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: ? (19 June 2017)

DIQQAT: 2017-yil 5-iyul kuni Ozbekiston tashqi ishlar vaziri hamyurtlarimiz bilan togridan-togri muloqot otkazadi (09 June 2017)

: 5 2017 (09 June 2017)

Aide-memoire - on Status of Ratification of the Protocol Amending the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Uzbekistan and the EU in bilateral trade in textiles (06 June 2017)


Address by President Shavkat Mirziyoev at the Reception dedicated to the May 9 the Remembrance and Honors Day (10 May 2017)


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23.06.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Nuroniylar maskani complex in the city of Fergana

23.06.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: There is a need to further strengthen interaction of science and practice

23.06.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the city of Kokand

23.06.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: All opportunities are created for small business and private entrepreneurship, it is necessary to use them effectively

23.06.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev: School of young writers named after Erkin Vakhidov will be opened

22.06.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Fergana region

22.06.2017 President approves agreements with Russia in the field of labor migration

22.06.2017 Foreign Minister visits German Embassy in Tashkent

20.06.2017 Delegation of Uzbekistan will take part in the meeting of the CIS economy

20.06.2017 Delegation of Uzbekistan headed by U. Rozukulov to visit Tajikistan

20.06.2017 Antiterrorist Forum

19.06.2017 Foreign Ministry holds meeting with Ambassador of China

19.06.2017 Uzbekistan was invited to conference on Afghanistan RECCA-VII

16.06.2017 President visited Uchtepa district

16.06.2017 Acting more cohesively and decisively on the way of the fate and future of Motherland is the imperative of time

15.06.2017 Deputy Foreign Minister about the results of Uzbekistans participation in the SCO Astana summit

15.06.2017 MFA holds meeting with Ambassador of Sweden

15.06.2017 Foreign Ministers of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan hold negotiations

15.06.2017 To His Excellency Mr. Abdul Hamid, President of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh

14.06.2017 Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan participates in Central Asia-UN Forum

14.06.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoev sends condolences to Russian President

14.06.2017 Ensuring rule of law and justice the most important condition of achieving our noble goals

13.06.2017 Developing Uzbek-Polish interparliamentary cooperation

13.06.2017 Further increasing the effectiveness of reforms and strengthening the executive discipline in all spheres are the most important tasks

13.06.2017 Uzbekistan's delegation to attend "Central Asia UN" Forum

13.06.2017 Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan discuss state border demarcation

13.06.2017 Foreign Ministry holds meeting with Poland's Ambassador

13.06.2017 UN Secretary-General visits Republic of Karakalpakstan



13.06.2017 About a telephone conversation between the Presidents of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

12.06.2017 Meetings of the UN Secretary General in Samarkand were interesting and saturated

12.06.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev: New centre will serve for Islamic culture development

12.06.2017 Attention to Every Appeal

12.06.2017 Senators discuss implementation of Law "On Education"

11.06.2017 Uzbekistan's President meets UN Secretary General

11.06.2017 Message to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Norway

11.06.2017 Message to the Minister for Foreign and European Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

11.06.2017 Message to the Minister for Foreign and European Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

10.06.2017 SCO Heads of States meeting in private session

10.06.2017 SCO Summit in Astana concludes

10.06.2017 Uzbekistan and India stand for further deepening strategic partnership

09.06.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev meets President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev

09.06.2017 Foreign Ministry holds meeting with US State Department delegation

09.06.2017 Senate's First Deputy Chairman receives Italy's Ambassador

09.06.2017 President sends condolences in connection with terrorist act in Iran

09.06.2017 President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev meets President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani

08.06.2017 President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev meets Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif

08.06.2017 Uzbekistans President Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrives in city of Astana

08.06.2017 From Tashkent to Astana: the SCO annual summit

08.06.2017 US Science Envoy holds meeting at Uzbekistan's MFA

08.06.2017 UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to visit Uzbekistan

07.06.2017 President approves measures for development of physical culture and mass sports

07.06.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is to attend an upcoming SCO summit in Astana

06.06.2017 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan hosts meeting with Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan

06.06.2017 Setting off Interaction along Law Enforcement

06.06.2017 President sends condolences in connection with terrorist attack in London

06.06.2017 Shavkat Mirziyoev sends condolences to President of Afghanistan

05.06.2017 New Park to Serve as a Favorite Retreat

05.06.2017 Deputies study real situation on spots

05.06.2017 Uzbekistan and Tajikistan discuss delimitation of state border

05.06.2017 Raising Living Standards of People, Enhancing Their Well-Being

04.06.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev: Neighbourhoods should be places of peace, calm, love, kindness and education

04.06.2017 294 further families will be provided with homes

03.06.2017 Andijan region to grow virus-free seeds and seedlings

03.06.2017 President Shavkat Mirziyoyev: Lets not forget that stock raising is a profitable sphere

23.06.2017 UZEX holds round table for exchange members

23.06.2017 Businessmen of Uzbekistan visited Switzerland

22.06.2017 Domestic Cars to Be Tested on a New Base

22.06.2017 Innovative Heartland of Tashkent

21.06.2017 Export by New Rules

21.06.2017 State share in authorized capitals of banks set to increase by $500mn

20.06.2017 SAIPRO confirms IC "ALSKOM"'s rating at "UzA+"

20.06.2017 "Uzpromstroybank" conducts large-scale work to support entrepreneurial initiatives

19.06.2017 O'zbekinvest Hayot's rating affirmed at "UzA+"

19.06.2017 SAIPRO confirms JSC KAPITAL SUG'URTA's rating at "uzA+"

16.06.2017 Household deposits balance in "Asaka" JSCB makes up 904 billion soums

12.06.2017 Uzagrosugurta organizes competition "Experts in Insurance"

09.06.2017 SCO Interbank Association and Business Council hold Forum

09.06.2017 Gas Prospects

09.06.2017 Volume of deals at UZEX amounts 1.2trln soums in May

09.06.2017 Towards new ideas and promising economic projects

09.06.2017 Supervisory Board of "ALSKOM" IC sums up 2016

08.06.2017 Innovative Technopark set to rise in Yashnaabad district

08.06.2017 Technology Savvy Solutions

08.06.2017 Export Landmarks

08.06.2017 Big goals of a small enterprise

07.06.2017 Weekly trading turnover of "Toshkent" RSE makes up 443.2 million soums

07.06.2017 Provision of electronic services discussed in "Ipoteka-bank" JSCIB

07.06.2017 Houses and Walls to Help with Employment

06.06.2017 Latvia to Look into Uzbekistans Expertise

06.06.2017 Uzbekistan to channel $50mn for establishment of walnut plantations

06.06.2017 European Investment Bank plans to enter Uzbek market

06.06.2017 Central Bank expands microcredit opportunities

05.06.2017 UZEX discusses involvement of farmers on stock exchange

05.06.2017 Ipak Yuli bank issues 5 categories of Visa cards

05.06.2017 Tashkent hosts Uzbek-French business forum

02.06.2017 Deputies consider State budget execution

01.06.2017 Uzbekistan presented at the investment forum in Ukraine

01.06.2017 JSC Uztadbirkoreksport renamed into JSC Uztrade

01.06.2017 ALSKOM holds outreach seminars for insurance agents

01.06.2017 UzEx shareholders discuss results of the stock exchange's activities for 2016

01.06.2017 Technology-Driven Society

01.06.2017 Uzbekinvest provides services in credit insurance

31.05.2017 Machinery to Be Served in the Field

31.05.2017 Tashkent establishes small industrial zones

30.05.2017 GM Uzbekistan to sell cars for national currency

30.05.2017 Weekly trade turnover of RSE "Toshkent" amounts to 92.3 million soums

30.05.2017 Expert Platform

29.05.2017 Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan on problems in the investment sphere

29.05.2017 The results of the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 9 months: 320 trade contracts for $ 44 billion

29.05.2017 Effective Solution

29.05.2017 Tashabbus-2017: Small Business, High Class

29.05.2017 French Cars to Run on Uzbek Roads

29.05.2017 Income from state share in stocks to be considered as other incomes of State budget

28.05.2017 Cashing in the Spanish Practice

28.05.2017 Progressive Technologies

27.05.2017 Promising Projects

27.05.2017 Insurers collect over 27 billion soums in CICL market

26.05.2017 Less Audits, More Opportunities

26.05.2017 Experts discuss development of light industry in Uzbekistan

26.05.2017 Commercial banks set to establish Consortium to support home-based work

26.05.2017 Trade-economic cooperation developing

25.05.2017 Qishloq Qurilish Bank allocates 424 billion soums of loans to entrepreneurs

24.05.2017 New payment system GlobUzCard set to launch in Uzbekistan

24.05.2017 Innovative Resource

24.05.2017 Export Prospects

24.05.2017 Investments, Innovations and Competent Approach

23.05.2017 Weekly trade turnover at RSE Toshkent comprise 951,6 million soums

22.05.2017 Aimed at practical results

20.05.2017 Alternative Solutions

19.05.2017 Cooperative Capacity

18.05.2017 Volume of investments of insurance companies of Uzbekistan comprise 909,8 billion soums

18.05.2017 Rating of "Sug'urta O'z" insurance company confirmed at "uzA" level

18.05.2017 Payments of insurance companies reach 75.2 billion soums in IQ

18.05.2017 Protection of Entrepreneurs at a New Level

18.05.2017 Wealth of Nature

17.05.2017 SAIPRO assigns IC "Garant Insurance Group"'s rating at "uzA"

17.05.2017 Top-10 insurance companies occupy 76.2% of Uzbekistan's insurance market

17.05.2017 EU Ambassador: Investments Go Where You Can Make Profit

23.06.2017 Holiday when noble qualities are displayed

23.06.2017 Scale of housing construction expanding

23.06.2017 Young rescuers from Namangan Region win

23.06.2017 Countrys peace, Motherlands development highest blessings

22.06.2017 Development of medical services to draw 373.5bn soums and $100mn

22.06.2017 Work to Be Continued

22.06.2017 An Effective Barrier

21.06.2017 IT Ministry receives more than 5.1 million appeals

21.06.2017 "Uzbekneftegaz" announces contest for new logo and slogan

20.06.2017 Gratitude to the Uzbek People

12.06.2017 Lawmakers Critical Analysis of the Report

09.06.2017 Ambulance to Work Without Delays

09.06.2017 Deputy Prime Minister Tanzila Narbayeva addresses ILC

08.06.2017 Uzbekistan establishes electronic database of citizens' medical records

08.06.2017 Uzbek delegation holds meetings within ILC session

08.06.2017 In Brief

08.06.2017 New apartment houses in Yoshlik neighbourhood

08.06.2017 Dancing on the Ice

07.06.2017 Delegation of Uzbekistan participates in International Labor Conference

07.06.2017 Hugging, Reading, Talking - Simple but Effective

07.06.2017 Just an Hour to Embrace Tashkent

06.06.2017 A Religion of Peace

06.06.2017 Social Partnership in Action

05.06.2017 Best Young Rescuers Named

02.06.2017 Modern homes for military servicemen

02.06.2017 Holiday event held at national library on International Childrens Day

02.06.2017 Migration registration terms reduced in four Russian cities

01.06.2017 Young rescuers competition

31.05.2017 Those with knowledge about rights

31.05.2017 Traditional forum of young scientists and students takes place in Samarqand

30.05.2017 Attracting investments and tourists is an important direction of the MFA activity

30.05.2017 Simplified procedure of issuing visa to foreign businessmen

30.05.2017 Towards moral development

30.05.2017 Place for harmonious development

30.05.2017 Care and attention to every child

30.05.2017 New Research Institute

30.05.2017 Apartment Buildings to Become Cozier

30.05.2017 National Media Board of Uzbekistan holds presentation

29.05.2017 Employment Matters

29.05.2017 Labor and employment delegation of Russia to visit Uzbekistan

29.05.2017 Aziz Abduxakimov appointed Minister of employment and labor relations

28.05.2017 Nature City People

26.05.2017 Uzbekistan to introduce "e-work book"

26.05.2017 Private organizations can provide employment services

25.05.2017 Each Wednesday to mark fire prevention day

25.05.2017 Ministry of employment and labour relations to implement KPI

25.05.2017 High-morality youth festival

24.05.2017 Uzbekistan to establish Committee for international and friendly relations with foreign countries

24.05.2017 "Inha Tashkent Math Challenge" winners announced

24.05.2017 Cooperation issues discussed

23.05.2017 Cooperation in the field of pilgrimage tourism

22.05.2017 Studying new trends in town planning

22.05.2017 Finnish Ambassador on relations of Helsinki and Tashkent

22.05.2017 Festival of Cultural Traditions

22.05.2017 Particular Attention to Human Rights

20.05.2017 Street named after Magtymguly opens in Tashkent

20.05.2017 Metrology and standardization system improving

19.05.2017 Wedding and Gift

19.05.2017 We are children of great country

18.05.2017 Quotas to Grow

17.05.2017 Life to Get More Comfortable

17.05.2017 For Comfortable Travel

16.05.2017 Renate Winter: We Dont Judge, We Recommend

16.05.2017 Postage stamps devoted to Bolshoi theatre named after A. Navoi put into circulation

16.05.2017 Constant attention to graduates employment

16.05.2017 New online service allows checking fines for traffic violations

15.05.2017 New Grants from the Public Fund

15.05.2017 Human Rights and Cooperation

15.05.2017 Forward-looking cooperation

15.05.2017 TUIT realises 3D printer projects

12.05.2017 Scientists to Present 500 Developments

12.05.2017 Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein: I am very glad to have visited Uzbekistan

11.05.2017 Modern motor vehicles provided for emergency medical aid departments of Farghona Region

11.05.2017 Specialist Training in Law University to Be Reformatted

11.05.2017 Vaccination Coverage 99.7%

10.05.2017 Communication to Be Tested for Quality

10.05.2017 Communication to Be Tested for Quality

08.05.2017 Built on Critical Analysis

08.05.2017 Activity. Initiative. Liability

06.05.2017 High-Speed Acceleration

06.05.2017 What It Takes to Make Money on Waste

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