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Letter of the Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General UN on increasing the political and legal culture of the population of Uzbekistan (19 March, 2015)

Outcomes of the socioeconomic development programme in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2014 and priorities of the economic programme in 2015 (28 February, 2015)





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24.03.2015 Meeting with the delegation of the Republic of Korea

25.03.2015 Meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

24.03.2015 Meeting with the delegation of the Republic of Korea

23.03.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of China

23.03.2015 About Uzbek-American seminar in Washington

21.03.2015 UN informed of increasing political and legal culture of the population of Uzbekistan

20.03.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of Jordan

19.03.2015 British Ambassador congratulated the people of Uzbekistan with Navruz

19.03.2015 Pamela Spratlen: "Uzbekistan is a beautiful country with friendly people and a bright future"

18.03.2015 "Round table" in Turin

17.03.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia

17.03.2015 Fumihiko Kato: "The cooperation between Uzbekistan and Japan has great potential"

17.03.2015 Uzbek delegation took part in UNODC event in Vienna

05.03.2015 Appointment

03.03.2015 Uzbekistan to participate in the Meeting of the Dialogue "Central Asia + Japan"

03.03.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of Germany

27.02.2015 The draft law "On the sanitary-epidemiological welfare of population" discussed in Tashkent

27.02.2015 On the entry into force of the Agreement between Uzbekistan and the Republic of Cyprus on cooperation in combating crime

25.02.2015 Healthy child - hope of society, support of the country

20.02.2015 The President to award the veterans of the war of 1941-1945 with commemorative medal

20.02.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of India

19.02.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Sudan

18.02.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of the Philippines

17.02.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Fiji

16.02.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Brunei

13.02.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Brazil

13.02.2015 Meeting in MFERIT

06.02.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Ireland

05.02.2015 UN was informed about the progress of development of civil society institutions in Uzbekistan

05.02.2015 "Round table" in Indonesia

05.02.2015 44 Polling Stations Established Abroad

04.02.2015 Meeting of CEC

04.02.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of India

04.02.2015 Chinese experts: "The presidential elections are of historical significance for the development of Uzbekistan and Central Asia"

30.01.2015 Iran Daily on elections of the President of Uzbekistan

29.01.2015 Alaeddin Yalchynkay: "Elections in Uzbekistan"

08.01.2015 Military call-up announced in Uzbekistan

08.01.2015 Yan Syanhun: "The parliamentary elections in Uzbekistan attracted much attention of the international community"

07.01.2015 About constituent assembly of UzLiDeP faction

19.11.2014 Senate General Session

19.11.2014 Tashkent Hosts Conference on Combating Terrorism and Extremism

19.11.2014 Election Campaigning Kicks off in Uzbekistan

19.11.2014 Candidates for Deputies have been Registered

17.10.2014 Uzbek and German FMs hold negotiations

17.10.2014 Uzbek FM meets with advisor of German Chancellor

15.10.2014 The delegation of Montenegro visits Uzbekistan

10.10.2014 President Karimov Attends CIS Summit Meeting in Minsk

10.10.2014 Uzbekistan’s All Political Parties Granted Access to Elections

07.10.2014 Effects of Reforms to Boost the Welfare of People

03.10.2014 Uzbekistan, UNWTO Boost Cooperation

17.09.2014 President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov took part in the regular summit meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization on September 11-12 in Dushanbe

15.09.2014 President Islam Karimov Holds Bilateral Talks as Part of SCO Summit Meeting

05.09.2014 The Enduring Commemoration of Ancestors

02.09.2014 President Islam Karimov Reviews Novel Facilities Commissioned in Tashkent

31.09.2014 Senate of Uzbekistan’s Oliy Majlis Convenes for 15th General Session

27.08.2014 Meeting with the Ambassador of Japan in MFA

27.08.2014 President Awards a Group of Citizens

25.08.2014 President Xi Jinping: Sino-Uzbek Relations Are at a Record High

25.08.2014 US Ambassador George Krol: Uzbekistan has accomplished much during the years of independence

22.08.2014 Uzbekistan, China to Move to New Phase of Relations

22.08.2014 Stefan Priesner: We commend your President’s commitment to peaceful settlement of disputes and refraining from the use of force in international relations

20.08.2014 The President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov Leaves for China

15.08.2014 The Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan received the Ambassador of France

13.08.2014 President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov Received Japan’s Economy Minister

13.08.2014 Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan held negotiations with the Responsible Foreign Minister of Oman Sultanate

13.08.2014 UzLiDeP holds roundtable “Country, where women esteemed and respected”

08.08.2014 President Islam Karimov Receives Commander of the United States Central Command

08.08.2014 Special envoy of German MFA visits Uzbekistan

08.08.2014 Implementation of Employment Program Discussed

22.07.2014 President visits construction site of Minor mosque

22.07.2014 Japanese delegation visits Uzbekistan’s MFA

11.07.2014 President Islam Karimov Receives Turkey’s Foreign Minister

11.07.2014 Foreign ministers of Uzbekistan and Turkey held talks

09.07.2014 The Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan held a meeting with U.S. Ambassador

04.07.2014 Deputies to further improve Draft Law "On Privatization"

04.07.2014 At the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan held talks with Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman

02.07.2014 Japanese Ambassador received at Uzbek Foreign Ministry

02.07.2014 Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Milliy Tiklanish Contributes to Strengthening the Role and Authority of Women

27.06.2014 Peace and Harmony – Bedrock of Abundance and Prosperity

27.06.2014 A Modern Look of the Graceful Ferghana

19.06.2014 Presidents Visit Samarkand

13.06.2014 Meeting at the Oqsaroy

13.06.2014 Uzbekistan - Republic of Korea: new horizons of strategic partnership

09.06.2014 President Karimov Meets with FAO Chief

05.06.2014 Meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan

05.06.2014 Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan received South Korea's Deputy Foreign Minister

28.05.2014 Uzbekistan, Latvia Avow Remarkable Effects of Confidence-Based Cooperation

28.05.2014 Uzbekistan, China Step up Mutually Advantageous Cooperation

29.03.2015 International Conference will be held in Samarkand

28.03.2015 International ratings of Hamkorbank confirmed by the rating agency Moody's

27.03.2015 "Tashabbus-2015"

27.03.2015 The sphere of services in Uzbekistan during January-February grew by 11.4%

27.03.2015 Demonstration of Modern Technologies

27.03.2015 Subject of Uzbekistan on pages of Chinese media

27.03.2015 Subject of Uzbekistan on pages of Chinese media

26.03.2015 Presentation of economic potential of Uzbekistan in Warsaw

26.03.2015 The visit of the delegation of business circles of Lithuania

25.03.2015 Photo-story: Exhibitions WorldFood and AgroWorld

25.03.2015 The Resolution on International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange 2015 adopted

24.03.2015 Results of 2014: Uzbekistan attracted 169 foreign grants with the amount of $ 215,5 million

23.03.2015 A meeting with an advisor on trade and economic issues of the Embassy of the PRC

22.03.2015 Quality and Affordable Porcelain Products

22.03.2015 All college graduates will be employed

22.03.2015 Meeting with US Ambassador

20.03.2015 Electrification of the railway line Angren-Pap is completed

20.03.2015 International Forum of Industrialists

19.03.2015 MFERIT held a meeting with the head of the EU delegation

18.03.2015 Meeting with the delegation of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of the Republic of Korea

16.03.2015 "New ways, new markets"

05.03.2015 Results of visit of the delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the United Arab Emirates

05.03.2015 Seminar dedicated to the tourism potential of Uzbekistan

27.02.2015 Uzbekistan at the Global Village

26.02.2015 International Exhibitions Open

26.02.2015 The exchange market share on UZEX totaled over 80%

25.02.2015 In Austria about politics and economics of Uzbekistan

24.02.2015 "Round table" in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brussels

24.02.2015 The Samarkand automobile plant has produced twenty thousandth motor vehicle.

23.02.2015 The 10.9 billion soums to increase the fertility of the land in Karakalpakstan

22.02.2015 Election Times about the economic development of Uzbekistan

05.02.2015 Over 2 trillion soums products produced by enterprises SJC "Uzkimyosanoat" in 2014

05.02.2015 Products of Uzbekistan in Berlin

04.02.2015 Uzbekistan Railways intends to allocate over 1.1 trillion soums to infrastructure projects

04.02.2015 Trade turnout at UZEX in 2014 amounted to 8.9 trillion soums

03.02.2015 Uzbekistan to Take Part in ''Expo Milano 2015''

30.01.2015 "Uzagrosugurta" during 2014 concluded more than 4 million insurance contracts

30.01.2015 Japan to invest to the Uzbek economy $3.8 billion

30.01.2015 $ 38 Billion Will Be Directed to the Investment Projects by 2020

29.01.2015 Uzavtoyul during 2014 conducted works on the repair and maintenance of roads in the amount of 700 billion

07.01.2015 Certification in Ministry of Finance

06.01.2015 440 millions US dollars for a new project

06.01.2015 Catastrophic risk insurance

04.01.2015 GM Uzbekistan launches Chevrolet CMP

02.01.2015 "Jizzakh" the focus of business structures of China

01.01.2015 Test solar photovoltaic power station was put into operation

31.12.2014 All tax reports will be delivered up only in electronic form

31.12.2014 Uzbekistan plans to create 987,500 jobs in 2015

19.11.2014 Beacons for Investors

19.11.2014 Uzbekenergo Signs Agreements for 420bn soums at Industrial Fair

19.11.2014 When Any Project Is Feasible

15.10.2014 Uzbekistan Secures Leading Positions in the Global Cotton Market

10.10.2014 Banking sector of Uzbekistan improves the quality of customer service

05.10.2014 A New Service Center

19.09.2014 A contract for 89.6 million dollars

17.09.2014 The development of cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of UN

15.09.2014 Stability of the national company "Uzbekinvest"

09.09.2014 In Jizzakh region nine new projects being implemented

05.09.2014 Uzbekistan’s Light Industry Displays Its Potential

27.08.2014 Uzbekistan - Czech Republic: strong economic ties

27.08.2014 New benefits of Almalyk MSC

27.08.2014 Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2014

27.08.2014 Justified Risk

25.08.2014 A Window to a New Dimension

25.08.2014 New enterprise launches

25.08.2014 Privileges and preferences granted to foreign investors

25.08.2014 Additional train launched on route Tashkent-Samarkand-Tashkent

22.08.2014 New enterprise launches at SIZ Jizzakh

22.08.2014 Uzbek scientists have developed a vaccine for small cattle

22.08.2014 Almalyk mining and metallurgical combine has developed a new program on savings of fuel and energy resources

22.08.2014 International Cooperation in the Field of Geology

20.08.2014 Uzavtoyul enterprises carry out works for 564.4bn soums in 1H

20.08.2014 Export of farm produce from the Republic of Uzbekistan

20.08.2014 New form of customs declaration approved

20.08.2014 Investment projects in the power engineering industry

15.08.2014 Uzbekistan to create small industrial zones

15.08.2014 Enterprises of Uzstroymateriali exports goods for US$42.94m in 1H

15.08.2014 The Dynamically Advancing Uzbek-Chinese Cooperation

15.08.2014 Orient Express

13.08.2014 Uzbekistan’s GDP makes up 61.056 trl.soums in 1H

13.08.2014 Tashkent Hosts Uzbek-Japanese Business Forum

13.08.2014 Modernization of Navoi thermal power plant

08.08.2014 Banks of Uzbekistan Intend to Allocate 7.5 Trillion Soums to Support Small Businesses

08.08.2014 Effects of Created Opportunities

08.08.2014 Uzbekistan Railways Company Schedules to Procure Ten Electric Locomotives

22.07.2014 A Grand Triumph of Grain Farmers

22.07.2014 Uzbekistan and Japan discuss perspectives of bilateral cooperation

22.07.2014 Breaking the Old Practices

11.07.2014 Turkish Foreign Minister pays visit to MFERIT to discuss trade-economic ties

11.07.2014 Effects of Cooperation

09.07.2014 Booming Manufacturing Capacities

04.07.2014 A New Payment System Forthcoming

04.07.2014 Uzbek-Czech Business Union established in Uzbekistan

02.07.2014 National specialized company QurilishMashLeasing established in Uzbekistan

02.07.2014 Uzbek-Italian JV 'Avtosanoat-Landi Renzo' established at Navoi FIEZ

27.06.2014 Grain Harvesting in Full Swing

25.06.2014 Wine-Growing Industry’s Prospects Discussed in Tashkent

23.06.2014 Fruits of the Favorable Investment Climate

13.06.2014 Localization, Cooperation, Integration

13.06.2014 Modern Homes for Rural Residents

13.06.2014 Production Volumes in Growth

09.06.2014 Food Independence Important Factor of Wellbeing, Stability, Prosperity

27.03.2015 "Spring symphony" charms hearts

26.03.2015 Creative enthusiasm

23.03.2015 Young talent of Uzbekistan became the winner of the contest in Spain

04.03.2015 In Greece Kurash became one of the favorite sports

27.02.2015 On the preparation and celebration of the national holiday of Navruz in 2015

27.02.2015 Tashkent hosted a conference dedicated to enhancing the role of non-state media

27.02.2015 In Tashkent professional development courses for judges are conducted

26.02.2015 In Bukhara and Kokand implemented interactive TV

26.02.2015 Save for future generations

05.02.2015 Able to withstand the disaster

05.02.2015 Results of activity of IIMFOCS

05.02.2015 Memory of Artists

03.02.2015 Awarding of Talented Youth

30.01.2015 New Unit in One of Tashkent Medical Centers Gets Advanced Equipment

30.01.2015 Euronews started broadcast a program dedicated to Tashkent

08.01.2015 Holiday Gifts for Servicemen

08.01.2015 A new channel launches broadcasting

07.01.2015 Online learning system employees of state bodies created

07.01.2015 Holiday program during winter school holidays

07.01.2015 Our weightlifters on podium

07.01.2015 Our chess player - among the leaders

19.11.2014 Series of Events to Pay Tribute to Uzbek Poetess Zulfiya

19.11.2014 Singing Their Way to Victory

19.11.2014 Weightlifters of Uzbekistan win 8 licenses of Olympic Games

17.10.2014 Success of Uzbek Cyclists

15.10.2014 A Festival of Talented Youth

01.10.2014 Teachers and Mentors Day Celebrated at Turkiston Palace

01.10.2014 Uzbekistan’s Athletes Present Triumphs at Asian Games

26.09.2014 Stimulus Pushes the Way for Search

19.09.2014 Meeting with a Delegation from the Republic of Korea

17.09.2014 Youths Presented with Presidential Gift, Isuzu Bus

15.09.2014 Followers of Zulfiya

05.09.2014 Youth Festival in Samarkand

01.09.2014 The Great Celebration of the Native Uzbekistan

27.08.2014 Mahalla, Backbone of the Country

27.08.2014 Dedicated to the Independence

27.08.2014 Ilhom Triumphs with Gold

25.08.2014 Bolstering Interethnic Harmony

22.08.2014 Uzbekistan pays a great attention on "Mother and child" health

22.08.2014 Uzbekistan’s Suhrob Tursunov Wins Olympic Gold

20.08.2014 Opportunities Opened up by the Independence

20.08.2014 Happy Children of a Free Country

15.08.2014 Effective partnership - the key to success

15.08.2014 Traditional Youth Festival “Children of Independence” Underway in Tashkent

13.08.2014 A Health Week is underway in Tashkent

13.08.2014 Solid steps to the victory

08.08.2014 Holiday Festivities-Sayil

08.08.2014 Uzbek referee Ravshan Ermatov Sets Record

22.07.2014 Over 543,110 people applied to Uzbek universities

22.07.2014 The first group of pilgrims returned to Uzbekistan

22.07.2014 Silver medal of "Grand Slam"

11.07.2014 May Your Dreams Come True

11.07.2014 Initiatives by Youth Receive Support

09.07.2014 Students Glorify the Native Uzbekistan

09.07.2014 Graduates Receive Diplomas

07.07.2014 Ravshan Ermatov as a record breaker

04.07.2014 Contest of Talented Youth

04.07.2014 Ahead of Golden Term

02.07.2014 Triumphant Advance of Uzbek Chess Players

27.06.2014 Sohiba, the Most Assiduous Nurse of the Year

27.06.2014 Contest Reveals the Best

27.06.2014 To Abide by Oath with Devotion

25.06.2014 A Festival of Highly Virtuous Generation

25.06.2014 Swimming: A Guarantee of Healthy Life

23.06.2014 The Youngest Chemist of the Year

19.06.2014 The Most Enterprising Young Specialist

13.06.2014 "Bukhara" - fastest-growing airport

13.06.2014 Presentation of the State program "Year of Healthy child" in Bonn

13.06.2014 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals in our account

09.06.2014 You Are My Life, My Child

09.06.2014 EcoWeek 2014 ends in Uzbekistan

05.06.2014 A Festive Event for Children

05.06.2014 So Long Namangan, and See You in Jizzakh!

05.06.2014 To Children for Joy

05.06.2014 Asian Championships Over

28.05.2014 To College from School

28.05.2014 Ethics and Enlightenment Originate in the Family

28.05.2014 A Festival of Beauty and Grace

19.05.2014 International Conference Finalizes in Samarkand

19.05.2014 In the Name of Public Health

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On the Round table “Improvement of electoral legislation as important part of further democratic reforms: experience of Uzbekistan and Europe”
(26 Februaury 2015)

Uzbekistan and Belgium has signed Protocol amending the Convention for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and on capital
(18 Februaury 2015)

“Round table” dedicated to tax and customs preferences and guarantees granted in Uzbekistan to foreign companies
(17 Februaury 2015)

Presentation of tourism potential of Uzbekistan on International Tourism Fair in Leuven
(5 January 2014)

L’Ambassadeur d’Ouzbekistan a visite le Centre Wallon des recherches agriculturels
(13 December 2013)

L’Ambassadeur d’Ouzbekistan a visite la Province de Liege
(8 November 2013)

L’Ambassadeur d’Ouzbekistan a visite la Province de Namur
(9 October 2013)

L’Ambassadeur a presente les Lettres de creances au Roi des Belges
(19 September 2013)

Reception on the occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan
(18 September 2013)

photo gallery

Meeting with Chairman of the Drenthe Exportclub and Director of Anytrade Company
(29 August 2013)