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Views and assessments pushed forward by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov during the visit to Namangan and Ferghana regions on 29-30 September 2015 (09 October, 2015)

Contemporary Journalism National and International Practice (05 October, 2015)

Address by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development Goals (26 September, 2015)

Securing Human Rights in Court: National and International Practice (25 September, 2015)

Guarantees of Access to Information: Uzbekistan’s Experience (25 September, 2015)


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06.10.2015 Minister of Foreign Affairs receives the new head of UNFPA in Uzbekistan

06.10.2015 Turkmenistan President to visit Uzbekistan

05.10.2015 "The Aral Sea tragedy demands urgent action by the international community"

05.10.2015 British expert about achievements of Uzbekistan over the years of independence

05.10.2015 Peace and harmony: bedrock of development and wellbeing

03.10.2015 On participation of Delegation of Uzbekistan in the Forum “The Republic of Korea – Central Asia”

03.10.2015 Foreign minister meets with US Ambassador

02.10.2015 MFA hosted a meeting with Ambassador of Singapore

02.10.2015 Georgian Ambassador has been received in MFA

30.09.2015 Uzbekistan proposes to establish a special trust fund under UN auspices

29.09.2015 "Samarkand forum provided a good opportunity to compare the criminal justice system of different countries"

28.09.2015 Meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State

28.09.2015 Uzbekistan's Foreign Minister meets OIC Secretary General

26.09.2015 Address by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development Goals

26.09.2015 Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan meets with UN Secretary-General

25.09.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of China

25.09.2015 There are no citizens of Uzbekistan among victims of the tragedy in Saudi Arabia

23.09.2015 Islam Karimov Receives the President of Korea EximBank

23.09.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of Russia

23.09.2015 On participation of Uzbek delegation in work of 70th Session of UN General Assembly

23.09.2015 On Uzbek-Russian consultations

18.09.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Jordan

17.09.2015 Meeting with US Charge d’Affaires

16.09.2015 Uzbek emergency official addresses at OSCE Forum

16.09.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Iran

16.09.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of India

15.09.2015 On Uzbek-Turkmen inter-ministerial consultations

15.09.2015 Meetings of parliamentarians of Uzbekistan and Belgium

15.09.2015 Uzbekistan's Foreign Minister received Secretary General of Oman's MFA

14.09.2015 Deputy minister of MFERIT of the Republic of Uzbekistan to participate in the meeting of Ministers of SCO member states

14.09.2015 Meeting with President of the Lower Chamber of the Parliament of Belgium

11.09.2015 Members of the Royal Society of Asian Affairs acquainted with the achievements of Uzbekistan

11.09.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Lithuania

11.09.2015 On Uzbek-Polish political consultations

10.09.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of China

10.09.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of Switzerland

04.09.2015 Cooperation for the Consolidation of Peace

03.09.2015 Uzbekistan-China: Dynamic Ñooperation Built on Strategic Partnership

03.09.2015 Sincere congratulations

02.09.2015 President Islam Karimov Leaves for China

06.10.2015 How will carpet help to improve the ecology

06.10.2015 Seoul hosts Forum “Republic of Korea – Central Asia”

05.10.2015 "New opportunities for growth in the promising and fast-growing market of Uzbekistan"

05.10.2015 Svoboda.kg about the 9 International Industrial Fair in Uzbekistan

05.10.2015 Greek media: "Uzbekistan is the fifth largest in the world among countries with rapidly developing economies"

03.10.2015 "Main reference point for Uzbekistan is to bring the level of income above the world average by 2030"

02.10.2015 Auto industry of Uzbekistan in «MSV - 2015"

02.10.2015 In-house control: assistance to entrepreneurs

01.10.2015 The representative of Malaysia estimates the achievements of Uzbekistan in agricultural sector

01.10.2015 "Private enterprise - the locomotive of sustainable economic growth of Uzbekistan"

30.09.2015 Shabab An-Nil: "Uzbekistan has created effective system on bolstering the entrepreneurship"

29.09.2015 Uzbekistan has implemented promising project - Kandym gas processing plant

28.09.2015 In 2009-2015 "NBU Invest Group" invested 14,8 billion uzbek soums in the company "Rishton To'qimachi" Ltd.

28.09.2015 Greek edition: reforms in Uzbekistan are aimed at improving the welfare of the people

26.09.2015 Energy supply in Karakalpakstan and Khorezm to be more stable

23.09.2015 Tickets on trains in Uzbekistan are being sold

23.09.2015 Uzbekistan at ISOFAR 2015 Goesan

23.09.2015 Russian regions hosted a business forums dedicated to Uzbekistan

23.09.2015 Mechanisms for the implementation of coal are being improved

22.09.2015 Social project BUSINESS HUB

21.09.2015 Government and business support each other

18.09.2015 Meeting with delegation of the Ministry of Finance of Germany

17.09.2015 Middle class - entrepreneurs and farmers form solid foundation of the state

16.09.2015 UzEnergyExpo-2015 and UzStroyExpo-2015 have started in Tashkent

15.09.2015 Energy conservation - one of the most important factors of economic growth

15.09.2015 MFERIT hosted a meeting with Iranian Ambassador

15.09.2015 The project of first phase of construction of Kandym gas processing plant has been approved

15.09.2015 Uzbekistan by 2021 will increase the volume of processing raw cotton up to 1.4 million tonnes

15.09.2015 General manager of Samsung: Uzbekistan is an industrial hub

14.09.2015 ADB provided a loan for the modernization of Jizzakh's sewerage system

14.09.2015 O'zMinda to master the production of new spare parts

11.09.2015 New insurance product

11.09.2015 Tashkent to host two international exhibitions

10.09.2015 On International Investment Forum

10.09.2015 Theory and practice of Business Process Management

09.09.2015 Securing the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights and Interests

23.08.2015 Afrosiyob Train Starts to Run to Karshi

16.08.2015 Season of Abundance

14.08.2015 Interests of Entrepreneurs under Constant Focus

05.08.2015 New Roads to Bring about New Comfort

05.10.2015 USGAM: Uzbekistan provides the constitutional right of citizens to obtain information

05.10.2015 USGAM: Uzbekistan provides the constitutional right of citizens to obtain information

03.10.2015 Uzbekistan with the assistance of Japanese investors to develop cities' high-tech infrastructure

02.10.2015 Aliza Arye: "The proportion of women in Uzbekistan's parliament is high even by the standards of Western countries"

01.10.2015 Statistical collection "Social development and living standards in Uzbekistan"

01.10.2015 "Enhancing the linkages and trust between state and society"

01.10.2015 Contemporary Journalism: National and International Practice

30.09.2015 Advancement of media outlets in Uzbekistan in the scope of Latvian press

29.09.2015 "Vesti Urala": "Uzbek mass media is active in democratic renewal and modernization of the country"

29.09.2015 Transparency of government agencies - an important guarantee of the rights of citizens

29.09.2015 "Measures on democratization of information in Uzbekistan gave significant results"

28.09.2015 Meeting in Supreme court

28.09.2015 Symbiosis of national peculiarities and best international practice: experience of Uzbekistan in the development of civil society

27.09.2015 Frederick Bressan: Study of Uzbekistan's experience on enhancement of the role of women in society is useful to many countries of the world

25.09.2015 Uzbekistan on pages of Kuwaiti media

23.09.2015 Securing Human Rights in Court: National and International Practice

23.09.2015 Mahalla combines traditional values ??and elements of modern civil society

21.09.2015 Symbiosis of modern mechanisms of partnership between NGOs and traditional institutions of civil society yields practical results

21.09.2015 View from Greece: Uzbekistan - dynamically developing country

18.09.2015 Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

17.09.2015 Another Legal clinic has started its work in Tashkent

16.09.2015 "Uzbekistan's experience in the sphere of civil society development is of great interest"

15.09.2015 The fabled flatbread of Uzbekistan delighted Americans

14.09.2015 Advisory council on the issues of disability

14.09.2015 Meeting with representatives of SWARCO corporation

12.09.2015 Studied and Spread: Uzbekistan’s Expertise in Women’s Role in Civil Society Formation, Public Administration

11.09.2015 Service "Single windows" for employment in Uzbekistan

10.09.2015 Uzbekistan has shown considerable progress in the field of children's rights - an international expert Renate Winter

10.09.2015 Traditional Flowers Day held in Namangan

10.09.2015 Traditional Flowers Day held in Namangan

07.09.2015 Embodiment of Freedom, Wellbeing and the Great Future

31.08.2015 The Eternal Memory of Ancestors

29.08.2015 Sharq Taronalari Airs to the Entire World

24.08.2015 To Boost the Effectiveness of Press Services

19.08.2015 Singing about the Sacred Motherland

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Reception on the occasion of the 24th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Brussels
(23 September 2015)

Reception on the occasion of the 24th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Den Haag
(21 September 2015)