05.2017 Constant attention to graduates’ employment

16.05.2017 New online service allows checking fines for traffic violations

15.05.2017 New Grants from the Public Fund

15.05.2017 Human Rights and Cooperation

15.05.2017 Forward-looking cooperation

15.05.2017 TUIT realises 3D printer projects

12.05.2017 Scientists to Present 500 Developments

12.05.2017 Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein: I am very glad to have visited Uzbekistan

11.05.2017 Modern motor vehicles provided for emergency medical aid departments of Farghona Region

11.05.2017 Specialist Training in Law University to Be Reformatted

11.05.2017 Vaccination Coverage 99.7%

10.05.2017 Communication to Be Tested for Quality

10.05.2017 Communication to Be Tested for Quality

08.05.2017 Built on Critical Analysis

08.05.2017 Activity. Initiative. Liability

06.05.2017 High-Speed Acceleration

06.05.2017 What It Takes to Make Money on Waste

05.05.2017 100 People Operated

05.05.2017 Neighbourhoods’ role in preventing offences

04.05.2017 International community celebrates World Press Freedom Day

04.05.2017 Oltin qalam (golden pencil) award: people’s admiration and big responsibility

04.05.2017 When Driving Is Enjoyable

02.05.2017 Wedding Plus Work Record Card

02.05.2017 Center of Culture and Spirituality

02.05.2017 In an atmosphere of joy, peace and quiet

01.05.2017 Surrounded by love and care

30.04.2017 Ready for Flight

29.04.2017 City to Become More Comfortable for Drivers

28.04.2017 On the way for expansion of interaction in the sphere of education

27.04.2017 Apartment block maintenance measures enter into force

27.04.2017 The Tashkent Ring

26.04.2017 Uzbekistan and Korea to cooperate in labour migration

26.04.2017 Heat supply system development to draw 1.7 trillion soums

26.04.2017 Uzbek technical specialists to intern in Japan

26.04.2017 Lively melodies of youth

25.04.2017 Leaders of the Openness Index Rating

25.04.2017 Ministry of Labor: 39.8 thousand new jobs created in first quarter

24.04.2017 Conferences, Seminars and Practical Actions

23.04.2017 Museums Masterpieces in Shahrisabz

23.04.2017 Festival of Young Talents

22.04.2017 A Step Toward Online Licensing

22.04.2017 The First Batch to the Regions

21.04.2017 Scientists to Gather for a Forum

21.04.2017 Transplantation in a New Way

20.04.2017 Healthcare to Be Insured in Uzbekistan

20.04.2017 Barkamol Avlod Center Welcomes Children

20.04.2017 Heat Supply Issues to Be Tackled

19.04.2017 Quality to Hit Impassability

18.04.2017 International Press Club, for the First Time in Uzbekistan

17.04.2017 For the Social Protection of Workers

15.04.2017 New Entertainment Area

14.04.2017 Ensuring stability of moral climate - important task

14.04.2017 Marketplaces to Attain New Look

13.04.2017 Roads of Chilonzor district to be completely repaired

13.04.2017 "Private Owners" will Boost the Quality of Medical Services

13.04.2017 Treatment becomes more effective

12.04.2017 In brief

12.04.2017 Medical services being improved

11.04.2017 Polish Ambassador: Outcomes of Our Efforts on Supermarket Shelves

11.04.2017 Book marathon at pre-school day care institution

10.04.2017 To Address Issues Concerning the People

06.04.2017 Meeting held with creative workers of the Jahon Adabiyoti magazine

05.04.2017 Eco-Friendly Transport on Metropolitan Roads

04.04.2017 The Pivotal Value and Decisive Force

03.04.2017 Caution: Cold!

03.04.2017 Gender Equality in Uzbekistan. The State of Affairs

30.03.2017 More books provided for library collection

30.03.2017 Serving the People

29.03.2017 School for Consultant Lawyers

29.03.2017 Timely Aid

28.03.2017 A Vital Resource

27.03.2017 New Council Established

27.03.2017 Social partnership strengthening

26.03.2017 Afrosiyob Travels to Bukhara

26.03.2017 Legal Support for the Strategy of Actions

26.03.2017 Public Service: Approaches and Criteria

26.03.2017 Public Service: Approaches and Criteria

13.03.2017 Time for good deeds

13.03.2017 To the Hashar on the Call of the Heart

12.03.2017 Special Attention to Healthcare

12.03.2017 Reflecting the Spiritual World of Women

10.03.2017 Pensioners can use Tashkent underground for free

04.03.2017 Active women’s contest

03.03.2017 Pharmaceutical Market to Be Regulated Properly

03.03.2017 Diagnosis for Half a Day

02.03.2017 Helping to Boost Employment

01.03.2017 Mosud Mannan: Education Always in High Esteem in Bangladesh

28.02.2017 Grants, Social Orders and Subsidies in 2017

27.02.2017 Mahalla as B?th Organizer and Initiator

27.02.2017 Nongovernmental Media: Enthusiasm and Creative Uplift

27.02.2017 Journalist Code of Ethics

25.02.2017 Improving Living Conditions

24.02.2017 Smooth Roads

23.02.2017 In Brief

22.02.2017 Accompanied by Wi-Fi

22.02.2017 On the Wings of Happiness

21.02.2017 Mission: Possible… (?)

20.02.2017 Everyone Informed

17.02.2017 Speaking About Foreign

17.02.2017 Books are sources of knowledge

16.02.2017 Impressions of the flight Dushanbe-Tashkent

16.02.2017 New Opportunities for Transit

15.02.2017 Uzbek Cultural Object Granted High Status

15.02.2017 A Language Immersion

15.02.2017 What to Expect from the Coming Days?

14.02.2017 Emerging Bookstores

11.02.2017 Heart Rhythms

11.02.2017 Taking Care of Patients

10.02.2017 New Destination

10.02.2017 New Posts Introduced

09.02.2017 Neighbourhood is our pride

09.02.2017 Transport as a Staff of Life

08.02.2017 UNICEF in Uzbekistan Reveals Plans for 2017

07.02.2017 Mahalla in My Destiny

06.02.2017 President’s Book Published

03.02.2017 One window centers shifted to Ministry of justice

02.02.2017 In Brief

31.01.2017 O'zbekiston Havo Yo'llari: reliable wings of independent country

31.01.2017 Federica Mogherini: The EU Willing to Work Closely with Uzbekistan

30.01.2017 Best Practices in All Regions

30.01.2017 What Will Labor Be Like in the 21st Century?

30.01.2017 To the memory of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

30.01.2017 To Pay Due Tribute to the First President Islam Karimov

23.01.2017 Health Ministry: local drug prices dip from 8% to 44%

22.01.2017 Trade Union Federation holds meeting with ILO delegation

22.01.2017 In 2016, 275 projects of nongovernmental non-commercial organizations, mass media and other institutions of civil society supported

21.01.2017 In Brief

19.01.2017 Education Begins from the Book

17.01.2017 Optimism and Confidence in the Future

17.01.2017 Book – path to goodness

17.01.2017 On Principles of Respect and Benefit

16.01.2017 Securing the Rule of Law

16.01.2017 Arnasay District Undergoes Transformation

13.01.2017 Keeping Up With Global Trends

13.01.2017 In the Interests of Working People

13.01.2017 For More Playgrounds

13.01.2017 Veterans of Armed Forces meet cadets

13.01.2017 Army – guarantor of peace and wellbeing

13.01.2017 School of high human qualities

13.01.2017 Respect and honour for you, soldiers’ mothers

11.01.2017 Time to Upgrade

11.01.2017 Accord and unity are guarantees of success

10.01.2017 KOICA Backs Civil Service Training

10.01.2017 Equal Opportunities for Everyone

10.01.2017 Our army - our pride

10.01.2017 Holiday gift

08.01.2017 The rule of law is an important factor of ensuring human interests

08.01.2017 Feedback Mechanism

08.01.2017 Effectiveness in Labor Protection

08.01.2017 Potent Impetus for Mass Media Advancement

07.01.2017 Soldiers’ mothers are the happiest

06.01.2017 Proud owners of new housing

06.01.2017 Real holiday gift for soldiers

05.01.2017 Leaders of Uzbekistan in the list of key figures in international life in 2016

05.01.2017 And Believe in Miracles Again

04.01.2017 In Urgut District, new homes provided for families of border troops

03.01.2017 Green Corridor to Facilitate Supplies Growth

03.01.2017 “We Concentrate on Upholding Business Dialogue”

03.01.2017 Ombudsman.uz: Website’s Upgraded Version Presented

01.01.2017 Labour Ministry hosts UNDAF working group meeting