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Letter from the Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary - General (24 July, 2015)

Invitation for collecting letters of interest for participation in privatization of joint stock companies in the Republic of Uzbekistan (21 July, 2015)

Issues of development of civil society in Uzbekistan discussed in Berlin (13 July, 2015)

Tashkent hosted round table on ICT development (05 July, 2015)

Tashkent hosted round table on how to reach out officials and public about new laws (01 July, 2015)

Protection of children’s interests and rights is a priority task (20 June, 2015)

"Summer - 2015: Country of happy children" (19 June, 2015)

Trade Unions in implementation of the State program "Year of attention and care for the senior generation" (19 June, 2015)

Cooperation in the field of training of lawyers (19 June, 2015)

Analysis Of Drug Situation In Uzbekistan For 2014 (17 June, 2015)

News on French

30.07.2015 Uzbekistan's experience and international best practices in the sphere of civil society development discussed in Tashkent

03.08.2015 Press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

03.08.2015 UN: Uzbekistan pays priority attention to protecting the interests and rights of childrenn

01.08.2015 Regular issue of electronic journal Tachkent-Paris introduces a European audience with life of modern Uzbekistan

30.07.2015 Islam Karimov Receives the Chief of Isuzu Motors

30.07.2015 New deputy foreign ministers of Uzbekistan appointed

29.07.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of Kuwait

28.07.2015 Islam Karimov Meets with Chief of the U.S. Central Command

28.07.2015 Azerbaijani media inform about the ongoing policy of Uzbekistan to combat drug trafficking

27.07.2015 Meeting with the Commander of Central Command of the US Armed Forces

25.07.2015 Richard Hoagland: "The talks were productive"

24.07.2015 Meeting with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of the USA

24.07.2015 Organization of Islamic Cooperation got aquianted with success of Uzbekistan in fighting against drugs

23.07.2015 Edgars Bondars: "Independence - is the most precious and sacred thing that people could have"

23.07.2015 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State to visit Uzbekistan

22.07.2015 Council of the Senate Holds Regular Session

21.07.2015 Meeting with the EU Special Representative for Central Asia

21.07.2015 UN informed of the measures taken in Uzbekistan on the fight against drug trafficking

21.07.2015 Information about the session of Kengash of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan

20.07.2015 Sincere Greetings

18.07.2015 Meeting with the Deputy Secretary General of the EEAS

18.07.2015 Session of the Cabinet of Ministers

17.07.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of China

17.07.2015 President Islam Karimov Receives Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov

16.07.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of Japan

16.07.2015 Implementation of law discussed

16.07.2015 President Islam Karimov Receives Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov

15.07.2015 Ake Peterson: "Our countries have a great potential for further cooperation in various fields"

15.07.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Sweden

15.07.2015 Meeting with Russian Foreign Minister

14.07.2015 Kentaro Sonoura: “Japan stands ready to expand cooperation with Uzbekistan”

14.07.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan

13.07.2015 Russian Foreign Minister to visit Uzbekistan

13.07.2015 Meeting with the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Japan

11.07.2015 SCO summit in Ufa

10.07.2015 Islam Karimov arrived in Ufa

09.07.2015 Meeting with UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative

09.07.2015 President Islam Karimov left for the city of Ufa

09.07.2015 On the participation of the President of Uzbekistan in the SCO summit

08.07.2015 Increasing political and public activeness of women - UzLiDeP's priority task

08.07.2015 The visit proves prolific

07.07.2015 Uzbekistan - India: new impetus for development of cooperation

07.07.2015 Meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

06.07.2015 OSCE has been informed about the mechanisms of outreaching laws in Uzbekistan to public and officials

04.07.2015 On the visit to Uzbekistan Prime Minister of India

04.07.2015 Meeting with Head of the Office of UNFPA

03.07.2015 Uzbekistan - India: cooperation based on mutual interest

03.07.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of India

02.07.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of Belarus

01.07.2015 President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov visited the Kashkadarya Region

01.07.2015 Meeting with a delegation of the Polish Seim

30.06.2015 The deputies discussed the draft law, aimed at further improving the legal framework of conducted reforms

30.06.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of China

28.06.2015 To the employees of press and media

28.06.2015 Meeting with the Head of the Delegation of the European Union

26.06.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of France

26.06.2015 Administrative justice: experience of Uzbekistan

24.06.2015 Deputy groups control the execution of the program

24.06.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of Russia

17.06.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of Russia

17.06.2015 At the OSCE familiarized with the system of legal education in Uzbekistan

16.06.2015 Meeting at the Oqsaroy

15.06.2015 On the Uzbek-Chinese political consultations

15.06.2015 Former Prime Minister of Kuwait: Uzbekistan has made an invaluable contribution to world civilization

14.06.2015 Opinions of deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan on the visit of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to Uzbekistan

13.06.2015 Uzbekistan - UN: cooperation for peace and sustainable development

11.06.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany

11.06.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of China

11.06.2015 Factions of political parties discuss the results of the execution of the State Budget

11.06.2015 Uzbekistan-Latvia: Intercultural dialogue is expanding

10.06.2015 UN Secretary General to Visit Uzbekistan

10.06.2015 We are all responsible for the future of children

10.06.2015 On the upcoming Uzbek-Chinese political consultations

09.06.2015 President Islam Karimov Receives OIC Secretary General

09.06.2015 The Baltic Course informs on the Tashkent Conference

09.06.2015 Meeting with OIC Secretary-General

09.06.2015 Senators of Uzbekistan visited Germany

08.06.2015 Bernama: Uzbekistan carried out large-scale reforms aimed at increasing the role of Parliament

05.06.2015 On the visit to Uzbekistan of the Secretary General of the OIC

04.06.2015 Meeting with the US Assistant Secretary of Commerce

04.06.2015 On meeting of SCO CFM

29.05.2015 Uzbekistan and South Korea discover new horizons of mutually advantageous cooperation

05.08.2015 Cooperation between two agencies will simplify the procedure of registration of transactions

04.08.2015 Gas-powered engine

04.08.2015 SLC "Uzselhozmashlizing" issues additional shares

02.08.2015 Issues of re-cultivation of the silkworm

01.08.2015 ADB consultants visit Hamkorbank

01.08.2015 In Poland, about Uzbekistan

31.07.2015 Uzbekistan will participate in the International Fair "Polagra-2015"

31.07.2015 Delegation of farmers of Uzbekistan at international agricultural exhibition Libramont-2015"

30.07.2015 New railway line "Navoi-Kanimekh-Misken"

29.07.2015 GM Uzbekistan starts to produce mini-pickup Labo

29.07.2015 Economic and investment opportunities of Uzbekistan presented in Afghanistan

28.07.2015 "Uzpromstroybank" - financial partner of small businesses and enterprises in the real sector of economy

28.07.2015 List of documents in the implementation of export-import operations

27.07.2015 Production totaling 251.9 billion soums in the first half

27.07.2015 To explore foreign markets more actively

27.07.2015 Volume of services sector in Uzbekistan in period of January-June amounted to 40.25 trillion soums

26.07.2015 1 half 2015: Construction works totaling 11.7 billion soums carried out in Uzbekistan

26.07.2015 World Bank joined the privatization process in Uzbekistan

26.07.2015 Meeting of the Board of SJSC "Uzavtoyul" for the 1st half of 2015

26.07.2015 277.88 thousand legal persons registered in Uzbekistan

26.07.2015 Effectiveness of intensive method in fish farming

26.07.2015 Practical implementation of economic reforms

25.07.2015 Outcome for the first half in the sphere of food industry

25.07.2015 Medical industry produced goods for 313 billion soums

24.07.2015 JSC "Navoiazot" signed a new contract

24.07.2015 Uzbekistan Airways is recognized as the most punctual among foreign airlines in Domodedovo

23.07.2015 Privatization of government assets

23.07.2015 Small business and private entrepreneurship - important factor in economic development

22.07.2015 Introduction of ICT in JSCB "Qishloq Qurilish Bank"

22.07.2015 List of public information

22.07.2015 Over 6 months small businesses and private entrepreneurs have had insurance services for 973.6 billion soums

21.07.2015 Delegation of Japan in Uzbekistan

21.07.2015 Uzbek farmers will participate in the International Exhibition Libramont-2015

20.07.2015 Moody's: Stable operating environment and quality of assets

20.07.2015 The Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea: cooperation within the KSP

20.07.2015 Authoritative Pakistani magazine about the investment potential of Uzbekistan

19.07.2015 Delegation of Isuzu Motors and Itochu Corporation to visit Uzbekistan

19.07.2015 Consortium of German companies will participate in the construction of solar power in Samarkand

17.07.2015 Meeting with representatives of the company HeidelbergCement AG

17.07.2015 Increase of production of the main types of fruit and vegetables

16.07.2015 Prospects for horticulture and processing

16.07.2015 In the I half Fund for Support of Export has supported 1146 entrepreneurs

15.07.2015 Opening of the first retail chain on selling home appliances and electronics in Uzbekistan

15.07.2015 Family business is the basis of strong family

14.07.2015 Improving customer service for plastic cards

13.07.2015 "Uzpromstroybank" provides loans for social and economic development of regions

13.07.2015 National Bank provides a service ONLINE BANK

10.07.2015 Veterans enjoy honor and respect

09.07.2015 Meeting with representatives of the European School of Management and Technology

09.07.2015 Uzbekistan and Switzerland are stepping up trade-economic cooperation

09.07.2015 Exhibition of vehicles in Syrdarya region

08.07.2015 On additional measures for the complex organization of production and sales of coal briquettes

08.07.2015 National Bank of Uzbekistan offers more than 70 kinds of services

07.07.2015 Up to July 1, 2015 more than 234 thousand trade names has been reserved

07.07.2015 JSC "Uzbekugol" paid dividends for 2014 in excess of 30 million soums

06.07.2015 Energy conservation, energy efficiency and development of renewable energy sources in the Republic of Uzbekistan

06.07.2015 In current year 64.6 billion soums directed for improvement of irrigated lands

04.07.2015 WB to allocate loan to Uzbekistan for the reconstruction of roads

04.07.2015 AMMC by end of the year will launch a copper processing plant

03.07.2015 The turnover of the electronic catalog for the month reached nearly 8 billion soums

03.07.2015 Modern land-reclamation equipment

30.06.2015 Family business creates new jobs

30.06.2015 Announcement: Marketeer Igor Mann will hold a seminar in Tashkent

28.06.2015 On the way to strengthen the Uzbek-Swiss relations in trade-economic sphere

28.06.2015 On the way to strengthen the Uzbek-Swiss relations in trade-economic sphere

28.06.2015 The presentation of Uzbekistan in Chamber of Commerce of Jeddah

26.06.2015 Financial reliability of "Uzbekinvest" confirmed at level "uzA ++"

26.06.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of India

24.06.2015 Products of Jizzakh region - on the external market

24.06.2015 Uzbek Commodity Exchange held a press conference

17.06.2015 The exchange of international experience in the wine industry

17.06.2015 Uzbekistan to master a new type of packaging for cotton

16.06.2015 The participation of small businesses in government procurement

16.06.2015 New opportunities for taxpayers

15.06.2015 Uzbek businessmen will visit California

15.06.2015 "Qishloq Qurilish Bank" conducted training courses for their employees

14.06.2015 Finnish Outotec will provide the technology of development of the largest iron ore mine in Uzbekistan

14.06.2015 On the meeting with the Director General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization

11.06.2015 Officials' illegal interference into business will be punished

10.06.2015 International recognition of the achievements of Uzbekistan in ensuring food security

09.06.2015 The EU has prepared a program for the development of the regions of Uzbekistan

09.06.2015 A meeting with the secretary general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Iyad Amin Madani

08.06.2015 On the work of the enterprises of SJSC "Uzkimyosanoat" for January-May months of 2015

08.06.2015 Familiarization with the Belgian experience

07.06.2015 Opportunities for Entrepreneurs Expanding

05.08.2015 Latvian media about participation of athletes of Uzbekistan in international festival

04.08.2015 Further tasks defined

04.08.2015 Workers of self-government bodies improve their skills

03.08.2015 Updated roads will create new amenities

02.08.2015 KOICA holds the ex-post evaluation of the project "Establishment of Vocational Training Centre in Tashkent"

02.08.2015 New initiative of Ministry of social protection on employment of college graduates

01.08.2015 Meeting of the Board of the Agency on Intellectual Property

31.07.2015 House of "Kamolot" for 58 apartments commissioned in Nukus

31.07.2015 In Singapore about Uzbekistan

30.07.2015 Digital TV this year will be available for 70% of the population

30.07.2015 AFRIQU'EUROPE: "All the dreams come true in Uzbekistan"

29.07.2015 Republican competitions started

29.07.2015 Tashkent hosted a presentation of the project "Older generation - our priceless treasure"

29.07.2015 National Company "Uzbektourism" celebrates 23 years anniversary

28.07.2015 Holiday for holidaymakers

27.07.2015 Baltic News Service: Main directions of anti-drug policy and its implementation in Uzbekistan

26.07.2015 "Afrosiyob" train will run every day

26.07.2015 Tashkent metro renew all movable stock

26.07.2015 "State support for social projects - further strengthening of NGOs' activities"

25.07.2015 Electric minibuses in Samarkand

25.07.2015 Representatives of Yonsei University visited Uzbekistan

24.07.2015 National airline “O’zbekiston havo yo’llari” has put for sale the air equipment

24.07.2015 The best young professionals

23.07.2015 Invention of TTPU students

22.07.2015 Guidebook "Uzbekistan" has been presented

22.07.2015 In atmosphere of tolerance

21.07.2015 The main thing - friendship and solidarity

21.07.2015 Measuring cell of the spectrometer

21.07.2015 Measuring cell of the spectrometer

20.07.2015 Musical Fountain in Andijan

20.07.2015 Child care

18.07.2015 Further cooperation between National electronic association of mass media and representations of OSCE

18.07.2015 "Attention to literature - attention to spirituality and future"

17.07.2015 Issues of social protection of invalids discussed

17.07.2015 New "Houses of Happiness"

16.07.2015 Tour for veterans

16.07.2015 "UNICON.UZ" greets guests from the Republic of Korea

16.07.2015 New method for glucose-containing product

15.07.2015 Beautiful and Magical Land

15.07.2015 Lawmakers Discuss Welfare Measures

14.07.2015 Center UZINFOCOM held a meeting with the heads of ICANN and APTLD

13.07.2015 Issues of raising the professional skills of employees of information services of public authorities

13.07.2015 IIMFCS representative took part in ODIHR OSCE training

12.07.2015 "Ensuring implementation of social partnership and social control over public authorities"

12.07.2015 Signing of the Memorandum with the Korea Testing and Research Institute

10.07.2015 In January-June 2015 799 employees of the State Statistics Committee raised their qualification

10.07.2015 Samarkand Medical Institute researchers examined the genetic predisposition of urolithiasis

09.07.2015 Review of talents and skills

09.07.2015 First full-length animated cartoon is being shot In Uzbekistan

08.07.2015 Mass media of Uzbekistan: statistics and infographics

08.07.2015 European experts in Uzbekistan

08.07.2015 Head physicians of Sanitary Control would conclude contracts for 5 years

07.07.2015 Event dedicated to the memory of famous Uzbek scientist

07.07.2015 The winner - a team from Tashkent

06.07.2015 Iqtidor.uz - convenient solution for continuous study of laws currently in force

06.07.2015 The lessons of English language for children are organized in the National Library of Uzbekistan

04.07.2015 Oncologists-diagnosticians becoming more exact

03.07.2015 "Uzbekistan Airways" defined rules of travel of unaccompanied children

03.07.2015 Enhancing the role of the media and NGOs in ensuring openness and transparency of public policy

02.07.2015 New film about the activities of non-state media in Uzbekistan

02.07.2015 Symbol of our independence

01.07.2015 Directions of social policy of Uzbekistan in the focus of world community

01.07.2015 The TUIT held a solemn event dedicated to awarding master's degrees

28.06.2015 Competition for young scientists

28.06.2015 Activity of Uzbekistan in the field of child protection

26.06.2015 Videoconference for journalists

17.06.2015 Meeting with German Ambassador

17.06.2015 The competition for the allocation of state grants from the Public Fund for Support of NGOs and other civil society institutions under the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan

16.06.2015 Increasing vigilance of youth

16.06.2015 Vigilance - call of the times

15.06.2015 The number of recreation parks to be increased

15.06.2015 Improvement of health of citizens - the basis of the state

11.06.2015 The customs information system "single window" will work at the end of 2016

10.06.2015 Janik Linz: "Uzbekistan has a rich history"

10.06.2015 Photographs Telling About the Success of Cooperation

09.06.2015 Seminars were held in the regions

09.06.2015 Securing Environmental Stability Instrumental for Healthn

08.06.2015 Training on improvement of media content

08.06.2015 Modern technologies in the service of human

07.06.2015 Xinhua on the results of Samarkand conference

07.06.2015 Training centers for professional translators and computer-based testing opened in UWED

06.06.2015 "People's Daily" on the outcome of the Samarkand Forum

04.06.2015 Photo-story: The opening ceremony of training centers for professional translators and computer testing UWED

04.06.2015 A Wonder in the Desert

04.06.2015 Festival for children

29.05.2015 "Tax Experts-2015"

28.05.2015 Partnership memorandum signed

27.05.2015 "Week of Healthy Child"

26.05.2015 "Kamalak" Leaders Conference

25.05.2015 Inha University in Tashkent - quality education at international standards

25.05.2015 Scientific and academic and expert circles in Italy say about Uzbekistan

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On the Round table “Improvement of electoral legislation as important part of further democratic reforms: experience of Uzbekistan and Europe”
(26 Februaury 2015)

Uzbekistan and Belgium has signed Protocol amending the Convention for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and on capital
(18 Februaury 2015)

“Round table” dedicated to tax and customs preferences and guarantees granted in Uzbekistan to foreign companies
(17 Februaury 2015)

Presentation of tourism potential of Uzbekistan on International Tourism Fair in Leuven
(5 January 2014)

L’Ambassadeur d’Ouzbekistan a visite le Centre Wallon des recherches agriculturels
(13 December 2013)

L’Ambassadeur d’Ouzbekistan a visite la Province de Liege
(8 November 2013)

L’Ambassadeur d’Ouzbekistan a visite la Province de Namur
(9 October 2013)

L’Ambassadeur a presente les Lettres de creances au Roi des Belges
(19 September 2013)

Reception on the occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan
(18 September 2013)

photo gallery

Meeting with Chairman of the Drenthe Exportclub and Director of Anytrade Company
(29 August 2013)