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An effective mechanism to protect human rights and freedoms (26 October, 2015)

Development of the institute of Mahalla in Uzbekistan (26 October, 2015)

Uzbekistan-Japan: on the path to further deepen the strategic partnership (26 October, 2015)

President Islam Karimov Attends CIS Summit in Kazakhstan (18 October, 2015)

Factors of business attractiveness of Uzbekistan (16 October, 2015)

Views and assessments pushed forward by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov during the visit to Namangan and Ferghana regions on 29-30 September 2015 (09 October, 2015)

Contemporary Journalism National and International Practice (05 October, 2015)

Address by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development Goals (26 September, 2015)


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11.11.2015 President Islam Karimov Discusses Cooperation Prospects with Lukoil Chief

10.11.2015 Uzbek experts will participate in a meeting in China

10.11.2015 Uzbek delegation will attend the meeting of the SCO in China

07.11.2015 Islam Karimov Receives Vice Presidents of World Bank and International Finance Corporation

06.11.2015 President Islam Karimov Meets with Korea’s Trade and Industry First Vice Minister

04.11.2015 The next meeting of the Council for Railway Transport of the CIS states will be held in Tashkent

03.11.2015 Visit to the Romanian Embassy

03.11.2015 Uzbek Foreign Minister visited to Russian embassy in Tashkent

02.11.2015 Uzbekistan’s President Receives the U.S. Secretary of State

01.11.2015 Ñ5+1 ministerial meeting takes place in Samarkand


31.10.2015 Heads of MFA of Central Asia to Visit Uzbekistan

31.10.2015 On Upcoming Uzbek-Italian Political Consultations

30.10.2015 The results of Shinzo Abe’s visit to Uzbekistan on the focus of Japanese media

29.10.2015 On participation of Uzbekistan delegation in the CIS CHG


26.10.2015 Uzbek-Japanese business forum held in Tashkent

26.10.2015 Meeting with US Ambassador

26.10.2015 Meeting with Ambassador of China

24.10.2015 Prime minister of Japan arrives in Tashkent

23.10.2015 Meeting of SCO Experts

23.10.2015 President of Uzbekistan awards a group of employees of the Ministry of internal affairs with professional day

23.10.2015 On the Visit of Prime Minister of Japan to Uzbekistan

20.10.2015 Meeting with members of the National Assembly of France

20.10.2015 Meeting with the Ambassador of Japan

19.10.2015 EEAS Secretary General visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan

18.10.2015 President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov took part in the session of the CIS Council of the Heads of State

14.10.2015 President of Uzbekistan to Attend CIS Summit

09.10.2015 OSCE community has acquainted with the progress of Uzbekistan in the democratic development

09.10.2015 Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan: New horizons of time-tested friendship and cooperation

08.10.2015 Meeting with Deputy Minister of Defence of Russia

08.10.2015 President of Turkmenistan arrives in Tashkent

07.10.2015 "Uzbekistan has shown a willingness to work closely with the international community"

07.10.2015 Vilnius hosted the Uzbek-Lithuanian political consultations

12.11.2015 Uzbek-Latvian intergovernmental commission meets in Tashkent

12.11.2015 Perspective Projects into Production

12.11.2015 TransUzbekistan 2015 exhibition commences in Tashkent

12.11.2015 “The openness and attractiveness of economy”

11.11.2015 Increasing export volumes

11.11.2015 Friendship forest opens in Navoi region

11.11.2015 Investment potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan was presented in Malaysia

11.11.2015 Kyrgyz media: “Conducted reforms are aimed at ensuring a prosperous life in Uzbekistan”

10.11.2015 Jordanian media: nearly 700 thousand visitors called on the national pavilion of Uzbekistan at Expo Milano

10.11.2015 Head of Finnish company: Uzbekistan has the necessary scientific and technological basis and elaborations for efficient use of solar energy

07.11.2015 Chairman of Chinese Company Board: Uzbekistan has created all conditions to attract foreign capital

06.11.2015 Productivity of Qizilqumsement

06.11.2015 Investment Forum participants visited industrial enterprises

05.11.2015 Uzbek-German business forum

05.11.2015 "Germany is the main trade partners of Uzbekistan in the European Union"

04.11.2015 Investment and economic potential of Uzbekistan is represented in Turkey

04.11.2015 Expand Production

04.11.2015 Textile industry improves production

03.11.2015 Women's Employment in the Enterprise

02.11.2015 "Investment Forum will promote for technological ways of development"

31.10.2015 Swiss hosted the presentation on achievements of Uzbekistan

31.10.2015 Uzbekistan Railways Reports Three Quarter Results

30.10.2015 “Uzbekistan is very important and attractive market”

30.10.2015 Exhibition of Masters

30.10.2015 Development of Animal Husbandry

30.10.2015 Production of the Furniture Industry in Fergana

29.10.2015 Young Entrepreneurs Awarded in Tashkent

29.10.2015 International Industrial Fair and Cooperative Exchange Continues

26.10.2015 Uzbek-Japanese business forum held in Tashkent

23.10.2015 Production Expanded

22.10.2015 Uzbek farmers’ victory

21.10.2015 Dietetic Products of the Poultry Farm in Navoi

21.10.2015 Cabinet of Ministers sums up the results of 9 months of 2015

20.10.2015 Photo essay from "Central Asian Industrial Week»

19.10.2015 Uzbekistan is a Committed and Reliable Partner in Global Cotton Market

19.10.2015 Tashkent hosts VII International Exhibition "Equipment and production of small business"

17.10.2015 Notizie Geopolitice: Course to attract the most advanced technologies and foreign investments into the economy of Uzbekistan

13.11.2015 The Modern Lyceum

12.11.2015 Kyrgyz portal: “The principle “From a strong state to a strong civil society” has been developed and successfully implemented in Uzbekistan”

11.11.2015 National library and information week kicks off

11.11.2015 Azerbaijani media: “Uzbekistan has a democratic system of state power”

10.11.2015 Regional Stage of Children's Art Festival ‘Kamalak yulduzlari’ in Navoi

10.11.2015 Advanced English Language Lessons

10.11.2015 South Korea hosted an exhibition on culture and tradition of Uzbekistan

06.11.2015 South Korean Medical Specialists in Bukhara

04.11.2015 Sarkaritel and DiplomacyIndia: Uzbekistan pays great attention to the reform of judicial system

04.11.2015 The First Heart Surgery in Fergana

02.11.2015 Modern Health Care Center

02.11.2015 Master of decoration

31.10.2015 Modern Apartments for Military Personnel

29.10.2015 Legislative Chamber Considers Draft Laws to Improve Corporate Governance

26.10.2015 Stephen Prisner: "A number of effective measures is implemented in achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Uzbekistan"

24.10.2015 Collaborative Medical Check-up

22.10.2015 Magazine "Mysl": "Uzbek journalism in the world trends"

21.10.2015 Quadruplet babies in a single family

21.10.2015 Modern Kindergarten

20.10.2015 Objects of Cultural Heritage

15.10.2015 The Children's Center Barkamol Avlod in Zarafshan

13.10.2015 Free City: "Uzbekistan has created all conditions for free and fruitful activity of journalists"

12.10.2015 Volker Neef: "Mass media - one of the most important tools of social development"

12.10.2015 Institute of reconciliation - unique phenomenon in the Uzbek judicial

12.10.2015 UNESCO expert: Tashkent forum has been organized at high level

11.10.2015 Trend news agency about the prospects of development of journalism in Uzbekistan

10.10.2015 "Uzbekistan has established a reliable legal basis ensuring the development of the media"

08.10.2015 Trend news agency: Uzbekistan's measures to democratize the information sphere give excellent results

08.10.2015 Kazakh magazine: Uzbekistan has created a solid foundation guarantees the rights of individuals

07.10.2015 Russian information-analytical portal about reforms in the criminal procedure legislation of Uzbekistan

07.10.2015 Uzbek journalism is growing rapidly

06.10.2015 "An unforgettable trip to Uzbekistan"

06.10.2015 The law and its implementation

05.10.2015 USGAM: Uzbekistan provides the constitutional right of citizens to obtain information

05.10.2015 USGAM: Uzbekistan provides the constitutional right of citizens to obtain information

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The round table «The role of Mahalla (citizens' self-governing body) in the formation and development of civil society in Uzbekistan» in Leiden University
(22 October 2015)

The opening ceremony of the exhibition dedicated to the policy of Uzbekistan in achieving the Millennium Development Goals at the Press Club Brussels Europe
(19 October 2015)

Reception on the occasion of the 24th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Brussels
(23 September 2015)

Reception on the occasion of the 24th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Den Haag
(21 September 2015)