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The pride of Uzbek people (04 Feb, 2016)

The great Uzbek poet revered worldwide (30 Jan, 2016)

Trips to Uzbekistan are joyful and interesting (27 Jan, 2016)

Nation's Health is the key to state's progress and prosperity (25 Jan, 2016)

Development of the education system - one of the most important priorities in Uzbekistan (21 Jan, 2016)

Report of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the socio-economic development in 2015 and the most important priorities of economic program for 2016 (17 Jan, 2016)

Greeting of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Defenders of Motherland on the 24th Anniversary of the Establishment of Uzbekistan’s Armed Forces (14 Jan, 2016)

Civil society institutions crucial in securing human rights and freedoms (07 Jan, 2016)

New Year greeting of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the people of Uzbekistan (01 Jan, 2016)

Guarantees of strong protection of human rights and freedoms (27 Dec, 2015)

Holding Company "Uzpaxtasanoateksport" held its presentation in the international cotton conference in India (25 Dec, 2015)

Address by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan H.E. Mr. Islam Karimov at the Solemn Meeting dedicated to the 23rd Anniversary of adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan (10 Dec 2015)


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07.02.2016 Agreement between Uzbekistan and Brazil on cooperation in agriculture sector came into force

05.02.2016 On meeting of National Coordinators Council of SCO member states

05.02.2016 On the appointment of Abdullayev S.S. to the post of hokim of Tashkent region

05.02.2016 On the dismissal of Usmanov A.T. from the post of hokim of Tashkent region

03.02.2016 Meeting with the Ambassador of Georgia

02.02.2016 Meeting with the Ambassador of Belarus

02.02.2016 Legal mechanisms of parliamentary control are being improved

01.02.2016 On upcoming meeting of the CNC of SCO

29.01.2016 Meeting of Foreign Ministers of Uzbekistan and China

29.01.2016 Requirements for personnel are increasing

28.01.2016 Meeting with SCO Secretary General

27.01.2016 Meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

27.01.2016 Meeting with Ambassador of Algeria

27.01.2016 Uzbek delegation to visit China

23.01.2016 Priority tasks have been determined

22.01.2016 Deputies discussed topical issues

22.01.2016 Meetings of the Uzbek delegation in Washington

21.01.2016 Meeting with the Deputy Secretary of State

21.01.2016 Meeting with a delegation of the German Bundestag

21.01.2016 Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan

21.01.2016 Meeting with US Charge d'Affaires

20.01.2016 Washington hosted Uzbek-US political consultations

19.01.2016 His Excellency Mr. Islam Karimov, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

18.01.2016 Report of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the socio-economic development in 2015 and the most important priorities of economic program for 2016

17.01.2016 Extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers takes place in Tashkent

17.01.2016 SCO summit to be held on 23-24 June 2016

17.01.2016 British Ambassador: I am delighted with hospitality, kindness and generosity of Uzbek people

15.01.2016 Meeting with Ambassador of United Kingdom

15.01.2016 Opposition factions discussed issues of improving the legal framework of accounting

14.01.2016 Meeting with Ambassador of China has been held

14.01.2016 Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan received the Ambassador of Poland

14.01.2016 Condolences of the President of Uzbekistan

13.01.2016 Festive Greeting ?to the Defenders of Homeland ?on the Occasion of the ?24th Anniversary of Establishment ?of the Armed Forces ?of the Republic of Uzbekistan

13.01.2016 No Uzbek citizens among the victims of the terrorist attack in Istanbul

13.01.2016 President's Resolution

12.01.2016 New Secretary General of SCO has been appointed

11.01.2016 Meeting with Ambassador of China

11.01.2016 Director of Executive Committee of RATS SCO assumes office

09.01.2016 Laws "On natural monopolies" and "On protection of consumer rights" to be amended

09.01.2016 Law "On labor protection" to get approval in new edition

08.01.2016 Uzbekistan's delegation holds meetings in Abu Dhabi

05.01.2016 Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan has been appointed

03.01.2016 Modern development of Uzbekistan on the pages of Japanese media

01.01.2016 Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

01.01.2016 President of Uzbekistan approves Law "On veterinary medicine" in new edition

31.12.2015 Delegation of Oliy Majlis visited Germany

31.12.2015 Sincere congratulations

30.12.2015 President of Uzbekistan signed the Law

29.12.2015 Protocol on making amendments and addenda come into force

29.12.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of China

29.12.2015 Meeting with the US Ambassador

28.12.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Kazakhstan

28.12.2015 International treaties are stored more securely and become accessible

27.12.2015 The meeting of the Joint Uzbek-Kazakh Commission

24.12.2015 Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

23.12.2015 Agreement between Uzbekistan and Korea enters into force

23.12.2015 Meeting with the delegation of the Netherlands

22.12.2015 On the upcoming Uzbek-Tajik political consultations

22.12.2015 On the upcoming Uzbek-Netherlands political consultations

22.12.2015 Meeting with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

22.12.2015 Delegation of Uzbekistan participated in the ministerial meeting in Astana

07.02.2016 Let's support start-ups

05.02.2016 Uzbekistan’s potential in the field of renewable energy presented in Germany

05.02.2016 Uzbekistan’s agriculture: Progress and achievements

04.02.2016 Single tax of five percent

04.02.2016 Industrial zone: investment in promising projects

03.02.2016 Indicators of the building materials industry in 2015

02.02.2016 Development of private business a strategic priority of the state policy of Uzbekistan

02.02.2016 Latvian media about results of social-economic development of Uzbekistan

02.02.2016 “Uzbek people differs with its high hard work and creative energy”

02.02.2016 “Uzbekistan one of the most promising markets in the world”

30.01.2016 Uzbekistan produces chemical products worth 2.2 trillion soums

30.01.2016 MFERIT defines main tasks for 2016

29.01.2016 Egyptian edition about socio-economic development of Uzbekistan

29.01.2016 Luigi Iperti: “In comparison with majority of countries, Uzbekistan sees its future in the decades ahead”

29.01.2016 Uzbekistan Railways plans to acquire investments in excess of $ 800 million in 2016

29.01.2016 About development of food industry of Uzbekistan in 2015

29.01.2016 Uzbekistan's achievements in the focus of international organizations

28.01.2016 Iranian expert: "Investment climate of Uzbekistan meets all international standards of doing business"

28.01.2016 The contract for the export of Uzbek product on the amount of $ 91,2 million was signed in Berlin

27.01.2016 Kyrgyz expert: "Uzbekistan takes worthy place in world economic system and important positions in Central Asian region"

26.01.2016 Al-Anba: International community highly appreciates Uzbekistan’s economic policy

26.01.2016 Small business and private entrepreneurship

26.01.2016 "Uzbekistan in 2016 plans to ensure the growth of real incomes by 9.5%"

26.01.2016 Diplomatic Square: Uzbekistan shows strong growth rates

26.01.2016 USGAM about development of banking system of Uzbekistan

25.01.2016 Kuwaiti media: “Uzbekistan has created favorable investment climate”

24.01.2016 "Banking-financial system of Uzbekistan is stable and reliable"

23.01.2016 Railway transport

23.01.2016 Fashionable, beautiful, comfortable

22.01.2016 To pave the way to foreign markets

21.01.2016 Results of Uzbekistan’s socio-economic development discussed in Austria

21.01.2016 Economic and agro-industrial potential of Uzbekistan has been presented in Berlin

20.01.2016 “The results of public opinion polls show the Uzbek banking system’s effectiveness”

20.01.2016 View from Greece: Sustainable development of Uzbekistan’s economy strengthens its role in ensuring stability and security in the region

20.01.2016 Dynamic economic growth of Uzbekistan impresses

19.01.2016 Import substitution in large-scale industry

19.01.2016 "Uzbekistan has created a solid foundation for a diversified economy"

18.01.2016 Photo report: Uzbekistan on "Green Week 2016"

18.01.2016 Photo report: “Green Week 2016” opened in Berlin

17.01.2016 The Uzbek-British Joint Venture in Fergana Region

17.01.2016 "Efficiency of joint-stock companies increased in Uzbekistan"

17.01.2016 Uzbekneftegaz to complete the project for US$624.1 million in 2016

16.01.2016 International project on modernization of agriculture launches in Uzbekistan

16.01.2016 Deputies discuss amendments to Law "On accounting"

15.01.2016 Plant’s production in demand

15.01.2016 Efficient fuel

14.01.2016 Expanding the ranks of exporters in the country

13.01.2016 Tax authorities communicate with business

12.01.2016 Uzbekistan to attract ADB loan worth $100 million for business development

09.01.2016 Foreign experts: The banking system of Uzbekistan in line with international standards

08.01.2016 World Bank: Uzbekistan’s GDP to grow by 7.5% in 2016

08.01.2016 Pakistani media: Uzbekistan is dynamically developing state

08.01.2016 Agricultural potential of Uzbekistan will be presented in Germany

08.01.2016 German media about Uzbekistan’s participation in “Green Week”

07.01.2016 London Cotton Outlook: Introduction of corporate governance principles in Uzbekistan provide growth of economic efficiency of cotton sector

06.01.2016 Dreamliner we waited for

06.01.2016 The Seoul Times: The demand for Uzbek cotton is increasing in the world market

05.01.2016 US media about Uzbekistan’s cotton industry

05.01.2016 German media: "The contribution of Uzbek cotton growers and breeders in the development of the world cotton industry is high"

02.01.2016 Experts appreciate changes in the cotton industry of Uzbekistan

01.01.2016 On the way to increase economic efficiency of cotton industry

31.12.2015 Government channels 2.25 trillion soums and over $225 million on State Program implementation

31.12.2015 Tehran times: “Uzbekistan increases economic efficiency of the cotton sector”

30.12.2015 Azerbaijani media: “The competitiveness of Uzbek fabrics is improving”

26.12.2015 Uzbekistan to adopt programme of reforming banking sector

25.12.2015 State Committee holds meeting with WB representatives

25.12.2015 Modern and efficient engines

24.12.2015 Modern and efficient engines

24.12.2015 Malaysian business circles: “Uzbekistan has reputation of a reliable and proven partner in the world market”

24.12.2015 Economic and investment potential of Uzbekistan is submitted in the United States

06.02.2016 "Year of healthy mother and child" to extend the scope of consistent work to strengthen nation's gene pool

05.02.2016 Bus an alternative to Internet cafes

05.02.2016 Conscripted to protect the Fatherland

04.02.2016 Over 90% of graduates of the year 2014/2015 were provided with jobs

03.02.2016 Leaders will be marked

02.02.2016 "In the east": In Uzbekistan institutions of civil society are being developed successfully

02.02.2016 Manuscripts wait for researchers

02.02.2016 Over the past 15 years, the number of transport passenger routes increased more than twice in Uzbekistan

01.02.2016 "Uzbek model" of development a model for other countries

30.01.2016 Tashkent zoo sees new rare species of animals

29.01.2016 Kyrgyz media about state youth policy in Uzbekistan

28.01.2016 The year began with useful initiatives

28.01.2016 Incheon Airport develops of a new international passenger terminal’s feasibility study in Tashkent

27.01.2016 Results of development of the energy sector of Uzbekistan in 2015

23.01.2016 "Uzbekistan ensures respect for traditions and customs of representatives of all nations and nationalities"

22.01.2016 In the forefront of good intentions

21.01.2016 Uzbekistan is multiethnic happy family

20.01.2016 Foreign language Learning is improving

20.01.2016 New buses new routes

20.01.2016 "Uzbekistan has made impressive progress in establishing a solid legal framework to ensure citizens rights and freedoms"

19.01.2016 Development of civil society in Uzbekistan in the focus of Turkish media

19.01.2016 “Today Uzbekistan’s Defense Forces, equipped with the modern technology, is characterized by high combat readiness”

18.01.2016 FEC NEWS: Uzbekistan has created favorable conditions for civil society institutions

18.01.2016 British expert: Civil society of Uzbekistan is on the right way

16.01.2016 Projects and activities of state youth policy covers more than 19.5 million boys and girls in 2015

15.01.2016 Korean scientist: Uzbekistan role model of building an optimal cooperation between civil society institutions and government agencies

15.01.2016 "Electronic government" in use

15.01.2016 Italian experts: “Rights and legitimate interests of citizens of Uzbekistan under the strong protection”

14.01.2016 The Ambassador of India: "Shastri was a great statesman"

14.01.2016 Azerbaijani media: "The formation of a civil society in Uzbekistan based on spiritual values ??and traditions of its people"

14.01.2016 20 children from Uzbekistan with congenital heart disease to be operated in the next six months for free

14.01.2016 Dedicated to the work of the committee

13.01.2016 Domestic aviators flew to Alaska

13.01.2016 Rules without exceptions

11.01.2016 "The initiatives of President Islam Karimov attracted wide international attention"

10.01.2016 Kyrgyz portal: In Uzbekistan there are more than 8,300 non-profit organizations

09.01.2016 Own profession of the future

08.01.2016 Legislation and Civil Society

07.01.2016 Guarantees of inviolability of our borders

06.01.2016 Gift from the heart

06.01.2016 To serve Motherland is a great honor

06.01.2016 In the New Year with a healthy heart

05.01.2016 Tickets are available online

05.01.2016 Civil society institutions crucial in securing human rights and freedoms

05.01.2016 Three generations’ meeting

04.01.2016 The Multidisciplinary Medical Center in Navoi region

04.01.2016 Civil society institutions – one of the most important guarantors of observance of human rights and freedoms

31.12.2015 Holiday of new wishes and hopes

30.12.2015 Happy children at Presidential New Year tree

30.12.2015 Survey: 98,2% of Uzbekistan’s citizens are satisfied with the republic’s modern development

30.12.2015 "Presidential Tree" gives joy to children

28.12.2015 “Reforms in Uzbekistan aimed at strengthening citizens’ rights to vote and be elected”

27.12.2015 President's Gifts for children

26.12.2015 Discussion of actual problems of development of Internet journalism in Uzbekistan

25.12.2015 “Uzbekistan increases NGOs’ activity”

24.12.2015 School of courage, fortitude, patriotism

24.12.2015 To the Delight of the Children

23.12.2015 Tashkent hosts National Arts Awards Ceremony

22.12.2015 Alisher Navoi Grand theatre premieres new opera

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The round table «The role of Mahalla (citizens' self-governing body) in the formation and development of civil society in Uzbekistan» in Leiden University
(22 October 2015)

The opening ceremony of the exhibition dedicated to the policy of Uzbekistan in achieving the Millennium Development Goals at the Press Club Brussels Europe
(19 October 2015)

Reception on the occasion of the 24th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Brussels
(23 September 2015)

Reception on the occasion of the 24th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Den Haag
(21 September 2015)