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Freedom of the media - a guarantee of freedom of expression and information (15 May, 2015)

To visitors of the web site of the Information Agency "Jahon" (13 May, 2015)

Foreign experts about the outcome of the International Conference "The role of trade unions in ensuring citizens' rights to decent working conditions: the experience of Uzbekistan" (5 May, 2015)



In Uzbekistan 2015 declared The Year of Care for the Senior Generation (28 April, 2015)

Social protection of women - one of the priorities of the trade union movement of Uzbekistan (16 April, 2015)

Statement of the Press-Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan (14 April, 2015)

Letter of the Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General UN on the declaration of 2015 as the Year of Attention and Care for the Older Generation in the Republic of Uzbekistan (12 April, 2015)

Islam Karimov's speech at the inauguration ceremony of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the joint meeting of Chambers of the Oliy Majlis (10 April, 2015)

About Uzbek-American seminar in Washington (30 March, 2015)

News on French

12.05.2015 On the opening of the second plenary session of the Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan

12.05.2015 On visit of delegation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania

11.05.2015 Delegation of China paid a visit to the Legislative Chamber

11.05.2015 Expert groups will consult deputies on the development of draft laws

11.05.2015 Briefing in Italy

09.05.2015 The agreement between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan enters into force

08.05.2015 Uzbekistan's experience in the field of labor rights protection - in the focus of world attention

08.05.2015 Islam Karimov leaves for Moscow

08.05.2015 About the visit of the President of Uzbekistan to Russia

07.05.2015 Indian media about the international conference in Tashkent

07.05.2015 Meeting with Chair of Delegation of European Parliament

07.05.2015 Consultations between delegations of Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan and Belarus

05.05.2015 Food safety - a topical issue

03.05.2015 Reception at Oqsaroy residence

02.05.2015 MPs discussed topical issues

01.05.2015 In order to broad discussion of adopted laws

01.05.2015 Meeting of Senior Officials of Central Asian countries in Vienna

30.04.2015 SCO conference of the CNC

30.04.2015 Uzbekistan - Russia: Strengthening of cooperation in the field of medicine

29.04.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of Kazakhstan

29.04.2015 Uzbek-Hungarian meeting

29.04.2015 "Round table" in Japan

07.04.2015 Decision of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan

06.04.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of China

06.04.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Pakistan

06.04.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of India

03.04.2015 Working groups meeting

24.03.2015 Meeting with the delegation of the Republic of Korea

25.03.2015 Meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

24.03.2015 Meeting with the delegation of the Republic of Korea

23.03.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of China

23.03.2015 About Uzbek-American seminar in Washington

21.03.2015 UN informed of increasing political and legal culture of the population of Uzbekistan

20.03.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of Jordan

19.03.2015 British Ambassador congratulated the people of Uzbekistan with Navruz

19.03.2015 Pamela Spratlen: "Uzbekistan is a beautiful country with friendly people and a bright future"

18.03.2015 "Round table" in Turin

17.03.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia

12.05.2015 288.8 billion soums to be allocated for major repairs and construction of roads in 2015

12.05.2015 "Uztransgaz" to provide a new accounting of consumed gas

12.05.2015 National Bank of Uzbekistan plans to provide the service "Verified by Visa"

12.05.2015 Visit of the delegation of China

11.05.2015 "Problems of formation of the information society in the Republic of Uzbekistan in conditions of globalization"

10.05.2015 Meeting with the mission of the International Monetary Fund

10.05.2015 International exhibition of oil and gas and the energy sector will take place in Tashkent

09.05.2015 The new system of energy accounting

09.05.2015 Kuwait's CCI offers the gifts of Uzbek fields

08.05.2015 The number of plastic cards in Uzbekistan has reached 14 million

08.05.2015 Its planned to purchase two high-speed trains

07.05.2015 Expanding the localization of production

07.05.2015 Trades on UZEX reached 2.01 trillion soums in the I quarter

06.05.2015 In I quarter 2015 141 thousand new jobs has been created

05.05.2015 About industrial potential of Uzbekistan

05.05.2015 "World News" about the national airlines company of Uzbekistan

30.04.2015 Meetings with representatives of the Spanish company

30.04.2015 Meeting with delegation of the Korea Stock Exchange

30.04.2015 Photo-story: International industrial fair

29.04.2015 In Bangkok about investment opportunities of Uzbekistan

29.04.2015 I quarter results of Central Bank of Uzbekistan

29.04.2015 Inexhaustible source of energy

06.04.2015 Investment program for 2015

06.04.2015 Moody's and S&P ratings for National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of Uzbekistan

05.04.2015 Expanding opportunities for entrepreneurs

05.04.2015 Regional initiatives

01.04.2015 Ministry of Economy: 232 thousand jobs to be created in the regions of Uzbekistan in 2015

01.04.2015 Tashkent to host the Uzbek-Korean cooperation exchange

31.03.2015 Uzbekistan and Italy involve export potential

29.03.2015 International Conference will be held in Samarkand

28.03.2015 International ratings of Hamkorbank confirmed by the rating agency Moody's

27.03.2015 "Tashabbus-2015"

27.03.2015 The sphere of services in Uzbekistan during January-February grew by 11.4%

27.03.2015 Demonstration of Modern Technologies

27.03.2015 Subject of Uzbekistan on pages of Chinese media

27.03.2015 Subject of Uzbekistan on pages of Chinese media

26.03.2015 Presentation of economic potential of Uzbekistan in Warsaw

12.05.2015 Freedom of the media - a guarantee of freedom of expression and information

12.05.2015 The roads repair program

11.05.2015 New prospects for cooperation in the health sector

11.05.2015 Seminar Training in Surkhandarya region

11.05.2015 A campaign for children with diabetes

10.05.2015 Uzbekistan Airways has entered into the top five carriers list

10.05.2015 Uzbekistan tourist attractions will be equipped with WI-FI zones

09.05.2015 The passenger train will connect Tashkent with Khodjikent from May 9

07.05.2015 Press conference at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection

07.05.2015 The seminar "Education in Malaysia"

06.05.2015 There will be a concert dedicated to veterans

05.05.2015 Cultural ties cement international cooperation

05.05.2015 Welcome to the contest "The most active sports journalist!"

05.05.2015 Mahalla: good works continuing

03.05.2015 Results of international contest "Oltin Qalam"

01.05.2015 Innovating is necessary in enlightenment

01.05.2015 National Geographic included Bukhara and Samarkand in the top ten best destinations list

01.05.2015 Priority - qualified staff

30.04.2015 Strengthening the effectiveness of educational activities

30.04.2015 Adherence to international standards

30.04.2015 The system for press distribution is being improved

29.04.2015 Italian expert about the social protection of women in Uzbekistan

29.04.2015 Priorities in the field of labour and social security

29.04.2015 In republic regions held a competition "Yurt kelajagi"

06.04.2015 The role of Amir Temur in world history is being studied in Spain

05.04.2015 Under the brand name "Avicenna"

03.04.2015 XII International Exhibition "Education and Career"

03.04.2015 Exhibition of the works of Uzbek cartoonists

31.03.2015 V Uzbek-Japanese academic forum

31.03.2015 Uzbek musicians conquering Rome

27.03.2015 "Spring symphony" charms hearts

26.03.2015 Creative enthusiasm

23.03.2015 Young talent of Uzbekistan became the winner of the contest in Spain

04.03.2015 In Greece Kurash became one of the favorite sports

27.02.2015 On the preparation and celebration of the national holiday of Navruz in 2015

27.02.2015 Tashkent hosted a conference dedicated to enhancing the role of non-state media

27.02.2015 In Tashkent professional development courses for judges are conducted

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On the Round table “Improvement of electoral legislation as important part of further democratic reforms: experience of Uzbekistan and Europe”
(26 Februaury 2015)

Uzbekistan and Belgium has signed Protocol amending the Convention for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and on capital
(18 Februaury 2015)

“Round table” dedicated to tax and customs preferences and guarantees granted in Uzbekistan to foreign companies
(17 Februaury 2015)

Presentation of tourism potential of Uzbekistan on International Tourism Fair in Leuven
(5 January 2014)

L’Ambassadeur d’Ouzbekistan a visite le Centre Wallon des recherches agriculturels
(13 December 2013)

L’Ambassadeur d’Ouzbekistan a visite la Province de Liege
(8 November 2013)

L’Ambassadeur d’Ouzbekistan a visite la Province de Namur
(9 October 2013)

L’Ambassadeur a presente les Lettres de creances au Roi des Belges
(19 September 2013)

Reception on the occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan
(18 September 2013)

photo gallery

Meeting with Chairman of the Drenthe Exportclub and Director of Anytrade Company
(29 August 2013)