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Peace and tranquility are the foundation of all our achievements (15 May, 2016)

Cabinet of Ministers sums up the results of 2016 1Q (22 April, 2016)

The legitimacy, openness and transparency - the basis of the activities of state bodies (22 April, 2016)

Development of «e-government» in Uzbekistan (22 April, 2016)

An Important Event in the Mahalla’s Life (22 April, 2016)

Speech of President Islam Karimov at the Grand Celebrations Dedicated to the Navruz Holiday (21 March, 2016)

Uzbek people’s pride (18 March, 2016)

The International Conference dedicated to adoption of the Corporate Governance Code (07 March, 2016)

Festive greetings of the President Islam Karimov to the women of Uzbekistan (07 March, 2016)

Role of women in modern Uzbekistan (03 March, 2016)


News on French

14.05.2016 Elections to self-governing bodies start in Uzbekistan

12.05.2016 Meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

11.05.2016 Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan received the US Ambassador

11.05.2016 "Elections to the gathering of citizens is the real school of democracy"

11.05.2016 Winners Identified

11.05.2016 Lee Wook-Heon: I will never forget the fabulous landscapes of Uzbekistan



08.05.2016 Reaching out to Every Citizen

07.05.2016 Index of openness of state bodies to be calculated and revealed every six months

06.05.2016 Meeting with Charge d’Affaires of Bulgaria

06.05.2016 Meeting of Commission of Senior Officials

04.05.2016 The Law Needs to be Improved

03.05.2016 Meeting with Ambassador of France

29.04.2016 About SCO Forum

29.04.2016 Meeting with the Special Envoy of MFA of Thailand



27.04.2016 Uzbekistan-Russia: new stage in strategic partnership

26.04.2016 President Islam Karimov arrived in Moscow

25.04.2016 President Islam Karimov leaves for Moscow

25.04.2016 UN: Uzbekistan attaches great significance to the development of youth

25.04.2016 Proactive Approach



22.04.2016 Effective parliamentary control - an important criterion of a democratic state


22.04.2016 The sixth round of Uzbek-Canadian ministerial political consultations is conducted in Ottawa

21.04.2016 Ambassador of Uzbekistan presented his credentials to the President of the Russian Federation

19.04.2016 Uzbek-Austrian consultations

19.04.2016 The legitimacy, openness and transparency - the basis of the activities of state bodies

07.04.2016 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan: Uzbekistan is a key partner in Central Asia

07.04.2016 On participation of delegation of Uzbekistan in the meeting of the CIS Council of Foreign Ministries

07.04.2016 The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan received the Ambassador Kazakhstan

07.04.2016 Tobias Ellwood: Relationship between Uzbekistan and Great Britain is as good today as it has been and in recent years has developed to cover a wider range of issues

06.04.2016 Law in practice

06.04.2016 British Ambassador in Uzbekistan visits Ferghana valley

05.04.2016 The Head of Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan received Under Secretary of State for the British Foreign Office

04.04.2016 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a meeting with the delegation of the Republic of Korea

04.04.2016 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a meeting with the delegation of the Netherlands

04.04.2016 Under Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the Great Britain to visit Uzbekistan

04.04.2016 Active Participants in the Country’s Renovation and Modernization

03.04.2016 Commission members on control over activities of Prosecutor's office approved

16.05.2016 For 5 years the production of leather products in Uzbekistan increased more than 20 times

15.05.2016 "IShONCh" IIC sells more than 10900 insurance policies under CICLVO

14.05.2016 Uzbekistan establishes Center for analysis of world markets

13.05.2016 Archives: Business for the Youth

13.05.2016 Turnover at RSE "Tashkent" amounts to 90.3 billion soums

13.05.2016 Tashkent to host practical business conference on export

13.05.2016 "Uzagrosugurta" JSC holds contest for journalists

12.05.2016 Apples for Export

12.05.2016 Regions Stake on Small Businesses

12.05.2016 German Quality for Local Roads

12.05.2016 Investment Terms and Sectors

11.05.2016 “Enhancement of Business Ties Suits Our Interests”

10.05.2016 Each Link Matters

28.04.2016 AUCC: Uzbekistan launched 368 new investment projects

28.04.2016 The Right Approach

26.04.2016 Investing in real sector became a catalyst for the economy of Uzbekistan

26.04.2016 Energy of the Future

26.04.2016 New Initiatives

25.04.2016 Crisis Not an Obstacle

25.04.2016 First quarter sees establishment of 8480 new small businesses

24.04.2016 Services rendered in first quarter in Uzbekistan made up 18.6 trillion soums

24.04.2016 Over 50 JSC of Uzbekistan to participate at "Invest in Uzbekistan" business forum in Seoul

23.04.2016 I quarter sees sale of 178 state assets worth 83.08 billion soums

23.04.2016 Uzstroymateriali enterprises produce materials worth 551.7 billion soums

22.04.2016 Attracting foreign investments into banking sector discussed

21.04.2016 Daily Outlook Afghanistan: Uzbekistan's GDP in January-March 2016 increased by 7.5%

20.04.2016 Broad prospects of the oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan

19.04.2016 Cabinet of Ministers sums up the results of 2016 1Q

19.04.2016 CIUZ: From Plans to Action

06.04.2016 Iranian expert on doing business in Uzbekistan

06.04.2016 NHC "Uzbekneftegaz" to complete 9 investment projects in 2016

06.04.2016 Ukrainian media on the protection of private entrepreneurship and small business in Uzbekistan

06.04.2016 Ustyurt GCC to reach its designed capacity by the mid of 2016

06.04.2016 ADB projects GDP growth in region in 2016 - 2017 at 5.7 percent

06.04.2016 Uzbek Commodity Exchange introduces new interactive service "Refund"

06.04.2016 Power Korea: Uzbekistan is improving corporate governance in joint stock companies

05.04.2016 The Intensive Gardens in Jarkurgan district

05.04.2016 A Media Tour to the Tashkent Factory of the Nestle Uzbekistan LLC

04.04.2016 Textiles Go for Exports

04.04.2016 Moving in the Right Direction

04.04.2016 Mosud Mannan: “We Have Achieved Distinctive Results”

04.04.2016 Small Economy Goes Global

03.04.2016 Facets of Cooperation

03.04.2016 One More Facility for Cement Industry

03.04.2016 Shoemakers Build Up Cooperation

03.04.2016 Uzbekistan, Hungary Looking to Ramp up Cooperation

03.04.2016 "Asaka" Bank allocates 1.168 trillion soums of credits to entrepreneurs

02.04.2016 Services online

15.05.2016 USAID and Project HOPE deliver medicines worth $2.25 million

14.05.2016 State University of Uzbek language and literature to be established in Uzbekistan

14.05.2016 125 pharmaceutical enterprises of Uzbekistan produce 1753 names of medicines

13.05.2016 Telemedicine Expands its Field of Activity

13.05.2016 State Committee holds meeting with WB representatives

13.05.2016 Appointment

12.05.2016 On New Wheels

11.05.2016 "Kuwait Times": Mahalla further strengthens peace in Uzbekistan

11.05.2016 UNESCO: World discovered the richness of Uzbek people's heritage

11.05.2016 Protection of Labor in the Focus of Attention

10.05.2016 Criteria of Democracy

10.05.2016 European edition: Uzbekistan's education expenditures exceed UNESCO Recommendation

09.05.2016 Vitamins All Year Round

08.05.2016 Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan launches single number of "helpline"

07.05.2016 "OGU Grove" planted in Tashkent

06.05.2016 Anthem for music from the big heart

05.05.2016 Guinness world record set

05.05.2016 Russian edition: Elections in Uzbekistan to the citizen's gatherings have turned into a genuine school of democracy

04.05.2016 "The development of electronic government in Uzbekistan - an important step towards modernization of the country"

28.04.2016 Uzbek Students Honored with Moliere Theater Awards

27.04.2016 Intellect under Protection

27.04.2016 Number of applications for intellectual property increased by 18.7% in Uzbekistan

27.04.2016 Uzbekistan improves measures to protect population from earthquakes

26.04.2016 Action of kindness and mercy

25.04.2016 Russian media about the enforcement of law in Uzbekistan

25.04.2016 Exemplary Primary Organization – Advanced Enterprise

25.04.2016 Electronic Governance in Action

25.04.2016 Protecting Citizens’ Interests

24.04.2016 JSC "Uzbekiston Temir Yollari" conveys 5 million passengers in I quarter

23.04.2016 Today marks International Mother Earth Day

22.04.2016 261.9 thousand organizations carry out activity in Uzbekistan

20.04.2016 Humanitarian train "Salomatlik" reaches Karakalpakstan

19.04.2016 Cooperation with UNFPA

19.04.2016 Independence and Responsibility

07.04.2016 Memory of great ancestor

07.04.2016 Pride of our nation

07.04.2016 Inha University in Tashkent opens new faculty

05.04.2016 UNFPA expert mission arrives in Tashkent

04.04.2016 Top First Aid Personnel Unveiled

03.04.2016 What is Happiness Associated With?

03.04.2016 Territory of modern health technologies

02.04.2016 "Policy of Uzbekistan aimed at further liberalization of the market economy"

02.04.2016 What occupations are going to become popular

01.04.2016 Strategy of effective partnership

31.03.2016 "Uzagrosugurta" presents reflective vest in the framework of "Protected driver"

31.03.2016 Best militia departments revealed

30.03.2016 Focus on safety and comfort

29.03.2016 German doctors to examine Uzbek children

28.03.2016 Hungary to provide scholarship program for citizens of Uzbekistan

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The round table «The role of Mahalla (citizens' self-governing body) in the formation and development of civil society in Uzbekistan» in Leiden University
(22 October 2015)

The opening ceremony of the exhibition dedicated to the policy of Uzbekistan in achieving the Millennium Development Goals at the Press Club Brussels Europe
(19 October 2015)

Reception on the occasion of the 24th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Brussels
(23 September 2015)

Reception on the occasion of the 24th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Den Haag
(21 September 2015)