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Amir Temur’s 670th Anniversary Marked In Brussels

Royal Museums of Arts and History in Brussels conducted a conference devoted to Amir Temur’s 670th year anniversary. More than 300 representatives of political, business, and academic circles of Belgium, international organizations and diplomatic corps, as well as journalists, took part in it.

While opening conference, the Royal Institute of Arts and History General Director Ms. Ann Kaen-Delay underscored that it was a great honor for museum’s personnel to organize the conference dedicated to the great state figure and military commander Amir Temur.

The main lecturer – President of the Paris-based Association for the Study of Arts and History of Temur’s Dynasty, well-known French scientist Lucien Karen participated at the conference with his “Shukhrat” medal worn o¬n him. He has been awarded the given prize o¬n the part of President Islam Karimov back in 1996 during the Amir Temur’s 660th anniversary in UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

In his speech, L. Karen paid a special attention to Amir Temur’s role in European history. At the end of 16th century the situation was extremely complex, Europe was weakened from the strong internal conflicts and new challenges, which emanated from Asia Minor. In this difficult period the Europeans chose Temur as a partner from Samarkand. The news about Temur’s victory over Boyazid was happily received at all European capitals.

Mr. Nozim Khabibullayev, Temur’s Dynasty State Museum Director, and Mr. Vladimir Norov, Uzbekistan’s envoy to Brussels, have underlined that Amir Temur’s great role was in his ability to bring the people to the accord in historically complex situation, while uniting the dispersed nations and states, create a powerful centralized state, provide for the economic prosperity, science and culture, establish broad international political and trade relations.

Since the early days of independence President Islam Karimov has set as the most important goal, taken up to the level of state politics, the renaissance of enormous spiritual and cultural heritage, which was created by our grandparents over the span of many centuries. Monuments of Amir Temur were erected in Tashkent, Samarkand and Shakhrisabz.

The film about life and activity of Amir Temur, the raise of science, culture and education in the Temur epoch, about celebration of 660th year anniversary in 1996 within UNESCO has been demonstrated to the audience in English.

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